Saturday, March 25, 2006


Things are good!! Thanks for all your thoughts and advice with all the bridesmaid drama. I'm going to see how it goes and if my friend continues, I will talk to her.

I'm feeling happy!! Last night there was a fundraiser at the Flying Beaver, which is the pub that both Jen and Mike work and they had a fundraiser for Mike. first, Mike was able to go home yesterday, which is totally awesome. And I know that both Mike and Jen are happy!! He still cannot walk but, gets around in a wheelchair, which is fine because it won't be for much longer!!

The fundraiser was a huge success!! Jen and I went together. I picked her up from their place!! It was good to see her and we just chatted the whole way there!! At the fundraiser there was acouple of silent auction items up for a bid, including a weekend away in Whistler, tickets to a canucks game,win a houseboat for the weekend. And a really cool looking Martini basket!! There was a 50/50 draw and people were able to make donations!! Jen and I just basically hung out at the bar, chatted and drank a bit...a -lot of people came up to talk to her too. She said she felt a little overwhelmed with everything!! But we had a good time just chatting about a ton of stuff and hanging. Jared helped out with the fundraiser, and I got to spend a bit of time with him!! He was all dressed up, and looked so incredibly handsome!! Lucky me!! It was a hige success, and a-lot of money was raised, which is so awesome!!

This afternoon, I hung out with Mike and Jen. went over to their place, Jared had a soccer game!! We went to Michaels, Mike and Jen live across the street from it!! We walked over and Mike went in his wheelchair, Jen pushing and him doing it himself!! He did awesome!! He was quite tired after!!

So, while he hung out on the couch, and some other friends came over and hung out with him!! Jen and I were being crafty in the kitchen!! She's making a whole bunch of thankyou cards, and I started on the wedding invitations...we're getting there slowly!! We have 90 to make, it's going to be a bit of time!! Will post pics when I am done!! It was a fun afternoon!! I'm so glad Jen and I are getting really close, she's fun, easy to talk too, and just an awesome friend. I'm also so happy that things for both Mike and Jen is going to be okay!! Was a big scare!!

Tomorrow Jared and I are meeting with the caterer and the decorator and probably working more on the invitations....I was tagged by Maria
which I will post later...have an awesome weekend!!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Bridesmaid Drama..Scrapping..Jen and Mike...Invitations...Spring Break is over...

My weekend was good, lots of things got done, just all round good!! Friday I had a Mary Kay makeup party at my house for the bridesmaids and an honorary bridesmaid. We had tons of fun, trying different products and chatting about the wedding!! Got to talk about the bridesmaids things, show them the dress we found and other things. Then I was kicked out for a bit while they discussed things that I was not allowed to hear. After the party, I went with my good friend Connie to this Art store that also sells scrapbook supplies, she's been telling me all about it, so we went to go take a look. They were having a sale on patterned paper, which was awesome, so spent $30 on paper and other things not too bad. Now I have to be good and not buy anythng else, it's hard.

I have a problem too, well not really mine it's more with two of my bridesmaids. They do not get along, it's more one than the other. She'd just so mean to the other one, and in such an obvious way. At first I thought it was just me making too much of it, but it's been confirmed by two others that it's true. And I feel bad for my friend who's getting this, now she tries really hard and I'm thinking if I should say something to my other friend about it. Or see if it will cool down? Tell me what you some pics...

Connie, Sam and soon to be sister in law!!

All of us getting all lathered up with face wash...don't we look so cute?!

Friday night I talked to Jen, Mike's fiancee on the phone. She called me and I've been meaning to call her, but I don't want to overwhelm her but, she beat me to it. It felt so good to talk to her...we talked for a long time about everything, Mike, work, wedding stuff, scrapping everything. She's doing good, and I think just needed to talk, we're getting together soon, I cannot wait!!

Saturday I did a bit of scrapbooking and played around with the wedding invitations..had a couple of ideas just wanted to show Jared and see if he had any ideas. Will share soon for now, here are some pages...

Making the guest list...Jared had such a hard time...I love his face!!

Showing off my ring to my good friend Sam, a couple of days after Jared proposed!!

Sunday I went with Jared to see Mike at the hospital...I hadn't seen him since the night of the accident. And I must say for what he went through he looks REALLY GOOD!! It was so good to see him. He's basically the same old Mike, laughing and joking. He has a bit of short term memory loss, so he forgets things, but that's okay hopefully that will get better. He's moving and everything, sits up. It was good to see him. Jen wasn't there so, I didn't get a chance to talk to her, which kind of sucked, that's okay. It was good to see Mike!!

Jared and I went out for dinner, for Mexican. I always feel bad 'cause my mom's cookinfg is so much better. But, it was good. I go more for the dessert, this may sound a bit gross, but it it SO GOOD...deep fried Mars bar wrapped in a tortilla, with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice yummy!! We were so full after!! Went back to my house to show Jared the invitations and he helped me with some more ideas, so looks like we will start making them this weekend.

So, today is my first day back to school after Spring Break..went by so fast, I'm already looking forward to the weekend. I'm so awful....later!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

4 Months...122 Days...

Until the wedding...I cannot believe it!! And how are we feeling? A little stressed but not too much, Jared and I both kind of just want this day to come already, I know it sounds bad..but we're both excited and just want to start our lives together...I am still excited to wear my dress...and cannot wait to see Jared in his kilt...But we still have a million and one things...going to work on the invitations this weekend, the paper should be here either tomorrow or Friday and so I can start cutting and just need to wait for the stamps, which should be here soon, according to the Stamp Store...

Being on Spring Break has been so awesome...just love it!! Waking up late, drinking my coffee in front of the computer in my pj's...taking all my time in the world..being lazy..just hanging out...watching some tv...caught up with days..and all the other soaps...watching talk shows..and doing tons of scrapping. Still trying to work on our Engagement Pics...for the Engagement album..but having tons of fun!! Here are some of my layouts...

The happily engaged!!

Here is my page for dare numero 20, was a challenge, hard to alter a photo..but once you get into it, it's pretty easy...

Will post some more layouts later...have an awesome Wednesday everyone...

Monday, March 13, 2006

Thankyou so much all your thoughts and prayers for Mike and his fiancee Jen. I am happy to say that he is doing good, and things are looking really well all it's going to take now is time!! He went in on Thursday afternoon for surgery to get pins put into his ankles, and that went well. He's still out of it because of all the drugs. The only thing that they're still waiting to take a look at is his lower lumbar...which is at the lower end of the spine near the tailbone. It's still very swollen and they to get in to look and see but, it will have to wait. Hopefully it will be okay. He can move his legs and arms so, that's good. On Saturday he was a little bit awake, and that he drank some water and gave Jen a kiss, which is awesome!! He still doesn't really know what is going on and who everybody is but at least he gave Jen a kiss and figures she's important to him!! Which is awesome!! He's also been mumbling Chicago a-lot, Chicago this and that...kind of funny!! All the times that Jared has gone to see Mike he's been wearing something of the Chicago Bears..his fave football team so, we think he might be asking for Jared. But I'm glad that he's going to be okay. We're told that he might get to go home next week, which is so awesome!!

I'm still in shock over what happened, thankful that Mike is going to be okay and will be there at our wedding standing next to Jared. But when things like this happen it totally makes you think about your life and enjoying things and enjoying each and every day. For me it's the first time that someone close has nearly left us, yes I've had my grandparents pass away but, I was younger and they lived either in Mexico or in the Netherlands so it was different. Just going to live each day to the fullest, enjoy it and not take it for granted. Just something I've been thinking...

Now some pictures..we found the bridesmaids dresses though I would share some pics...

My good friend Sam also a bridesmaid and I modelling the bridesmaid dress!!

Now here are a couple of layouts, I've done!! Now that I am on Spring Break will be doing a ton more!!!

Jared and his Bears!!

The baby of the family!! Olga, I still cannot believe that she will be turning 20 in June!!

My sister Olga and her almost car!!

That's it for now, going to go and enjoy my first day of Spring break..gonna go and meet the lady who's going to make our wedding cake, I know it will be chocolate for sure!!!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

We need your prayers

We had a horrible storm last night. With a very strong wind, and a mix of both snow and rain. Jared's best friend, Mike is a pilot. He called me last night at about 9pm that Mike was in a plane crash. The plane crashed in Powell River which is about 5 or 6 hours from Vancouver. The plane was trying to land. Mike tried to land one tim, couldn't then went back up and tried again. A huge gust of wind came, that was really strong flipped the plane over. There were two people in the plane, Mike the pilot and his co-pilot. The co-pilot did not make it. Mike was taken to Powell River hospital and then was transported by helicopter to Vancouver General for some scans and tests. Jared and I went there to meet his fiancee Jen, and lend our support anyway that we can. We got there just as he was being brought in. We were put into a private waiting room, while they worked on him and did a whole bunch of tests. We waited for a long while. He's completely out of it, doesn't know where he is, what happend, what is going on. But he is alive. Thank God!! We were at the hospital until about 4am. As of right now he is stable, has fractured both feet ann ankles. Fractured his lower verterbrae, broke some ribs, has a bruised eye and caved his cheekbone. But he is okay, all the scans and test came out good. No bleeding in his head or anywhere else, his heart and his blood pressure are normal. The doctors said that he will be pretty much be out of it for about a week, but that's normal and that the best thing for him right now is rest. Please think of Mike and his fiancee Jen, your prayers and thoughts. We need him for a very long time, which I know will be, but please think of them both and pray. We love him very much, he is the best friend that anyone could ask for. The two of them; Mike and Jen at our Engagement Party.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Life has been busy...more wedding related than anything!! But that's okay, I don't mind. Some other things to check off my list..found the bridesmaids dresses...picked up some invitations on the weekend, now just need to get some paper, gonna order it from Stampin'Up seems to be the least expensive and also good quality.

The one thing is that bugging me is that it looks like Jared and I are going to have to cut somethings keep costs down, because as of right now we are a little tight, we're okay but it needs to be better. So, right now I need to think of ideas to help keep costs down, the one thing I can thing of right now is the centerpieces, I know it's not much but, it's something. So, I was thinking of something without flowers like candles, a candlescape, I don't know, just throwing it out there so, any ideas would be greatly especially if you've had a wedding already. Another idea, cut out the limos, the dj, do only CD's...I don't know..need to go check out the Martha Weddings magazine.

So, I have two more days and then I am on SPRING BREAK..YAY!! I am so excited!! Will be spent being lazy, watching tv, making invitations, doing scrapping, just basically hanging out. I cannot wait!!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

We will not be serving chips and salsa or a variety of pizzas at the wedding!!

WE FOUND A CATERER!!! YAY!! I'm so happy!! Jared went to go see this one that my friend recommended, actually it's a family friend and Jared liked her!! I am so glad...because I was beginning to worry a little!! But we have one!! And she is reasonably priced and the food sounds SO good. Plus she a decorator that she works with which is going to be so helpful, then we won't have to look for someone. I can finally check this off my list.

Nothing new and exciting, just the usual work and wedding stuff!! We're going to get some paper and envelopes to make some invitations this weekend. My project for Spring break which will begin next Friday, I am so excited...but I do have a tons of stuff I need to do.

Just found out by receiving an email that the stamp store that I ordered the stmaps from is closing. I cannot believe it!! They've been close to my house for 10 years. Thank God I ordered the stamps before then, could you imagine?

My half sister is coming over on Saturday which should be interesting..stay tuned I will let everyone know how it goes..maybe take some pictures...hope everyone is well..YAY the weekend is almost here!!