Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ten on Tuesday!!

Things are good. Life is busy this week!! Thought I would post ten today!!

1. I got some happy mail love yesterday!! My kit from Sistv, cannot wait to play this weekend!!
2. So excited for Friday..will share soon!!
3. I might have to find another job, which makes me sad. Haven't done my resume and job interview in so long.
4. Went to Costco with my Mom this morning, had fun with her but I picked up the book Eat, Love, Pray..so excited to read it!!
5. I have another Stampin'Up workshop on Sunday..excited about it!!
6. Hubby and I are staying in for Halloween tomorrow and watching movies. Looking forward to time with him!!
7. Just found out that the Gingerbread Latte from Starbucks come out on November 6th!! Love that drink!!
8. According to one of the boys in my class I am a "fabulous gluer" I told him it was my calling in life ;)
9. Finally emptied my camera. It was full of pictures, now I just need to put it on disk!!
10. Used my new purse today, finally!! I love it!!

Happy Halloween Everybody!! Take care!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Got Scrappy!!

The rest of my long weekend was really good. Very relaxing and low key. One bummer though I didn't get to see too much of Jared he was busy working and playing soccer. Good for him but, it sucks too. Hopefully during the rest of the week or this coming weekend!! Did do lots of scrapping though so, that' good!!

I actually tried the OLW and Scrapjacked challenges, totally love how they turned out too!!

Sorry about the dark scan..and the rest of the scrappies!!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Love it!!

It's been a good pro-d day so far!! Just got my hair done and I love it!! The length is shorter and I put in some brown highlights so, it may be hard to see in the pics!! I had a bit of a modeling session!!

Which picture do you like the best?! Or are they all too similar?! Want to change my profile pic on my profile..let me know!!

And now for the rest of the day..some organizing, cleaning, scrapping and listening to some music!! Just downloading some music too..any suggestions, what are you listening to reight now?!

Have a good weekend!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Nervous and Excited

I have been meaning to post earlier but, last week was so busy. I was trying to finish up all mu Stampin'Up stuff. I had my first workshop this past Sunday. In the beginning I was more excited than nervous but, as soon as I got to the place, I got really nervous and a bit shaky. Almost how I used to feel when we would have to do speeches in front of the class in high school. But it was good. Luckily it was mostly in front of people I knew, my sil, and Jared's brother girlfriend. Everybody was really easy going and it was fun!! And I did well in sales which is good and made a little moolah!! Always good!!

I also started a blog for my Stampin'Up stuff. I'm planning on posting about my workshops, classes I am offering, specials, and different projects. Basically anything I can think of. So, please check me out!! And leave me a comment!!
It's Stamps, Ink and Paper

So, I was bad. Jared and I are trying to figure out this whole $$$ thing and saving so, we've kind of started a budget and I went a little crazy last week and bought a couple of things. I feel bad. I have been thinking about taking the things back but, Jared says not to worry about it. But it's hard. And I was doing so well for a bit..gotta get back on track!!

Super excited that this week is a short week!! I get the day off on Friday!! We have a province wide teacher professional day!! YAY!! I have no meetings or conferences to go to so, I get the day off!! Super excited!! Might go and get my hair don, I am debating it now because of the $$$ thing, but sleeping in and scrapping is definetly on the list!! And I need to plant some bulbs finally for the Spring!! Maybe some cleaning..we'll see how I am feeling!!

That's it for now, more to come soon!! Have a super wek!! Ciao!!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Happy "Turkey" Day!!

So excited that it is a long weekend this weekend!! YAY!! Up here in Canada we're celebrating our Thanksgiving this weekend!! So Jared and I get two turkey dinners this weekend!!

The headaches are still here. Which totally sucks but it's connected to my tooth. Thankfully they're not migraines and I also thought that's what they were or a left over of my cold. So, yesterday I went to the dentist and she gave me some antibiotics and hopefully that works. The pain of the tooth and the headaches better go away soon.

Watched Grey's last night, it was good as always!!Love that show!! And tonight Jared and I are going for dinner with some friends. I hope I can eat okay, I had for dinner yesterday soup and smoothie. We're having Mexican, I already feel bad, every time i go for Mexican 'cause my mom's Mexican food is the best!!

I also did some more scrapping this week. Did more pages from my
SOMO kit. The September kit is so fun!! I found it easier to use than the August kit.

Check them out at SIS!!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Life and Being busy

Sorry for the lack of blogging. Life has been busy and stuff has been going on and I have been feeling a little negative and so, I have not wanted to post anything. Just decided to disappear for a bit. But things are looking good again and everything is going to get all sorted out so, that's always good.

Besides life and other things, everything has been good. Have been working on my Stampin'Up stuff and getting everything all organized. Almost have all my class stuff ready. It's been taking me awhile but that's okay. I also find that sometimes the creative juices get sucked out of you!! Especially when it's kind of like "work" and you have to do it. But it's getting there. My goal is to have it all ready and done by next week. I have my first party next weekend. So, I am super excited and nervous. Still trying to figure out how I am going to teach scrapping...it's easier to do than teach I think. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

I bought a whole bunch of bulbs to plant for next year!! So excited already to see thme bloom!! Especially since everything in my garden has pretty much died. Boo!! I am enjoying the fall weather..the rain and cold is not too bad..not yet anyways!! Still love summer!!

Last week was the season premiere of a whole bunch of new shows!! YAY!! That made me happy!! Monday's because Jared is home we watch Heroes, K*ville and CSI Miami..k8ville was good and Heroes love it, they always leave you hanging!! Wednesday, I love Gossip Girl so bad but so good..kind of like the OC and ANTM so fun!! Thursday Grey's Anatomy..love it and also watched Big shots..kind of like Sex and the City for guys, Friday Ghost Whisperer and Las Vegas, love those!! And Sunday I think is probably one of my fave days for tv..Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters..LOVE those two shows!!

This past weekend I finally caught the awful cold bug that has been going around, I probably caught it from Jared he was sick the weekend before. It was bearable except for the headaches...I don't feel like doing anything!! But for some reason I got a whole bunch of creative mojo going when the headaches weren't there. Got lots done and working on two minis which I will share soon but for now here we go...

These two pages are made with the Aug. kit of SOMO not quite sure I like them, I had a hard time with this kit.

I just got the September kit for SOMO on Friday so, I managed to do a page and working on a mini with this kit too..will share soon!! Quite happy with this one!! Did it yesterday while watching DH and Brothers & Sisters.

All my pages are over at SIS check 'em out, the link is on the side bar!!

That's it for now I will try to do another post again this week and update more often than not..happy monday everybody!!