Friday, February 23, 2007

Let's Play 20 Questions...

So, it's finally Friday!! YAY!! Just wanted to post some pics of my CJ. This is my new group, it's only 5 of us so it's small but either way it will be fun. I chose to do 20 questions, kind of like the game that you can play. Super excited to see what the girls come up with!!

I totally love how it turned out and can't wait to see it when I get it back!! Sorry about the awful scans...sometimes I have a hard time scanning pages especially when they're small so, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. You can also see my CJ on two peas.

Super excited about the weekend for many reasons, I get to pick up my Lululemon pants on Sunday and Jared is going with me so, we will get to hang out a bit!! But tomorrow I am going to my first ever Crop. I've never been to one, I'm going with Connie. Her cousin rented the hall in her townhouse complex so all her friends could scrap. When I scrap I usually do it at home or I go to Connie's house. So super excited, let's see how much I actually get done. And my February kits from Story of my Own and Lovebug arrived in the mail this week and they are patiently waiting for me!! And tonight after work I am going to my scrap store to pick me up some new Basic Grey and Cosmo Cricket paper..they got some in!! Super excited!!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend..hopefully we see the sun a bit, they say it's supposed to rain all weekend. Fun!! That's okay, I'll be scrappin!! Love it when your ccreative juices are flowing!! Ciao!! ;)

Monday, February 19, 2007

Got my Scrap on!!

Yes I did!! Most of the weekend anyways!! Saturday I had a scrap date with my good friend Connie. She came over for most of the afternoon and we scrapped, and ate and drank coffee and or course chatted tons, like we always do!! I only managed to finish one page when she came over but I continued until almost midnight, Jared picked up a shift at the restaurant so I was by myself. I was so into it that when it came to dinner I was not wanting to make myself anything too big so guess what I had?! It's awful but it was SO good..cheesecake and ice cream. Jared found this Haagen-Daas ice cream that we've been looking for awhile now and fianlly found it!! It's called Mayan's so yummy!! Totally tastes like Mexican chocolate!!

I realized certain things while I was scarpping....I think I am obsessed with chipboard, mostly alphabets. I was going through my stash and realized how many packages of Basic Grey alphabets I have. Not only the alphabets but the numbers and elements packages too. I am in love with buttons!! I used on almost page I made also the Doodlebug paper frils..I love them so easy and so girly!! Lovin' the color orange right now must be the dutch side of me. And when I scrap older pics, like of me and my sisters growing up I get all emotional..must be the memories..a couple of tears were shed while making those pages.

Sunday was good, I got to spend some time with my gorgeous hubby!! We went for a walk, which was good, it felt good to be with him and chat. I love him so much. And with work and other things going on, things have been difficult but being with him yesterday made me realize even more how much I love him. Okay don't mind me I am getting all sappy now. But realizing now that things are good and will only get better. I made dinner..Shake 'n Bake chicken, I love it and I could eat it everyday.
Anybody watched Desperate Housewives or Brothers and Sisters last night?! They were good, two of my fave shows right now.

That's it for now. Hope everyone had a good weekend!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Let's do a happy dance...

Because it's friday!! YAY!! So happy!! Although I did have a day off yesterday!! Which was awesome!! It was actually a province wide pro-d day, and since my school is private but, we are in the elementary school so we got to close and get the day off!! I hung out with my sister most of the day, we went to Lululemon..we have had our date booked for a month now to go. Jared gave me a gift card for I was finally able to get my lululemon pants. But I didn't, when I was up at the cashier ready top pay with my giftcard, it didn't want to work. Apparently the girl who did the gift card for Jared didn't activitate now I have to make a couple of calls to fix this and hopefully get my pants..I was so sad!! My sister got her stuff though!! We did tons of shopping and lots of chatting. Tons of fun!!

Valentine's Day was good...Jared got me some roses, my fave and my fave M&M's..the almonds..they're are so good and sometimes hard to find. The rest of our night we watched a bunch of movies on tv....America's Sweethearts and Sweet Home Alabama so it was good.

I have been wanting to scrap. But it's so hard during the week to scrap. And so I wait until the weekend when I can just scrap without interruption and just do it all day!! Tomorrow since Jared has soccer!! ANd it doesn't help that on Sunday I went scrap shopping with Jared's mom and she bought me all this new scrap stuff for my birthday. It's late I know but my birthday last year didn't really count with all the weddin stuff going on. I'm happy to play...especailly when I know all this stuff is waiting for me...

I hope evyone has a super weekend!! Take care!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy LOOOVE Day!!

Just wanted to wish all of my blogger friends a Happy Valentine's Day!! Hope it's fabulous!! Mine will be pretty quiet..have a cold, so all stuffed up and my head is pounding most of the time!! Jared and I will probably just hang out here at home and relax watching a little tv!! A longer post is still to come, I promise!! Here's a pic of a rose from my mom's garden, one of my fave flower pics that I have taken!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Still here...

I'm still around!! Life just got a little busy, and the weekend was going all the time!! Didn't have sny time to scrap or to myself!! Yes, my voice did come nack but, this morning I woke up with a stuffy nose, so I have a feeling a cold is coming..not good!! I promise to post again soon, so much good stuff to share!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Glad and With no Voice

So glad it is Thursday night and that tomorrow is Friday!! What a day!! What a week!! Definetly glad it is almost over!! Lots of things on my mind, and been feeling kind of lonely and sad 'cause I haven't really had any time alone with Jared because of his work schedule!! But thankfully things will be getting back to normal as his schedule will be back to what we're used to. I guess it's just that I miss's hard!! And other things going on too but that stuff you just deal with it!!

Tonight we had parent/teacher conferences at school. All the parents we had tonight were so easy going, so it was good. But I could feel that a cold was starting 'cause when I woke up this morning my throat was sore....I now have no voice..Jared loves it!! He calls me his Porn Star!! How sweet!!

Nothing really big happening this weekend!! Jared will be enjoying his Bears play on Sunday!! I'm excited for him!! Will be doing some scrapbooking for sure most likely on Saturday!! And in between everything hopefully spend some time with my hubby!! Hope everyone is doing well!! Have a super weekend!!