Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Half Plugged...

Ah, Wednesday it's always good. Half way to the weekend!! I'm so glad you all like my story of the little girl and dreaming about Michael Buble..just too cute!! No stories to tell you all about today.

Get to go to the doctor today. My ear is all plugged and I do not hear a thing. Well I do but it's all muffled. I get this at least once a year. So get to go to the doctor and get my ears flushed. Fun!! As long as I can hear again!!

Tomorrow I am picking up tickets for my ten year high school reunion. Can you believe it?! It's been 10years, sometimes it feels like yesterday!! Our reunion is on June 16th. So excited to see some of my old friends and catch up. Although with Facebook I've been doing a-lot of that lately.

I did finish the page that has been sitting on my desk for almost a week an my mom!!

And I got my Story of My Own May kit in the mail yesterday so, I just had to play. So many yummy goodies in there!! A page about me and my best friend from high school!!

Will be definetly do some scrapping this weekend with that kit!!

Also wanted to say thankyou to all my blogging babes CJ group. I got my "Ultimate Dream Vacation CJ" back yesterday and I LOVE it!! Thankyou for all your entries and I am so happy to have "met" you!! It's all so gorgeous!! Have a super Wednesday!!


Felicia said...

Great LO's Val!

Barb said...

Love the LOs!
Especially the background papers.
So cool and vintage-y.

~currant7 said...

val - layouts all rock!
love the "she" entry. :D

you're in facebook? so am i! i'll go looking for you there. :D

i know what you mean about 10 year reunions...or reunions in general. my batch wasn't able to organize our 10th year...maybe our 15th instead? :)

Jill said...

awesome layouts =)

Mandy said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Love the LO's...especially the back of your wedding dress!