Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Let's Try the Scrappies Again!!

Looks like Blogger is agreeing with me today!! It's letting me post some pages!! YAY!! Tghe first one is Jill's CJ and my entry in it!!

The rest is a mix of wedding, hawaii and other things...

Love these pages..have been feeling the scrappy mojo!! Happy Wednesday everyone!! We're halfway to the weekend!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

My weekend and some Scrappies...

So, I had a long weekend. Pro-d day on Friday, which was awesome!! Still had to tutor French in the morning which is fine!! But the rest of the afternoon was spent with my parents. We had some lunch, did a little shopping and then my mom went grocery shopping with me!! Love my parents!! They're awesome!! After I went home dropped off the groceries and went to do a couple more errands. Went to the mall, looking for new runners and a bag for school to carry all my stuff in. No luck!! I did find some new books to read!! Finally found an Audrey Hepburn autobiography!! Have been wanting to read one for so long and finally found it!! It's hard to find books about her!! Was so excited to read it, and it's good so far!! After the mall headed to Michaels and Office Depot!! Found some skeletons, I'm going to decorate like the one's Elsie did!! They're so cute!! And neede some school stuff at Office Depot!! Came home, had dinner and watched Ghost Whisperer. Jared came home later!!

Saturday was pretty low key. Did some crafty Halloween stuff!! Watched "Funny Face" with Audrey Hepburn, love that movie!! If anyone watched Gilmore Girls this past week, it was the movie that Lorelai and Christopher watched on their date, with the movie against the romantic!! Hung out with Jared before he went to work!! Sunday my friend Connie had a Stampin'Up party, so I went tons of fun!! Ordered a bunch of stuff, exciting!! Later Jared and I went out to dinner, which was nice!! Love him SO much and love hanging out with him!! It's hard 'cause life is busy for both of us and we have different schedules so, we don't get too much time together. That's why weekends are SO important!! For time together!! Then we met up with our friends Mike and Jen for coffee and chatting!! Fun!! Came home and watched Desperate Housewives..good and watched Brothers and Sisters, anybody watch it?! I like it, it's good!! Even Jared likes it!!

And that was my weekend!! Now it's Monday again!! Wanted to share some scrappy pages, quite proud of them actually!! I submitted for thee Story of My Own Design Team but, no luck!! Oh well, got some pretty good pages from it!!

Okay I'm trying and Blogger will not let me post my pages!! I'll try again later!! Hope everyone had a good weekend!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

9 Years...

Today 9 years ago Jared and I went on our first date!! We had coffee at the Bread Garden, which closed down right after we went there before Jared proposed last year. Adn we enjoyed a good night of lots of chatting, not really. It was more me chatting away and Jared kept saying "right on." And now look where we are..finally married!! Love my Mr Magoo so much!! Happy 9 years honey!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Ribs and Sushi

It's Monday, already?! Ugh!! The weekend just flew by, as it alsways does!! My weekend was good!!

Saturday, we finally got some heat. The landlord came over wih somebody to fix the furnace. So, I'm not freezing anynore!! Jared and I took it easy, we're lazy and relaxed. It was good. Because my mom and sister Vanessa are in California I had my Dad and baby sister Olga over for dinner. It was good. I made BBQ ribs in the crock pot, they were SO good and so easy to make. Makes the house smell really good when you walk in the house. And I got some sushi and edamame beans too. So, I half cooked. Jared couldn't make it he had to work. But my Dad and Olga LOVED the dinner and told me how delicious it was!! My Dad brought dessert, cheesecak. Very yummy!! It was tons of fun!! I;m glad I had them both over and impressed them with my cooking skills ;) I took picture so, I could email my mom and Vanessa so, they could see what they're missing!!

So, look who we ALMOST brought home on Saturday!! Isn't he a cutie!!

Feeking a little disappointed because I really WABTED him!! Had a name all picked out and everything and of course super excited!! But we decided that we're going to wait until Summer 'cause I'll be on break and can spend more time with him and training him as well. Which is good 'cause the last thing we want to do is leave all alone. Still feeling a little sad about not bringing him n=home. He's just TOO cute!! Countdown to the summer!!

Anyways I hope evryone had a good weekend!! Here's to another short week for me!! YAY!! No school on Friday!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Eenie, Meenie, Pumpkin!!

No idea where that title came from!! But it's fun!! Went to the pumpkin patch with school today, tons of fun!! I love going every year!! Was hoping to get some mmore pics though but, it's hard especiallly with the little ones, watching them and all!! Did get some with the children but, I don't think I should post those so, here are some!!

My boss and frined Lou, amongst the pumpkins!!

And all the pumpkins to choose from, well some anyways...

Wanted to get mmore fall pictures maybe on the wekend!!

so, it's hump day today!! YAY!! I guess I shouldn't say anything we just had a long wekend!! Our Thanksgiving weekend was good..did tons of scrapping which I will post very soon, I promise!! Have been feeling so inspired!! Had dinner with Jared's family on Sunday and then my family on Saturday!! Good times!! Did do some gardening..I'm loving it!! I think some of my moms green thumb rubbed iff on me!! we have a litle patio area and it's next to the tv room so, everytime we watch tv we, have at least something nice to look at!! Planted some bulbs too!! Have to wait for Spring for that though!!

Was wanting to post onemore pic of my mini garden but blogger will not let me..ugh!! There will be scrap page soon!!

My mom and my sister Vanessa left for SanDiego this morning!! I am SO jwalous, I wnated to go too!! Vanessa is actually doing a triathalon on Sunday..good for her!! I could never do that!! But they're going to have such a good time, my mom hasn't been back in 10years to visit family so, I know she ill have tons of fun!! Jared and I are going to go either in March or over the summer too I cannot wait!!

Anyways I hope evryone is having a fabulous wek!! More later..

Friday, October 06, 2006

It's An Loooong Weekend!!

YAY!! For a long weekend!! I am so happy and excited!! Three days off of relaxing, sleeping in, doing some scrapping!!! For us in Canada it is our Thanksgiving Day on Monday!! So, that means we get some turkey!! I get it twice. Sunday with Jared's family and Monday with my family!! Should be good!! Looking forward to the turkey!!

Have been doing some creating both at home and at school!! Will share the scrappy pages soon..but I wanted to share some of my craftyness I do at school!!

Here's the picture that sits on top of the calendar, I love how it turned!! Love my sparkly pumpkins and bats!!

And here are our Thanksgiving turkeys that we made with the children, aren't they cute!! And super eay to make. Let me know if your interested!! Isn't he acute turkey!!

Hope everyone has a fabulous wekend!! will post more of my scrappy creations soon, have been totally been feeling creative lately!! Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends!!