Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Weekend and some Scrap pages!!

It's Wednesday!! It's a short week!! YAY!! Just wanted to give a quick update of my fab long weekend with my parents!! Tons of fun!! Almost like back in the old days, which is only about a year ago, when I was living at home!! Tons of fun, chatting, laughing, watching movies, eating, eating!! Love my parents!!I took quite a few pictures too..

My mom and I in Steveston, posing with a tree!!

Steveston is one of my all time favorite places. It's where I grew up, spent a-lot of time there hanging out with my family and friends!! Lots of cool things to see and buy!! One day I should do a blog post all about Steveston, I will now with pictures too!!
And now some fmaily dad, sister Olga and our bird Joey!!

Had tons of fun at home, we played that game, and I watched Happy Feet with my parents, such a cute and funny movie!! Loved it!! And it had a message too!! Awesome!!

Sunday, we went to Que Pasa, which is a Mexican deli and restaurant and had some lunch so yummy!! Quesadillas, enchiladas, rice and beans with some Mexican hot chocolate!! SO yummy!!

Am I making your mouth water?! Also got some family pics...

It was a really good weekend!! Lots of relaxing and chatting!! Good times!!

Here some of my latest pages..still wedding pages...that's okay!! I don't mind!!

I hope everyone has a good rest of the week and weekend!! I'm babysitting, which might lead to a job for the summer..fingers crossed!!


BR@NDY said...

First off your pages are phenomenol (sp?) second..your food is making my stomach growl, third, your family is just gorgeous. Glad you had a great weekend. Take care!

Just Me Again said...

Thanks so much for sharing your family pictures! How very cool to "meet" your parents! :)
And I totally love your wedding pages!

Kat said...

mmmm that mexican food looks bomb! love your pages- you rock for getting wedding pages done!!!!!
great family pics, too :)

Jill said...

Steveston sounds like so much fun and that food looks yummy!! awesome family pictures too :) love the layouts, Val. love those papers!!!

Mandy said...

OK...that mexican food has me drooling! :) Cute wedding pages!

Levi said...

yummy!!! I still haven't started wedding pages ahhhhhh

melissa said...

those mexican food pics are making me hungry-looks really yummy ;)

really cute pics of your and your family as well.

lovin the pages-especially the lip gloss one!

~currant7 said...

lovely layouts!
hope you had a great weekend. :D

Carla said...

as usual, your pages are awesome!love seeing you with your famil and Mexican food...yummy!