Saturday, February 25, 2006

If You Have Nothing Nice To Say, Than Don't Say Anything At All

I remember hearing this all the time when I was growing up. And I still think it's a good thing to remember when it comes to people's feelings. I use it at school with the children so, they understand how it's nice to respect other people's feelings.

I'm feeling a little annoyed and hurt. I am very proud of all the scrap pages I do. And yes, I am still adapting my style and learning new things. I've been scrapping all afternoon and I was very proud of the two pages I completed today that I though I would share it on two peas. Now I've heard from other people that some users at two peas can be somewhat catty. Which I now have witnessed myself.

Now I could be going a little overboard but my feelings we're a bit hurt. I worked very hard on my pages today and like I said am proud of what I've created. Now this person could be offering some constructive criticism but, if not than like that saying from when I was little then don't say anything at all!!

I'm probably being a little silly and a tad over sensitive but oh well. That's me!! I am going to try and not let this bother me but I must say after reading the comment I could feel my scrapping mojo disappear....I think I might not be posting on two peas for awhile and start posting on scrapologie or keeping memories alive...which I have heard Jamie talk about and that it is a smaller community...or I might just not let this go to my head and heart and keep doing what I'm doing. Then it means that people like this win. Thanks for listening!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Venting..and Kristi's Purple and Silver CJ

Okay I'm going to vent first....all I have to say is guys suck!! Ugh!! Jared was so difficult today. And in such a mood. Ususally he's okay and it's me who's being difficult but, today..ugh!! And then he puts me in a bad mood. And I worry 'cause I think I've done something and on and on...I know when something is bugging him too, by the way he acts. And I know something was bugging him too but he sometimes has a hard time telling me what it is. Which I do not understand because I'm easy to talk to, and I know how to listen and I will help him as much as I can but he still has a hard time. And he gets mad and shrugs me off. Which usually leads into a fight and tears. And we never fight. But I must say that he has improved about telling me when something bothers him...he used to just shut down and get the complete opposite. He has gotten better and I did find out what was bugging him but why be so difficult? Things are okay now, at least the children at school distract me a little. Why do guys act like this? I guess I will never understand!!

So, I'm posting some pics of Kristi's Purple and Silver CJ. Loved doing the pages!! Tons of fun!! I am so happy to be a part of this!!

Here is the purple entry. Love the color purple and I don't seem to use it too much when I scrapbook. So, I think I will be using it more :)

My entry for the silver!! Just had to include my's not silver but the color is. Had to include some Celtic stamps as well...related to the ring and the wedding!!

Tomorrow is my last day of school for the week...YAY!! I'm so happy to have Friday off. We're going on a field trip which will be super easy. Then after school for an hour and a half, we have conferences. The last bit!! YAY and then we're done until next year. So glad!!

And I'm happy to say that looks like the whole idea of serving salsa and chips and a variety of pizzas for the wedding will not go through. Found a caterer that quoted us a reasonable price just, have to talk to Jared about it. But it looks good.I'm excited!!

I better go now and work on what I am going to say to the parents about their children..hope everyone is doing well!!!

Monday, February 20, 2006

My weekend and a Happy Birthday!!

Well it's Monday again. I hate how it goes by so quick!! My weekend was nothing exciting.

Saturday, I went to the florist to leave a deposit and talk more about flowers. I'm still thinking about the centerpieces and what to do. Right now I am going with light blue hydrangeas and then a gerber daisy in the middle with lots of greens in an ivy bowl, like the ones they sell at Michaels. But now I'm not sure of the red and blue together and how it will look. I have another idea, and I think it might be a little less expensive, and look better. And still have the gerber daisies. After went to London Drugs to get some pics developed, for the engagement album and for the swap I'm doing with Hailey. YAY!! While I waited went to the scrap store, found some goodies and didn't spend too much. Which is always good. Saturday night didn't do anything..lazy..Jared was playing soccer, and he hurt is hamstring which is not good. Hopefully it'll be better by the next game!!

Sunday, did a little scrapping. Finished my sign in tag and one page for Kristi's Purple and Silver CJ, will hopefully finish it this week. Will post some pics when it is. Then Jared and I went to the Stamp store to order some Celtic stamps for our invitations. Talked about invitations and got some ideas at the store, so we're going to go and buy some paper and other supplies to make them. That will be my project for over Spring break. That night watched Desperate Housewives and Grey's these shows...wonder what's going to happen with Meredith and that other guy....

And here is the t-shirt tag I made for Island Girl Jen...who's birthday it is today!! Happy Birhtday!! Love her tees and her scrap pages!! And love al those pages and pics I keep seeing of her and her hubby at their wedding...he wore a kilt as well, just like Jared will..hopefully she has an awesome birthday!!

That's it for glad it's a short week for me this week..have a pro-d day on Friday!! YAY!! Happy Monday!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

5 months...150 days...

Until the wedding!! I cannot belive it!! And thanks to my amazing math skills, for this reason I don not teach math, I thought I still had 6 months left. But not it's really 5 months. Which is okay, I'm not stressed yet. Still looking for a caterer, we have two prospects for this week so, hopefully one will work out.

I hope everyone had a good Valentine's day!! Jared and I didn't really do anything, I didn't even see him; because of work for both of us. I made him a card and gave him some chocolate, Easter chocolate though. He's not a big fan of Valentine's day chocolate so, I got him some Cadbury creme eggs, he loves them. We haven't really celebrated Valentine's day in a long time. We used to when we were first dating. I usually just get a card and some chocolate. Which is fine with me!!

We did have a Valentine's day party at school with the children and it's always tons of fun!! We decorated cupcakes, colored some Valentine pictures and did a little face painting!! They loved it!! We watched a Mickey Mouse Valentine's Movie, so fun!! They were laughing!! Then we had a special snack!! Basically tons of junk food and, then send them home all hyper to their parents along with their Valentine's card bag!! Love to see their happy faces!! Wanted to post also a pic of the Valentine's day craft we made with the children. I just loved how it turned out. So cute, we had them all lined up on the window sill and it looked so nice!!

Happy Wednesday!! The weekend is almost here!! YAY!!

Monday, February 13, 2006

We're registered!!

My weekend was good, I hate how it just flies by though. Wedding plans are going well. The meeting with the florist went really well. We're going to with this one, the lady was really nice, and I love that they're working around our budget. The flowers are going to look so pretty. All red roses and red gerber daisies, they all match with the kilt!! Which I will post soon so, you all can see the colors and the whole theme that the wedding is going to be!! All Scottish!!

Saturday afternoon was spent with Jared before he went to his soccer game. He hasn't played in two months and has just been itching to play!! Let out all his steam!! So I was happy that he got to play!! Then he went to work right after too. So, I spent my Saturday night just creating and playing with paper!! Which is always fun to do!! And these are some of the things I came up with..

Happy Belated Birthday to Kristi!! Who's birthday was on Saturday and I made her this tag!! Hope you had a fun celebration!!

Here's my page about Sudoku!! Love how it turned out!!

Sunday we went to go register at the Bay!! One of our big Canadian department stores. We were at the store at 2pm, and we were lucky enough to have my old best friend from high school, her sister help us out!! She is so nice!! And went over everything!! I think I was more excited about registering that Jared was, but I know he had a good time!! It was fun spending time together and figuring out what we wanted for our place!! We were there for 3hours, I couldn't believe it!! So, these pics of us is from near the end that's, why we look tired. And hungry too!!

Jared with the pricing gun, he had fun, I know it even if he won't admit it!!

Here I am with our wedding gift checklist!!

Right after we left the Bay we went for dinner. We were starving!!! Went to out fave restaurant, Milestone's!! Love their food!! Last time we were there was when Jared proposed!! After dinner went back to Jared's watch some of the hocky game!! And Jared did his homework for this night class that he's taking on bookkeeping!! He looks so cute doing homework!! Then we went our for coffee with our friends Mike and Jen. Our usual Sunday double date!! Fun, just chatting and drinking coffee.

Now it's Monday again, too fast!! I hope everyone had a good weekend!!

Monday, February 06, 2006

First off, I want to thank everyone for all the thoughtful comments about my last post. I am very happy that my sister is back in my life and I was talking to Jared about the whole thing. And he said that right now, I should concentrate on the wedding and everything that is about to happen in the next couple months. In some ways it's a test, to see if she really hangs around for awhile. I know it's mean in some ways but it is one way to ensure my heart doesn't get broken. But in way I think she is here for good, and will be at my wedding, which I am totally excited about!!

My weekend was good. Saturday, went with my Dad to the auto parts store to pick a new bulb for the headlight, my daddy gets a discount 'cause he's an ex Air Canada employee. Then I went to the Scrap store to buy my good friend sam her b-day present. She's just gotten into scrappin so I bought her some of my fave goodies; ribbon, patterned paper from Basic Grey, KI Memories, some rub ons and other things. She's going to love it!! And on the way to the scrap store as I was driving I saw a dinosaur, a triceratops to be exact. One of the museums is having an exhibit about dinosaurs and I guess they were moving it. I must say it was pretty cool!! I mean how often do you see a dinosaur being pulled by a truck on the street? Wish I had my camera. Later Saturday night I went with Jared to his aunts house for dinner for his Grandpa's birthday!! And we got our plane tickets for our honeymoon!! YAY!! I'm so excited. His Grandpa got the tickets through all his Visa points!! Jared and i are going to Hawaii. To Honolulu!! I am so looking forward to it!! Lounging by the beach, relaxing and hopefully getting to meet Dog the Bounty Hunter!! That would be so cool!!

Sunday, I stayed home and totally lounged. Jared was out with friends watching the Superbowl. Tried to do some Scrappin' but just wasn't feeling it!! So, I watched Mean Girls, love that movie, sorry to say!! Then...

Look what my sister Olga came home with on Sunday afternoon!! She looks so good in it!!

Isn't this car absolutely gorgeous?! My sisters dream car!! It's a 2001 Mazda Miata, has a soft top, standard, almost no mileage, barely driven, leather seats!! Gorgeous!!

Too bad Olga didn't buy it, we were all sad to see it leave. It was too expensive for her, so the search continues. If not my other sister Vanessa has a red Miata, a 1990 and Olga might buy it from her. We'll see.

Anyways this week is dedicated to wedding stuff, trying to find a caterer, and I'm meeting another florist tomorrow and we're going to register this weekend too!! I can't wait. I also have parent-teacher conferences, which are not fun. Hopefully in between I can do some scrappin too!! Have some swaps that I'm doing and other things!! Have an awesome week everyone!!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Not really half...

Something happened today that I have been wanting to happen for awhile. It's good nothing bad. But first I need to give the background as to what I am talking about so, it will be easier to understand.

I have two half sisters. My dad was married before he met my mom. He got married really young and he and his ex-wife have two daughters. When my dad married my mom, my two sisters ( I have always called them sisters because it's easier than just saying half sisters ), were 17 and 18 years old. Needless to say I'm sure they were a little jealous but they were still happy for our dad. My parents had me a year after they were married. So, from that time until I was about 5 or 6 years old I had two older sisters, who played with me, took me out, just tons of fun stuff. I don't know quite what happened but they disappeared. We kept in touch for a little but after that nothing. When I was in grade eight, they both reappeared. The older one was married and just had had a daughter, and the second one was living with her boyfriend and she was very happy. It was awesome. From grade 8 up until grade 12, we saw them often, hung out and grew closer. Then, something happened, miscommunication or something I don't know. But we just stopped talking. Sad. That was 8 years ago.

Today, one of my sisters came to lunch. I was so nervous and excited to see her. My dad has been talking to her on the phone, and she finally came over today. She looks good. And happy. I was so happy to see her. I could feel my eyes tear up when I gave her a hug hello. And I was a little nervous I didn't know what to say. She knows I am getting married, and she did get to meet Jared which I am so happy. We talked a little, I had to go to work. But there was so much I wanted to say but couldn't, it was a little hard. I don't know why. Could be 'cause parts of me is trying to keep my guard up. I don't want her to disappear again, I want her part of my life. Trying not to keep my hopes up, I guess. So then if something happens I won't feel rejected and upset. Let down.

I want both of them there at our wedding. They are my sisters. So many memories there. I want them there for me, to be proud of me. To stand by me as my sisters. We were going to invite them to the wedding anyways, but now it looks like at least one of them will come. I am happy about that. I guess one thing to do is to just take it one day at a time. And be happy with the time I have with her.

I know that I look forward to the next time I get to see her, probably soon. There is still so much to catch up on.

Thanks for listening. Writing this was hard, it's a tough topic for me. I'm getting a little teary eyed just thinking about it. I will most definetly be writing more about this, now that she's back, my sister.