Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Strutting My Stuff on the Catwalk...

YAY!! I was chosen again on SIS for my wedding page "That's All." The one I posted about a couple of posts before. Totally made my day!! Gives you a boost of confidence. Go check me out. Right over
here. I am going to go and relax on the couch, I think I'm coming down with something not feeling too hot!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I {heart} Sunday afternoons

It's true I do. They are usually spent sleeping in late, being lazy and doing something creative. That's how my Sunday afternoon was spent. Jared still has a bit of a cold so he has spent most of the afternoon on the couch and I have been in the bedroom scrapping away and listening to some music. Did manage to make three pages and all with my Rainbow Sushi I love how they turned out.

I could've done so much more. Need to make more time. Saturday I had a SU party, it went well. It was with a group of latinas so, I got to practice my Spanish which is always good. My mom came too and she had a good time!! By the time I got home I was so tired..plopped myself on the couch ate some dinner and watched some tv. I watched Trading Spaces now that Paige Davis is back I'm watching it again, I totally loved it!! Then went to bead and read a little before I passed out!!

Now I think it's time to go and maybe start on some dinner, making some Chicken Curry, yummy!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

that's all

My week has been busy. As soon as Monday hits I am already longing for the weekend, that's so bad. Since school started again I am working more hours at school, still tutoring and now my SU business is picking up again so, I spend a-lot of time preparing for classes and workshops on the weekend. And usually by the time I get home I am so tired I do only the stuff that is needed and end up falling asleep by like 9 or 10. Makes me feel old. Hopefully once I get more into the routine I'll be able to stay up longer.

Especially since my scrap goodies arrive in the mail. I got a bunch of AC albums to finally put all my layouts in, still need to get maybe two more but the pages are in the albums so, that makes me happy and one more thing to check off my list. I also got in the mail my Rainbow Sushi so, I have been anxiously wanting to play with it, and I did last night!! YAY!! I LOVE this photo from our wedding, and I was always scared to scrap it, but I loved the rainbow sushi, the papers, the Hambly and the hearts and I thought it would be just perfect, and it is!! I totally LOVE how it came out!!

I LOVE how sparkly my ring looks!!

Happy it is Thursday today, the weekend is almost here!! I hope everyone is having a good week!! And a good weekend!!

Friday, January 18, 2008


I am just happy that it is Friday today and that the weekend is upon us. The week was really long, it seemed like Friday was never going to get here. Anybody feel the same way?! Did a bit of scrapping. Made one of my "today" pages, love doing them. Just jotting down some things from the day. I'm trying to do one at least every month. Been so good so far. Better than with the daily cards I have been trying to do!!

No big plans for this weekend. Need to make a trip to Office Depot for some copies and other supplies. While I am there will go check out Michaels and see what is new!! Also some time with my parents in Steveston, looking forward to coffee and doing some thrift shopping. And some time with my hubby!! And some more time scrapping too. Hope everyone had a good week. Have a good weekend!! I am going to go and curl up with my book!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I Fall...

More and more in love with this man.

Not only did my wonderful husband help with making all the food for my Open House yesterday. But he completely surprised me with tickets to see Michael Buble's sold out concert!! And his reason he said was because he is proud of me with everything I am doing with work and scrapbooking. He melted my heart. And he also made me a card. I love him so, and I am so very lucky!! More to come soon!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy Friday!!

Got home early from work, and just so happy that it is Friday!! It's been a long first week back to school!! I have my Stampin'Up Open house..I'm so bad, can't wait for it to be over. I just want to relax, read, watch tv and do some scrappin'. When I got home there was a lovely surprise waiting for me at the door my Zing Boom kit from
Sistv Cannot wait to play maybe tomorrow night!! Hope everyone has a good weekend, I will be back after the weekend with a lovely post!! Ciao!!

Monday, January 07, 2008

I'm back...

So far as my new year's resolution/goal to update the blog, I have not been doing very well. But, in my defense I had been enjoying my last week of holidays. It was good. And now it is Monday morning and it's back to school. Ugh. I do kind of like being on holidays. But getting paid is good and working with the kids is not really that bad. I still look forward to the day when I can hang out in pj's, scrap all day long, go to Starbucks to people watch. I guess I have to start playing the lottery again.

I hope everyone had a good new years. I hung out with my baby sister. She came over and we watched some Alias and played a whole bunch of games. Jared was home until 10:30pm and then he left. He's been volunteering with Operation Red Nose over December. It's a group of people that if you have too much to drink they come and pick you and your car up. It's a really good organization and I am so proud of Jared for volunteering!! He said it was a pretty interesting evening. Lucky him!! But I did get to eat dinner with him and he played and won at Jenga. We texted each other at midnight!! It was good!!

For the rest of my week I have been spending lots of time with my family and friends. And doing some scrapping too. I'm having another open house on Saturday for the new Stampin'Up Spring and Summer catalogue!! Have been busy making lots of card and project samples, getting there.

Did manage to do some scrap pages...

And I absolutely LOVE how this page turned out, me and my Daddy.

Another goal/resolution was to do the daily cards and I totally suck have not been doing so well but, I will post some soon!!

Happy Monday Everybody!!