Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Half Plugged...

Ah, Wednesday it's always good. Half way to the weekend!! I'm so glad you all like my story of the little girl and dreaming about Michael Buble..just too cute!! No stories to tell you all about today.

Get to go to the doctor today. My ear is all plugged and I do not hear a thing. Well I do but it's all muffled. I get this at least once a year. So get to go to the doctor and get my ears flushed. Fun!! As long as I can hear again!!

Tomorrow I am picking up tickets for my ten year high school reunion. Can you believe it?! It's been 10years, sometimes it feels like yesterday!! Our reunion is on June 16th. So excited to see some of my old friends and catch up. Although with Facebook I've been doing a-lot of that lately.

I did finish the page that has been sitting on my desk for almost a week an my mom!!

And I got my Story of My Own May kit in the mail yesterday so, I just had to play. So many yummy goodies in there!! A page about me and my best friend from high school!!

Will be definetly do some scrapping this weekend with that kit!!

Also wanted to say thankyou to all my blogging babes CJ group. I got my "Ultimate Dream Vacation CJ" back yesterday and I LOVE it!! Thankyou for all your entries and I am so happy to have "met" you!! It's all so gorgeous!! Have a super Wednesday!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Do you dream about Michael Buble, Mrs McGowan?!

Weekend was good.Busy. But it was good. I babysat Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Three kids, two girls and a baby boy. Super fun!! And really good kids too!! The two girls ages five and two were only there on Friday and part of Sunday night. And the baby boy, super cute 10months me baby fever....The parents are from England and though the children don't have an English accent they do speak some words that they would in England like; it's telly, not t.v., it's nappy not diaper, it's knickers not underwear, it's trousers not pants, it's cardigan not sweater....was definetly cute to hear!! But they definelty tired me out!!

Another cute story I thought I would share..will make you laugh!! This happened at school, this little girl LOVES Michael Buble. And we talk about him and she even sings some of his songs in school and for the other children, so cute!! Her mom was late one day last week after school and so we were talking...

Girl: Mrs McGowan
Me: Yes
Girl: Do you dream about from Michael Buble?!
Me: Yes, I do. Who do you dream about?!
Girl: I dream about Tony Bennett and Stevie Wonder

I just could not believe her answer. Made me laugh. Then the conversation continued with her telling me that Stevie Wonder is blind and plays the harmonica. She is too cute!! And so smart, only 3 1/2 years old.

Didn't do any scrapbooking this past weekend. No time or chance to. Maybe tonight, I have this page that has been sitting on my desk almost finished for awhile now!! Happy Monday!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Weekend and some Scrap pages!!

It's Wednesday!! It's a short week!! YAY!! Just wanted to give a quick update of my fab long weekend with my parents!! Tons of fun!! Almost like back in the old days, which is only about a year ago, when I was living at home!! Tons of fun, chatting, laughing, watching movies, eating, eating!! Love my parents!!I took quite a few pictures too..

My mom and I in Steveston, posing with a tree!!

Steveston is one of my all time favorite places. It's where I grew up, spent a-lot of time there hanging out with my family and friends!! Lots of cool things to see and buy!! One day I should do a blog post all about Steveston, I will now with pictures too!!
And now some fmaily dad, sister Olga and our bird Joey!!

Had tons of fun at home, we played that game, and I watched Happy Feet with my parents, such a cute and funny movie!! Loved it!! And it had a message too!! Awesome!!

Sunday, we went to Que Pasa, which is a Mexican deli and restaurant and had some lunch so yummy!! Quesadillas, enchiladas, rice and beans with some Mexican hot chocolate!! SO yummy!!

Am I making your mouth water?! Also got some family pics...

It was a really good weekend!! Lots of relaxing and chatting!! Good times!!

Here some of my latest pages..still wedding pages...that's okay!! I don't mind!!

I hope everyone has a good rest of the week and weekend!! I'm babysitting, which might lead to a job for the summer..fingers crossed!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

It's A Long Weekend Baby!!

Friday at last!! SO happy!! My week was good!! We had last night a Child Bring Parent went well!! The kids are basically the teacher and show the parents around the class. Very cute to see!! Some of the children are super excited and others are all shy and just want to go home. I think they just don't understand how come their back at school after just leaving. Later was Grey's Anatomy Season Finale, very good. It'll be cool to see how the fourth season goes. And Gilmore Girls so good and so sad that it's done...I cried I knew I was going to.

Now I have three circle journal entries to share, finally caught up..I'm so bad!! They will be sent on to everybody over the weekend.

First my entry in Connie's CJ....

Such a good idea for a cj, a swap and a cj all in one. Cool!! I think I went a little crazy with the Primas!! And now for Elizabeth's who just had a cute girl!! Loved her idea too fave three!!

And my last one is for Muriels's cj, the colors green and pink!! Fun!!

So, Jared is gone for the long weekend...the house tonight is quiet!! I miss him already!! But I will still have a good weekend!! Going to be spending some time with my fabulous....

Parents!! Super excited!! Going to sleepover!! And get to see my sister!! I'm going over tomorrow, and staying until Monday!! Lots of chatting, hanging out and watching movies!! it will be good!! Here's hoping that the sun stays all the weekend!! Okay I'm going to go and give myself a pedicure and manicure and watch Clueless!! YAY!! Have a super weekend!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I'm still here. Life has been busy!! And have been spending lots of time away from the computer, outside, with my hubby, family and friends. Just haven't felt like posting and not really too much to say!! Just enjoying life and the gorgeous weather we have been having!!

Happy belated Mother's day to all the mama's!! I hope you all had a fabulous day!! I celebrated with my mom and dad on Saturday. Made them lunch and they came over for a bit, helped me with my garden!! Tons of fun!! And then Sunday we had dinner with Jared's mom and family!! It was good!!

Haven't really done any scrapping lately. Did make some cards for Mother's Day and a cute album for my mom as a gift for mother's day!! she loved it!! I totally forgot to take some pics!! Will probably do some scrapping this weekend!! It's a long weekend and Jared will be going to Penticton (about a 5hour car drive) the whole time. Totally sucks!! So some scrapping will be done. I have some new pics to scrap, still wedding and honeymoon although I think those will be an on going scrapping and a couple of CJ's to do!!

Work is driving me crazy!! Not only tutoring!! So happy that summer break will be here soon!!

I still cannot believe that it is the last show of the Gilmore Girls tonight. SO sad!! Love that show!! Just might cry!! Will be watching that tonight for sure!!

I hope everyone is doing well!! I will try to post more..happy tuesday!!