Monday, January 30, 2006

It was a scrappy weekend...

It definetly was. Tons of fun too. I got tons done. Saturday, got up early and went to the mall with Jared, he got his hair cut and I had to go to the drug store to pick up some things. After the mall, Jared dropped me off at home and took the car to soccer. I stayed home and scrapped all afternoon, got tons done. Finished Alex's green and brown cj entry, love how it turned out and had tons of fun doing it!! As you can see I FINALLY figured out how to put a pic in my profile and also changed the one for two peas.I am quite proud of myself, don't need blogger for dummies!YAY!! Now here's Alex's cj, I also did another page, a photo swap with Kayla Aimee, one of the pics she sent me...I want to post, but blogger is being difficult will do that later. Anyways here is the cj...will also be on two peas!!

My green entry, always think of nature when I think green so, I totally played with all the green I had.

My brown entry which I totally love how it turned fun!!

Sunday was good. I met up with my good friend Connie to catch up, chat and do a little shopping...just a little!! We went to Starbucks and chatted. She brought her wedding album so, I could look at the pictures. They turned out so well. I also have an album that one of Jared's good friends put together of pics of the engagement party, all black and white. They look really good. So, I showed Connie. Also had tons of wedding talk, about mine and what she's having to do now and giving me tons of advice, ehich is always welcomed. Talked about the wedding dress, described it and drew a picture of it. And told her the whole story. Showed her the kilt colors, which is the colors that we are using for the wedding, the kilt has red, green and blue. After all the wedding talk at Starbucks we went to the scrapbook store, they were having a sale od patterned paper....WOOHOO!! Didn't spend too much money $25, not bad. Got home had dinner and then went over to Jared's house for a bit to watch Desperate Housewives, which too bad was an old one. Then came home and read more of the DaVinci Code which I am almost done, I think I prefer Angels and Demons better. Took me so long to get into the DaVinci code.

This is a picture of Connie and I at her wedding, she's going to scrap it and post it on two peas...I'll let everyone know when and we all can leave her some pea love!! Hope everyone had a good weekend!!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Don't mind me...

Just trying to figure out how to put my pic in my profile and for two peas so, don't mind the pic...

Friday, January 27, 2006

For Jared

I have been really moody this past week and Jared has been extremely patient with me. He always seems to know how to make me smile and laugh, and how to get me in a better mood. I love him for that. I wanted to make this scrapbook page to remind me how lucky I am to have and how much we love each other.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Wedding Dress Shopping

Here they are my pics of dress shopping!! This was last Saturday. Tons of fun!! Now I couldn't actually take any pics with me and the dresses on, which I was a little disappointed, but I could with me going through the racks of all the dresses. It was so much fun!! And I was so happy that both my sisters were there, my mom and two of my good friends!!

Choosing one off the rack, is it the one?

Looking at dresses with Vanessa.

My sister Olga, my mom and my good friend Shannon, watching me!!

Going through the racks of GORGEOUS dresses, so much to choose from. Here I am with my friend Sam she's also a bridesmaid and my mom.

My entourage!! Here they all are sitting down, waiting for me to model the dresses. From the left my mom, Shannon, one of the bridesmaids, my sister Olga and my sister Vanessa. Both my sisters are maids of honor.

I did find my dress. You know how it's said that when you find your dress you know. And it's so true!! The minute I put my dress on I knew, it fit perfectly, I felt like a princess, it just totally hit me. I felt my eyes tear up a little. It was perfect. It was the first dress I tried on!! Now I wish I could post a pic of what the dress looks like, but Jared has discovered my blog and I don't want him peeking. So I'm sorry the dress showing will have to wait. Just know that I found it and it's perfect!! Another interesting twist, actually it's more like fate...the lady who helped me her name is Rina. Which was my godmother's name, she passed away last year. I thought it was just amazing, totally meant to be!! I'm so excited to wear this dress soon...

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Out of it!!

I feel bad, I've been so busy I haven't been able to catch up with everyone's blogs like I would like to. This week has been SO busy with planning things for the wedding. It's been all about caterers and florists. Still trying to decide, everything is so DAMN expensive!! Have to save tons more $$$ and try not to spend. I thnk I've been pretty good so far. Keeping with my goals for 2006, so far!! I have been wanting to share some pics of wedding dress shopping last weekend, but haven't had a chance yet to put them on my computer. This weekend I promise. After the meeting of course with yet another florist and another caterer...have an awesome thursday everyone!!

Sunday, January 15, 2006


So I've been tagged by Maria

Four jobs I've had:

1. Meat packer at our local grocery store~ part of the reason why I don't eat too
much meat.
2. Busser at The Keg Restaurant~ where I met my soon to be hubby.
3. HSBC BANK~ worked there for two years as a bank teller, hated it!!
4. Montessori Teacher~ what I do now, and absolutely LOVE!!

Four movies I could watch over and over:

1. How To Lose A Guy in Ten Days~ just love Matthew McConaughey, he's so yummy!!
2. Grease~ love the songs, and I know all the words!!
3. The Wedding Planner~ love wedding movies, and Matthew is in this one!!
4. Thirteen Going on Thirty~ Love Jennifer Garner, love this movie, so happy!!

Four places I have lived: ( I only have two.)

1. Richmond B.C., Canada~ have lived here all my life.
2. Waterloo, Belgium~ lived here for 3months, one of the hardest times in my life,
but I learned so much.

Four t.v. shows I love to watch:

1. Desperate Housewives
2. Gilmore Girls
3. The O.C.
4. CSI:Miami~ Thanks to Jared, I'm hooked.

Four places you have been on vacation:

1. San Diego, California~ most of my family from my mom's side lives here, love
going to visit.
2. Tijuana B.C., Mexico~ my mom's side of the family lives here too.
3. The Netherlands~ my dad's side of the family is here, wish I could speak Dutch.
4. Wakayama, Japan~ I went on an exchange when I was 15years old, Japan is very cool.

Four websites you visit daily:

1. My e-mail
2. All the blogs I read.
3. Two peas
4. Wedding Bells

Four of your favorite foods:

1. Mexican food~ especially my mom's, she makes the best!!
2. Pasta~ my fave is tortellini love it!!
3. Any kind of dessert~ I have a huge sweet tooth.
4. Noodle soup~ only my moms though, she makes the best, of course!!

Four places you would rather be right now:

1. At my wedding~ 7 months away today, YAY!!
2. Hawaii~ on my honeymoon, very soon too!!!
3. Paris, France~ sitting in front of the Eiffel Tower in a little cafe, drinking coffee.
4. Scrapping~ haven't been feeling it lately!!

Four blogs I am tagging:

It seems that evryone has done it, so anybody else who hasn't, go for it!!

Tomorrow I will post about wedding dress shopping, how much fun, what I found and some pics!!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Happy Birthdays!!!

Happy Birthday tags!! YAY!! I love making them!! Hope these two cool chickies have an awesome day!! AND it's finally Friday, thank goodness!!

To one of my fave blogger friends!! Love how she always leaves so many nice comments and tons of pea praise!! Hope you have a super day!! Tons of cake and of course martinis!! Can't wait to see the pics of your b-day weekend!! Take tons of pics girlie!!

Happy Birthday to Raina Marie!! I read her blog, and she seems like a very cool gal, plus the fact that she's also Canadian!! YEAH!!

So, I have tons of good news!! First Jared FINALLY called the caterer, I've been bugging him for how long now? Anyways, he's meeting her on Tuesday, yay there will be food at wedding, don't have to serve chips and nachos!! HA! That would be horrible!! And my sister, Vanessa is back!! She surprised us, she had a practice flight yesterday on the plane and they flew over to Vancouver!! She'll be here until Tuesday!! I'm so happy!! Now she will hopefully get to come with me, my mom and friends tomorrow to look at wedding dresses!! Gonna be so awesome!! I'm so excited to go and look, will take pics and post for sure. And today is friday!! YAY!! I got Alex's green and brown circle journal in the mail today!! I get to play!! So excited!! Just noticing did I use too many these !!!! just happy I guess!! Hope everyone has a good weekend!! Especially the birthday girls!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

It's hit me...

How many things I need to do for the wedding. This past weekend I realized and I flipped out a little bit, just a bit. I tried to pick a fight with Jared, because of it. Now Jared and I never fight, like never. Which is a good thing, but me being stupid and a little freaked out decided to try and get Jared all fired up. I am lucky though, Jared knows me very well, he called me on it. And told me to stop and asked me what was really wrong. Thank God!! I have him. Jared told me basically not to worry because we're in this together and he wants to help tons. So...things are cool now.

This past weekend was okay, nothing exciting. Lots of wedding talk. Went out to lunch with my good friend Sam on Sunday while Jared watched football. At night there was Desperate Housewives, love that show!! Didn't do any scrappin' as I was hoping, just wasn't feeling it. Which totally sucks because there are a whole bunch of pages I want to do for our Engagement album, but I got nothing!! Jared's talking to the caterer today, which is good. Hope everyone has a good Tuesday!!

Friday, January 06, 2006

So happy it's Friday!!

I know it was only a four day week, and I just had a two week holiday, but I already need the weekend. This weekend Jared and I are going to figure out some more wedding stuff!! I'm trying to figure out flowers, I already know that I want my bouquet to be all red roses, they are my fave flower, or one of them at least. For the bridesmaids, I was thinking a yellow roses and red gerbrera daisies and maybe something else, still not quite sure. It has to go with their dresses and also match with the kilt that Jared and his best man; his brother are wearing. The kilts colors are red, dark green and a light blue. Which is what color the bridesmaids dresses are. And centerpieces, I want something simple, I was thinking a small vase of gebrera daisies, with candles around it. But I still need to figure out if we are having round or rectangle tables. But if you have any ideas for centerpieces, let me know, our theme is Scottish; the kilts, the bagpipes...the tables will either be named after cities in Scotland or castles, still not sure.

The caterer, that's Jared's job to phone and deal with. I've been bugging him for awhile, but with the engagement party, things got busy. Big thing, we need to feed people right. And wedding dress shoppping hopefully going next weekend or the one after. EXCITED!!

There is a wedding fair this weekend in downtown Vancouver, don't go if we're going to go or not. Everything is usually so expensive basically going to go and dream about what we cannot afford. Could get some ideas, but it would be nice to enter all the prizes and maybe win something!! That would be cool.

We also have to take down the tree, but I'm basically paging through wedding magazines. which is totally fine with me. Also hope to do some scrappin. have an awesome weekend, and if everyone has any ideas please let me know!!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Being Mrs Jared McGowan is Going to ROCK!!

Just some things that I've noticed when Jared and I are together. We don't spend too much time together because our schedules are so different so, every moment we have together I love it!! Of course I hope that when we're married things won't change...I'm sure they won't.

- I picked him up from work last night and he brought me a banana cream pie. YUMMY!!
- When we sit on the couch together watching t.v. he wraps his arms around me and holds me tight.
-How when we're also watching t.v. he gives me kisses on my head.
-He will randomly give me neck massages, which feels good.
-He holds my hand all the time.
-He's already started calling me his "wife"
-He'll call me for no reason and say hi!!
-Leaves me sweet messages on my voice mail.
-Is always telling me how much he loves me.
-Will fill up my car with gas.
-Already calls his place, our place.
-Will surprise me with little gifts!! Especially desserts!!

Just a couple of things, that I was thinking about. I am lucky!! I cannot wait to be officially Mrs. Jared McGowan!! I cannot wait to marry him.

I love this picture of the two of us together. So happy!!
Talking about weddings, I have to start moving... hope everyone had an awesome day!!

Monday, January 02, 2006

My Last Day of Holidays...

Well it's my last day of holidays, and in some ways I'm a little sad and a little bit excited to go back. No more lazy days of hanging out in pj's while on the computer, drinling coffee, watching Days, well not until Spring Break and of course weekends. But it's still different. I've been doing tons of scrapping and being a little creative, which is always fun!! All of it is posted on two peas.

Because this year is going to be life changing, getting married and all. I felt inspired to do a page of Goals for this year, I am really going to try keep at it. Also think I'm going to turn it into a mini book which I will come back once the year is up.

I also wanted to say Congrats to Miss Kayla Aimee
whose blog I love to read, she is ENGAGED!! I know we're only getting to know each other but I am so HAPPY for you!! Wedding planning is going to be exciting!!

Hope everyone has a good week, getting back to normal!!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to everyone!! I wish everyone all the best for 2006, hopefully it'll be awesome year for everyone. I know for me now things will start to get busy, for the wedding anyways. Have to get back to planning, but I'm not worried Jared and I already have done quite a bit. Well as promised here some pics of my AQUA circle journal. I am so proud of it and I love how it turned out. Sorry it took me awhile to post pictures, blogger was not behaving and I was running out of the patience, anyways here it is...enjoy!!

The cover with the big martini, I love how it turned out especially with all the sparkles!!

The fist page in the album, with some quotes about martinis and the color aquamarine. And of course my martini stamps, I think one of my fave stamps!!

My intro page.

The first sign-in page with the pockets where you fill out the info, and then the tags where you put your picture and write down your fave drink!!

The first page with me and my martini.

My second page layout, the martini...yummy!!

Just wanted to say thankyou to all of you who read my blog and leave such nice and wonderful comments, it truly makes my day and I'm looking forward to getting to know everybody better in 2006 amongst all the wedding plans. I hope everyone has a relaxing New Year's Day!!