Wednesday, June 28, 2006


To everybody for all the birthday wishes!! It all meant SO much!! My birthday this year totally did not feel like my birthday with the wedding and all the other stuff going on. But with all the well wishes, and the thread on two peas and all those fabulous tags that some of you made it meant SO much to me. So, THANKYOU TO ALL MY WONDERFUL FRIENDS!! And to Chriselda for arranging the tags, you are awesome my dear..and I look forward to our phone date so very much!!

So, I did get a couple of gifts..not a-lot but that's okay I was not expecting too much!! Got to see Jared for a bit. He showed up at school to steal the car from me... and of course all the kids are curious to see who's at the door, and some said hello!! After he left it was 20 questions from the children who he was, what was he doin, why he took the car. I eve had to explain to one of the girls what a landscaper was!! Jared picked me up after school and we drove to work at the restaurant and, he tells me that my mom phoned him and that she needs a pot for dinner tonight and that it's in the trunk, I was like okay!! He reminded me once we got to the restaurant, and he wished me happy birthday and that he was sorry he had to work, and that he loves me, I drove home and got my stuff out and went to open the trunk of the car, there were a dozen roses, a card and the movie Memoirs of a Geisha!! No pot!! How sweet!! So, I phoned him and he knew that I had found the roses, and told me happy birthday and that he loved me...What a sweetie that Mr Magoo!! My soon to be hubby!!

We had a mexican dinner, my mom's cooking is the best. Vanessa came over, she's in town with her boyfriend Casey. Good food and yummy cake!! It was fun!!

Here I am, the 27year old...

Thanks again everybody!! Sending you all big hugs!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Another bridal shower and I even did some scrappin...

Yes, I did some scrappin this past weekend!! It was for my CJ and the birthday page for Muriel, but hey it was some scrappin!! It felt good, and fun!! I don't think I'll get to do some scrappin for awhile...that's okay 'cause soon I will be scrappin wedding and honeymoon pictures!!

So, my weekend was good busy as usual with the wedding getting closer. It's only 19 days away!! I can't believe it!! I still have so much to do, but I'll be okay. No freaking out yet!! I don't think I will, only nerves might kick in maybe the day before but that's good nerves so, that's okay!!

Saturday I went with Jared to see a guy that makes alterations on kilts. We ended up leaving early because the kiltmaker needed some more fabric in order to add to the kilt since, it was too small for Jared. We didn't bring it with us. Now Jared has had his kilt since he was 18years old and that was like 10years he has grown a bit. Luckily Jared's mom had saved some fabric so, he had enough for the alterations. After we went to the Bay, to pick up some gifts from our gift registry that were there for us!! Love all this gift stuff!! Jared went to work and I stayed home and did some scrapping!! YAY!! And just relaxed!!

Sunday I had a my bridal shower with Jared's side of the family. Jared's mom. grandma and sister arranged everything.We all had a good time!! I was officially welcomed into the MacDonald/McGowan clan, with lots of kind and welcoming words and I even got "pinned." Which means that the mother-in-law pins the sash of the kilt fabric to the bride. So, that's what happened!! We had some food, chatted and opened gifts, which is always fun!! Got lots of fun goodies, gotta start on the thankyou cards now. Later that night Jared and I went out to dinner with his brother and his girlfriend. We went to Milestone's my fave restaurant..then later we did more wedding stuff, finalizing the guest list, a schedule for the day of and kind of started on the seating chart but we had both had enough.

Gonna share with you some of the bridal shower pics...opening presents!! I think it's my favorite can see my "sash"!!

Okay Blogger is behind sucky..that's all the pics I can post for now...I'll try to share more later...

So, guess what tomorrow is?! Yes, my birthday. My champagne birthday, 27 on the 27th!! Although it doesn't even feel like my birthday with all the wedding stuff going on. My sister Olga says my birthday doesn't count this year because I'm getting married...I kind of don't want to turn 27!! I'm getting old!! UGH!! I get to celebrate with the children at school which is kind of cool, I've never actually celebrated my birthday at school so, it's a first!! Hope everyone has a fabulous week!!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Tea for Two

My weekend was good, busy but good. The weather was gorgeous with the sun out and feeling nice and warm with a cool breeze. It was good. Spent some time outside, amongst the flowers in my mom's garden while drinking un cafecito :) Saturday was spent doing some wedding stuff..working on the favors and checking the RSVP, looks like we're going to have to call some people to see if they're coming or not. FUN!! Jared took the car and went with his brother to Tartan Town..I always laugh when I hear the's a place to rent all the stuff you need for wearing the whole Scottish kilt outfit. So, that's done. They got everything there, which is good. Jared worked Saturday night, I worked on some of the favors and watched season one of Alias with my sister Olga. Love that the beginning I didn't really have much of a chance to watch it near the end. I wish i could kick ass like Sydney Bristow can..I know it's a tv show but still how cool would that be!!

Sunday I went with Connie to the Secret Garden for high fun!! Loved it!! It's a cute little kind of store/house you can have tea and then in the back there's a store with some of the teas they have and all the baked goodies and tea things. We had a good time drinking tea and chatting. Because of the crap that was going on at last weekend's bridal shower..bridesmaid never made it to the bridal, we had our own, just the two of us...and she got me some scrap goodies as a bridal shower gift...woohoo..KI stuff..happy!! I haven't been to the scrap store in a like a's hard. Probably won't get to go 'til after the honeymoon!! We had a good time!!

The Secret Garden...

Me and Connie...

The yummy goodies..I love that three tiered stand...very cool!!

We had a Father's day dinner sunday night, in honor of my daddy..yummy food!! Jared met up with the groomsmen for the tuxes and then he hung out with his family later. So, wedidn't get to see each other this weekend at all. Totally sucked. But that's okay soon I'll have him around all the time. Which is good!!

Okay I need to ask all of you about how you organize your scrap supplies. I'm going to be moving my stuff into Jared's soon and trying to organize a little because it is such a small space. So, tell me how do you organize everything? Especially cardstock and patterned papers and all the paper scraps..want to see want works best maybe for me and what is easier...thankyou so much!!

Hope eveyone had an awesome weekend...have an awesome week..summer officially arrives on wednesday!! Love it!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

1 Month...4 weeks...30 days...

Until the wedding, we're almost there!! SO excited!! Now it's down to the little things and giving away all the money we've saved to pay for things!! That's hard!! Have a fab weekend everyone!!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Bridal Shower

I had my first bridal shower on Saturday, my mom and sisters threw it for me!! It was a "surprise"!! I kind of had an idea...I was not allowed to go into the fridge on Friday, I had to ask my mom to get something out for me...that's a hint and that I wasn't allowed to go home until about 1:30pm and so, I had to keep myself busy since Jared was at his grandpa's helping him cut a tree and doing some yard work!! We had tons of fun, played a ton of games, chatted tons, ate some yummy food. It was good. There was some crap going on, which I won't get into too much, just makes you realize who your real friends are and on and on..maybe more later on that. But I had tons of fun at my mom's and sisters shower...check out some pics..

Surprise!!! Me walking through the front door!!

Opening presents..some of the gifts I got..Jared will for sure love the lingerie and the champagne for the honeymoon!!

The Suttorp baby sister didn't join us 'til the end, she had to work!!

Me, with my future sister and mother in law...the McGowan Girls!!

Group picture...

After the shower it was a pretty laid back Saturday night...I was so tired went to bed super early. Sunday got up to meet with the photographer, fun..she's awesome..then spent the day with Jared, hanging out doing wedding stuff, went to Michaels, got Jared's passport pics...delivered invites, all Jared's...cleaned his place..soon to be mine. He has a computer lab in his kitchen/entrance way, and it's driving me nuts..monitors, keyboards, processors, computer parts everywhere. Jared and his brother were planning to sell them..that was in February...they have to go..either a garage sale or the dump. But, the place looks clean!!

So, that was my weekend!! I hope everyone had an awesome weekend!! Just wanted to let all my bloggin buddies know that, now with the wedding getting closer I am having less time to go on the computer, I try but it's hard. So, I'm trying to make it out to everyone's blog but, if I don't for awhile just know that it's wedding busyness and, that I am trying :) I hope everyone has a fabulous week..thinking of you all!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

So much going on...

So, I survived the house boating!! Came back in one piece!! My voice didn't really come back until yesterday, still was kind of husky!! Along with this horrible cough!! But along with the cough, and no voice had migraines on Friday and Saturday. Which totally sucked!! Could not drink as much as I would've liked to. Jared made up for the both of us. The weekend was actually very relaxing. Lounging up on the top deck while we were driving on the lake ( do you drive a boat?), chatting, eating, tons of napping, relaxing. It was good. Totally what we needed, both Jared and I. No wedding stuff, appointments nothing. Although I did think about some stuff that I should be doing...anyways, this whole trip makes me even more excited about Hawaii and just relaxing with my husband. Cannot wait!! The drive there and back sucked..5 and half hours...seemed forever...I cannot stand being in the car for so long...but all in all it was good!! Jared was such a sweetie, taking car of me with the migraines, napping, bringing me food...makes me even more excited to be his wife..I already knew how awesome of a husband he's going to be and take care of me forever, but it made me realize even more how lucky I am!! I love him even more!!

So, the wedding is 39 days away..OMG!! I cannot believe it!! this weeke have so many things I need to do..finally get the passport pics, the marriage license, meet with the photographer and the decorator and the florist...start on the favors...but I am getting EXCITED no stress whatsoever!!

June is my birthday month as well!! And this year it is my champagne year, like they call it. I will be turning 27 on the 27th of June!! 27!! Can you believe it? Ugh...and this year it's kind of cool I will be in school to celebrate with the children. This has neve happened before, I'm excited..they all think I am turning 5 ;) OSunds good to me!!

I wanted to post my entry in Kat's CJ....such an awesome the colors..and I love how it turned out..

This weekend I am hoping to get some scrapping done too..have felt lost without it...gotta keep going with the engagement album..have a fab rest of the week..