Sunday, March 25, 2007

Back to Normal...

I cannot believe that it is Sunday night again and it's back to school tomorrow. I knew the week was going to fly by but still I almost wish we still had one more week left. My thinking is that now that Spring break is over we are that much closer to summer vacation and two months off!! Plus the fact that the Easter long weekend will be here before I know it!!

The week off was awesome!! Did do a little bit of everything!! Went shopping across the border with Connie, went to Bellingham and went to a couple of scrap stores, picked up a whole bunch of new goodies to play with. Should keep me happy for awhile!! Lots of organizing and cleaning my scrap stuff too, which is always good. It's amazing how much stuff you collect, discovered some stuff I'd forgotten I had, also giving some stuff away that I probably won't use. Check out my latest and greatest...

Now not all of the pages are from this past week, a couple are from over the past couple of weeks. I brought my desk from my parents house so, I'm happy no more scrappin on the floor!!

I did get to hang out tons with my family, which is always awesome!! My parents and my sisters.Had dinner over at my parent's a couple of times which is always good!! And of course one of the best things was spending tons of time with Jared, loved it!!

I'm also excited, my best friend from high school sent me an email. She was asking me if I was going to go to our 10year high school reunion, I still cannot believe that its been that long since I was in high school, sometimes it feels like it was yesterday, you know?! But I am planning on going, should be cool to see lots of my old friends. And she wants to get together, which is so awesome, I'm excited about that!! We used to have tons of fun in high school hanging out, talking about boys, lots of fun!! I can't wait!!

Jared's grandparents also had their 65th wedding anniversary on Saturday!! Isn't that amazing!! There was a big party with all the family. And everyone was there all the aunts and uncles, cousins!! It was pretty cool!! And Jared's cousin brought his baby, he is so cute, almost a year old with red hair, super me baby fever seeing him...soon..not yet!! But it was a fun party and cool to see everybody. I always tell Jared that he;s so lucky to have all his family here close by. All my family is spread out in California, Mexico and the Netherlands. And then he tells me that their my family now too, which is sweet!!

And today I went with Jared and his parents to check out the site where Jared is working on a house. It was cool to see. And it makes me so proud of him, all the stuff he is learning, and hoe much he loves doing it. We went for coffee and then Jared and I went for a walk, it was gorgeous outside with the sun shining which was nice. It's been raining all week!! Tonight Jared is making me dinner..YAY!! Chicken burgers with mozzarella, and mushrooms.yummy!! And we're watching the Holiday..super excited!! Have an awesome week, I'll be back soon!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I'm still here and doing good!!

Sorry I haven't posted in a bit!! My internet went down again and I have been waiting for it to be fixed. The internet guy was supposed to come on Friday, but for some reason the internet is working now...Jared's brother cleaned out the computer so that must've helped. But things are good!! I'm on Spring Break now!! YAY!! And thinking that the internet was down has let me get so many things done. Cleaning, things too, like scrapping, hanging out with family and friends, shopping, doing some gardening too..which I am super excited about!! But I did want to pop in and say hi!! And let everyone know I am good and well!! I will porbably be off the web for a bit until I'm back at week!! SO I hope everyone has an awesome week!! And Happy Spring!! It is finally here!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

A little bit of everything...

It's amazing how much you rely on the internet, especially when you don't realize it!! We had no internet last week for a couple of days and I felt SO lost!! Was going to my parents house to check my emails. But it's all fixed now...YAY!! What a week last week!! Nothing too bad, internet and having to close my VISA because of fraud. That totally sucked and having to organize things. But I am glad that it was caught in tim. Here's a question to you all, that I was thinking about..for internet purchases do you have a special credit card for just that or do you use one for all?! I'm wondering what I should do!!

The weekend was very quiet. SO wet!! It rained the whole time!! And not just sprinling but raining cats and dogs..pissing!! I went and got my hair done, it has been SO long!! Basically since the wedding. And I love going to the hair dresser and being pampered...even if it does take about three hours. She gave me a cut and some red and caramel highlights. Very subtle 'cause I am loving my dark hair right now too!! Took some pics..tell me which I should use as my blog and two peas avatar...

Can you tell I had fun with the camera?! I am totally loving my new do, love that its shorter and it feels so much healthier too!!

Sunday..the time change totally screwed me up, even though I remembered about it before I went to bed. Saw my parents for a bit!! And we went to pick up Jared's new truck. A little Toyota truck!! He bought it off a friend!! I'm so excited for him!! It's cute!! And at least he has some wheels to get around!! Not that I don't mind sharing my car with him, but you know... We did some grocery shopping and Jared made me some dinne..Chicken Cordon yummy with some veggies!! He's such a good cook!! We also watched Little Miss was so good I loved it!!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!! Four and a half days until Spring Break..YAY!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

First Bloom

Look what I noticed has finally bloomed and it totally made me happy!! Had to take a couple of pictures!!

Must mean that Spring is almost here!! I'm excited!! Weekend was good!! Not too much exciting happened..Jared coming home a little tipsy was kind of fun!! He was being super funny!! So scrappin didn't happen, too bad next weekend for sure. And I hung out with my parents on Sunday went for coffee and walked around in Steveston ( a little historic village, one of my fave places ) while Jared tended to himself and the day before. But it was good!! And Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters was on, so good!! Love those shows!! Already looking forward to the weekend!! The coutdown is on... 8 days ( not counting weekends ) until Spring Break..YAHOO!!Happy Tuesday!!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Weekend Welcome!!

What a week, I have had!! Not bad just busy!! I ended up picking up some extra shifts at school and have been so tired by the time I get home, have been passing out super early. So I just wanted to do a quick post, hello and tell you all how things have been going!! But I will do a more extensive post later I promise.

The crop last weekend was super fun!! Got two pages done, I'm surprised at myself I thought it would be like half but no actually did two. It was funny 'cause there were times during the crop that we were all chatting away being super loud and laughing and then where it was dead quiet. Funny!! There we're seven of us!! ANd it looks like we are going to try and do it every month, should be fun!! After the crop I went home and continued scrappin as well as on Sunday have 4 in total that I will post!!

Thanks for all the wonderful comments on my CJ, I'm super excited about doing it and I thought it was a cool topic cannot wait to see what my girls come up with!!

So, tonight my big plans, I'm tutoring until about 6:30pm, then I am coming home making my SHake and Bake chicken eating and scrapping. Might even watch some tv, Ghost Whisperer and Las Vegas is on, good fun shows. Totally missed Grey's Anatomy last Deperate HOusewives and Brothers & SIsters on Sunday!! Woohoo!! Tonight Jared is going to Harrison Hot Springs to bartend a party, it's about an hour and a bit drive from here so, I will be home all by myself tonight...kind of sad, need him to keep me warm and I don't sleep very well sometimes if he's not next to me, hopefully I pass out as soon as I hit the pillow!! Have a super weekend!!