Friday, August 03, 2007

A bit of everything...

I had every intention of posting earlier but, it has been a busy and interesting week. Good and bad. But that's okay

We had a bit of a scare on Tuesday night. At the restaurant that Jared works in a man with a gun came in. Scary. Jared said that he was all masked and completely covered, you could not see his face. Luckily no one got hurt, just a big scare. They had to shut down the restaurant and Jared ended up dealing with a-lot of things. Luckily the police came right away and they caught the guy. Apparently it was gang related. Scary.

Had car problems on Wednesday night. I was on my way to my first team meeting with
Stampin'Up and the car started to smoke as I was driving and stuck in rush hour traffic. I had to pull over basically right after I got off the bridge. The coolant was completely empty so, I had to wait for the car to cool down before I could put more in. A nice guy cam over and helped me and talked to me. He was harmless, older...talked about his Porsche, lucky him and here I am with my little VW Golf!! That's okay!! I went straight to my parent's house, my Daddy knows everything about cars. SO, the car went to the mechanic yesterday nad he's back and it didn't cost too much $$$. But I didn't make it to the meeting. Next time.

Talking about Stampin 'Up, I have my Open House next Sunday. SO excited and nervous too. Lots of stuff to organize and put together. I want to do well. Have been making tons of samples and Jared was telling me last night what he's going to prepare to eat!! He's my caterer ;) It's going to be yummy!! SO, if your in the Vancouver BC area let me know so, you can come by!! Will post pics of the Open House for sure!!

With all the stuff I've been doing for Stampin'Up I haven't had a chance to scrap going to try tonight. Going to the scrap store later, they are having adhesive at 40% so, I am going to stock up!! Jared will be scrapping with me this weekend too, we got the supplies for our page!! So excited about that!!

I am still reading Harry Potter 7 too. Taking my time and completely enjoying it. Luckily I haven't come across any spoilers on the web.

For those that know, know that I am totally not an exercise kind of girl. But for my birthday I asked for a yoga mat, specifically in pink, and I got it!! So, I have been doing yoga pretty much everyday and I love it!! I only do it from home right now with a book and DVD but it feels amazing so far. Once school starts and we have some steady $$ coming in again, I think I might start going to classes.

So I did get together with Alice last Saturday we had so much fun!! Check out her blog she posted some pics!! Her puppy Gizmo is SO cute, makes me want a puppy even more..I have to keep working on Jared either that or just come home with one. But, we watched Love it, had sushi,stamped, and played Wii!! SO fun!! I would like one now, I told Jared..he said maybe for Christmas so, we'll see!!

So, off the top of my head that is all I could remember that I was going to post about!! I hope everyone has a fab weekend!! Enjoy the sun!! Later!!


em said...

Wow Val! So scary! I'm really glad your husband is okay! Good luck with your SU!! I love their product! :)

BR@NDY said...

Holy Buckets! I am happy they caught the scum bag (that is police talk)and your DH is okay! Yikes. Stamp it up girlie...that is awesome. If I am driving around in your area, I will stop by. Good luck and you will do great!

Jill said...

oh my gosh, that is so scary, thank God nobody was hurt by that guy!! sounds like a stressful week with the car and all too :( hope you guys had a good weekend =)

Elizabeth said...

wow.. that is so scary!! glad no one got hurt.. I'd be afraid to go back to work !!. yay, for sushi =)
I had it last Friday too. Its sOOOO good!
good luck with your open house. I love stampin up stuff, but don't know anyone.. link me to your site, when you get a chance!
oh, and VW's rock!!

melissa said...

oh my goodness how scary, Im so glad the police caught him and that your husband is ok.

ugg about the VW bug started flashing the check engine light a few days I've been doing my own mechanic visiting lately.

Barb said...

Wow! Completely scary! So glad everything turned out okay.

(I'm still savoring HP 7, too. But, I love to read the spoilers!)