Friday, October 05, 2007

Happy "Turkey" Day!!

So excited that it is a long weekend this weekend!! YAY!! Up here in Canada we're celebrating our Thanksgiving this weekend!! So Jared and I get two turkey dinners this weekend!!

The headaches are still here. Which totally sucks but it's connected to my tooth. Thankfully they're not migraines and I also thought that's what they were or a left over of my cold. So, yesterday I went to the dentist and she gave me some antibiotics and hopefully that works. The pain of the tooth and the headaches better go away soon.

Watched Grey's last night, it was good as always!!Love that show!! And tonight Jared and I are going for dinner with some friends. I hope I can eat okay, I had for dinner yesterday soup and smoothie. We're having Mexican, I already feel bad, every time i go for Mexican 'cause my mom's Mexican food is the best!!

I also did some more scrapping this week. Did more pages from my
SOMO kit. The September kit is so fun!! I found it easier to use than the August kit.

Check them out at SIS!!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!!


xobellaaimox said...

happy thanksgiving to YOU!! :)
i LOVED those layouts!! super cute.
man i can't wait for turkey day.

~currant7 said...

happy turkey day, val!
love the layouts. :D

Jill said...

ooooh, LOVE those pages, Val! you look so happy & pretty in that last one =) have a wonderful thanksgiving! hope your headaches go away too :)

Muriel said...

I hope your Thanksgiving is good. Is your Thanksgiving connected to a fun shopping day too...just wondering...

melissa said...

hope your thanksgiving was a good one!

your layouts are so cute and fun :)