Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Being Mrs Jared McGowan is Going to ROCK!!

Just some things that I've noticed when Jared and I are together. We don't spend too much time together because our schedules are so different so, every moment we have together I love it!! Of course I hope that when we're married things won't change...I'm sure they won't.

- I picked him up from work last night and he brought me a banana cream pie. YUMMY!!
- When we sit on the couch together watching t.v. he wraps his arms around me and holds me tight.
-How when we're also watching t.v. he gives me kisses on my head.
-He will randomly give me neck massages, which feels good.
-He holds my hand all the time.
-He's already started calling me his "wife"
-He'll call me for no reason and say hi!!
-Leaves me sweet messages on my voice mail.
-Is always telling me how much he loves me.
-Will fill up my car with gas.
-Already calls his place, our place.
-Will surprise me with little gifts!! Especially desserts!!

Just a couple of things, that I was thinking about. I am lucky!! I cannot wait to be officially Mrs. Jared McGowan!! I cannot wait to marry him.

I love this picture of the two of us together. So happy!!
Talking about weddings, I have to start moving... hope everyone had an awesome day!!


maria said...

Well, he certainly sounds like a keeper my friend...:)
I have been married for nine years, and my hubby still cooks every night (except when we go out of course) and he is still as cute as ever. He is still pretty much as he was when I met him (with a few little exceptions, ha ha). But really, I can say from experience that for the most part, things only get better with time.

Jamie said...

Awww, you are seriously so cute. I'm so happy that you're happy with your sweet boy. I need one of them.... ;)

kristi sauer said...

Jared sounds like a total sweetheart! It is obvious how much you love each other :)

April said...

man that is like the nicest list ever! we should all have nice guys like that...we all deserve it! glad you snagged him!

happy new year! glad you got my layout...no rush on mine. i know youre busy. :)


sarah said...

what a sweet list!
he sure sounds like a keeper alright!
and how exciting that you're getting married THIS year!

Muriel said...

he sounds really sweet...being married will bwe great too....

when you getting married?

kaylaaimee said...

cute pic! The tv thing, that is so def my fave. I like to be as close to Jeff as possible even when there is a big huge couch :)I emailed you back to say I didn't get the email lol :)