Wednesday, November 29, 2006


That's how the weather has been since Saturday!! We've had snow, ice and it has been SO cold!! There's some Arctic flow passing through. And from what I have learned it only happens every twenty years...lucky us!! According to the weather forecast, tonight is supposed to be the last dump of snow..anywhere between 5 to 10cm...let's hope for lots so maybe I will get a snow day and have no school!! The rain should be coming back soon too, apparently that's good. So not used to the snow, it does look pretty!! And I did take some pretty snow pictures!!

Except for being cold the snow IS pretty!! I'm especially loving the iceicles, they are really cool to look at.

Everything else in life is going...things are good and busy which is good!! Jared is good, busy working but what else is new. He's finally getting better he was sick with this horrible cold that's been going around, and it looks like the cough is finally disappearing. I think this weekend we are going to get our Christmas tree. I'm excited, finally get to decorate our place with all our Christmas decorations, I am excited. I might start some Christmas shopping too. Haven't started yet, but I have all the ideas up in my head and written down too 'cause I seem to forget things sometimes. I hate that. Especially when you have such a good idea, and then you forget. But other than that, things are good, life is good. Want to do some scrapping this weekend too, and finish our Christmas cards, and of course hang out with my hubby!!

Well that's it for now, hope all is well with everybody!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Scrapped Saturday Away...

And that's just what I did yesterday. Jared went to a funeral (I didn't know the guy) and he was basically gone all day, didn't get home until late. So, I spent most of my Saturday scrapping. Had the music going and some coffee, it was good!! Here's what I came up with, quite happy with myself!!

So, I only came up with four pages yesterday, that's not bad. Will probably do some more today, have to do Elizabeth's Your music CJ too!! Will get done and shipped out to Hailey tomorrow!!

As for the rest of Sunday, Jared's watching football right now. He's still kind of sick more of a cough than anything. But I'm hoping we can hang out together a bit today!! I want to go to Ikea and get some things to organize some of my scrap stuff.It's beginning to drive me cazy!! Everything is spread out between 3 rooms. I wissh I had my own room. But I scrap on the kitchen table so, I can't leave everything there. And later tonight is Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters, love those shows!!

All the crap that was going on is SO much better. It's somewhat resolved. Jared got into a car accident with my car...he's okay, the car was not so much!! We have been waiting to see if the insurance company was going to fix it or write it off. Luckily I get to pick up my car tomorrow!! I'm excited have misssed it so much. SO it was that crap, and of course Jared and I fighting doesn't help, and money. When is it not money!! But everything has turned out, so I'm glad!! So, thanks again for all the kind words!!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Changing my pic for the profiles, will update more later!!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Happy Birthday Mr Magoo!!

Wanted to wish my fabulous hubby, happy birthday!! He turns 29 today!! WOw!! I was with him when he celebrated his 20th, look how far we've come honey!! He's watching a football game right now with buddies and I'm cooking him dinner later!! Hope you have a fabulous day honey!! Love you SO much!!

Just wanted to thank everybody for the nice comments, things are better!! Was feeling really mad and sad and just didn't feel like posting anyting, needed a break in some ways!! Things are getting resolved, will find out on Tuesday!! But thanks again!! I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006


I've had a crappy week. So much stuff happened. Just trying to think positive right now, which is even hard for me right now. Usually I am always thinking positive when crap happens. Trying to right now. Will update hopefully soon when things are not looking so blue.