Thursday, January 24, 2008

that's all

My week has been busy. As soon as Monday hits I am already longing for the weekend, that's so bad. Since school started again I am working more hours at school, still tutoring and now my SU business is picking up again so, I spend a-lot of time preparing for classes and workshops on the weekend. And usually by the time I get home I am so tired I do only the stuff that is needed and end up falling asleep by like 9 or 10. Makes me feel old. Hopefully once I get more into the routine I'll be able to stay up longer.

Especially since my scrap goodies arrive in the mail. I got a bunch of AC albums to finally put all my layouts in, still need to get maybe two more but the pages are in the albums so, that makes me happy and one more thing to check off my list. I also got in the mail my Rainbow Sushi so, I have been anxiously wanting to play with it, and I did last night!! YAY!! I LOVE this photo from our wedding, and I was always scared to scrap it, but I loved the rainbow sushi, the papers, the Hambly and the hearts and I thought it would be just perfect, and it is!! I totally LOVE how it came out!!

I LOVE how sparkly my ring looks!!

Happy it is Thursday today, the weekend is almost here!! I hope everyone is having a good week!! And a good weekend!!

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Chriselda said...

hi honey! i'm still here
and still read
i'm glad you're doing well
i thought i would comment on this scrappy page!
it's super cute.
i LOVE it! and the photo is
muah! adorable!
i miss you crazy girl!