Monday, August 27, 2007

Taking It All In...

So, it's basically my last week of summer holidays..kind of. I do have to go into the class tomorrow and Wednesday but, that's probably it. Just to move things around and organize things. Ugh. I don't want to go back. I know I've already complained but it's the truth so, bear with me. I am excited to see the children again and meet the new ones starting and maybe kind of excited to see my co-workers but there's other things that are not too great. Let's just hope there is no drama this year, 'cause I don't know if I will be able to deal with it. Let's just say it might be time for a change soon. Oh, and getting a paycheck is always good!!

The weekend was good. Friday got together with Connie and we scrapped the day away. It was fun. A good last summer scrap session before going back to school. We watched some movies while we scrapped away..The Devil Wears Prada...LOVE that movie and LOVE Anne Hathaway and watched The Three was my fave movie when I was small, my sisters and I used to rent it all the time, like every weekend. It's so funny. Love it!! Got to play with some of my new Stampin'Up scrap post more of those pages later when I am done.

Saturday was my Mom's birthday. She finally turned 26years old...after being 25 for the past what 10years or something ;) It was good, my sisters and I cooked dinner for her. It was yummy!! My Dad got her a digital camera so, she was pretty excited!!

Love this pic of my parents!!

Sunday I basically scrapped most of the day away!! Trying to get lots in!!Here they are..these are with the July kit at SOMO

And some more...

And this page. I love it. I made my parents for Mother's and Father's day some mini albums filled with quotes and pics and I came across this quote and loved it, 'cause it's so true. Had to do a page with it!! The quote says "The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother." ~Theodore Hesburg

One thing I missed was that Jared worked most of the weekend!! So, we didn't really spend too much time together..hopefully tonite!!

Got some pics of my sister and her new ring!! Very pretty!!

And the rock...

And this pic makes me happy... the sunflower decided to bloom finally!!

Hope everyone has a good week!! A bientot!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What's Going On...

Sorry I have been such a bad blogger. Life has been busy and I have been trying to enjoy the last bit of summer vacation I have left. I go back to school next week. Need to arrange furniture, files and organize tons of things. Fun!! Kind of have mixed feelings about going back...might be time to find something else but, one thing I am looking forward to is a paycheck again. That is awesome!!

So, my Stampin'Up open house went really well. Jared cooked some amazing food and I have lots of samples to look at, some make and takes, a draw and I sold a-lot. Which is awesome!! Got lots of free goodies and made some $$$!! YAY!! Definetly gave me a boost of confidence, that I can do this and that I am good at it. Very good!! Already have some ideas for classes that I am going to offer and I have two booked workshops so far!! YAY!!

Will be making an appointment with the dentist. My teeth are sore. So I am worried they probably just need a good cleaning. But because of my Dad and what he went through with the war and his teeth I am always so conscious of my teeth. That and they are very important. But the dentist is always so expensive but, I guess it is worth it!!

Good news!! My sister is engaged!! YAY!! I am so happy for her and her's about time!! Looking forward to another wedding!! Sorry this is an old picture from Christmas will get one soon..still need to see the rock!!

Not much happening..have been doing some scrapping now that the Open House is done, which is good...have missed it a bit!! Did some pages with the July kit from
Story of my Own the papers are very pretty!!

And some other ones...

Since Jared is at work tonight my plan is to do some more scrapping!! I hope everyone is doing well..another update sooner rather later again..I promise!! Ciao!!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

A break and a bit of a freak out

Thought I would take a break from all the stamping and preparing for my open house on Sunday, which as it is closer now I am feeling even more nervous and a bit freaked out. Just want to do well... I have been busy making a ton of samples to show and I still have to finish the make 'n takes and the cards for the draw. That shouldn't take me too long.

In between as a kind of break I have been scrapping, have my scrapping mojo totally there and I just need to create. It's hard 'cause I don't really have that much Stampin'Up scrap stuff so, I can't show my creations on Sunday. Which is okay, it also gives me a reason to buy some stuff to scrap with for SU, which is good. It will be a challenge so, we'll see!!

But here is my latest and greatest.....

And these two pages are made from the June kit at
Story of my Own Loved all the Love, Elsie in that kit and I love the colors!!

Thankyou to everyone for the nice comments and concerns with the scare at Jared's work. Everything has calmed down, thankfully!! And we're doing good!! Better go and do more stamping and preparing, promise to post tons of pics, Jared's making food for the open house..YUMMY!! Have a good weekend!!

Friday, August 03, 2007

A bit of everything...

I had every intention of posting earlier but, it has been a busy and interesting week. Good and bad. But that's okay

We had a bit of a scare on Tuesday night. At the restaurant that Jared works in a man with a gun came in. Scary. Jared said that he was all masked and completely covered, you could not see his face. Luckily no one got hurt, just a big scare. They had to shut down the restaurant and Jared ended up dealing with a-lot of things. Luckily the police came right away and they caught the guy. Apparently it was gang related. Scary.

Had car problems on Wednesday night. I was on my way to my first team meeting with
Stampin'Up and the car started to smoke as I was driving and stuck in rush hour traffic. I had to pull over basically right after I got off the bridge. The coolant was completely empty so, I had to wait for the car to cool down before I could put more in. A nice guy cam over and helped me and talked to me. He was harmless, older...talked about his Porsche, lucky him and here I am with my little VW Golf!! That's okay!! I went straight to my parent's house, my Daddy knows everything about cars. SO, the car went to the mechanic yesterday nad he's back and it didn't cost too much $$$. But I didn't make it to the meeting. Next time.

Talking about Stampin 'Up, I have my Open House next Sunday. SO excited and nervous too. Lots of stuff to organize and put together. I want to do well. Have been making tons of samples and Jared was telling me last night what he's going to prepare to eat!! He's my caterer ;) It's going to be yummy!! SO, if your in the Vancouver BC area let me know so, you can come by!! Will post pics of the Open House for sure!!

With all the stuff I've been doing for Stampin'Up I haven't had a chance to scrap going to try tonight. Going to the scrap store later, they are having adhesive at 40% so, I am going to stock up!! Jared will be scrapping with me this weekend too, we got the supplies for our page!! So excited about that!!

I am still reading Harry Potter 7 too. Taking my time and completely enjoying it. Luckily I haven't come across any spoilers on the web.

For those that know, know that I am totally not an exercise kind of girl. But for my birthday I asked for a yoga mat, specifically in pink, and I got it!! So, I have been doing yoga pretty much everyday and I love it!! I only do it from home right now with a book and DVD but it feels amazing so far. Once school starts and we have some steady $$ coming in again, I think I might start going to classes.

So I did get together with Alice last Saturday we had so much fun!! Check out her blog she posted some pics!! Her puppy Gizmo is SO cute, makes me want a puppy even more..I have to keep working on Jared either that or just come home with one. But, we watched Love it, had sushi,stamped, and played Wii!! SO fun!! I would like one now, I told Jared..he said maybe for Christmas so, we'll see!!

So, off the top of my head that is all I could remember that I was going to post about!! I hope everyone has a fab weekend!! Enjoy the sun!! Later!!