Monday, October 01, 2007

Life and Being busy

Sorry for the lack of blogging. Life has been busy and stuff has been going on and I have been feeling a little negative and so, I have not wanted to post anything. Just decided to disappear for a bit. But things are looking good again and everything is going to get all sorted out so, that's always good.

Besides life and other things, everything has been good. Have been working on my Stampin'Up stuff and getting everything all organized. Almost have all my class stuff ready. It's been taking me awhile but that's okay. I also find that sometimes the creative juices get sucked out of you!! Especially when it's kind of like "work" and you have to do it. But it's getting there. My goal is to have it all ready and done by next week. I have my first party next weekend. So, I am super excited and nervous. Still trying to figure out how I am going to teach's easier to do than teach I think. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

I bought a whole bunch of bulbs to plant for next year!! So excited already to see thme bloom!! Especially since everything in my garden has pretty much died. Boo!! I am enjoying the fall weather..the rain and cold is not too bad..not yet anyways!! Still love summer!!

Last week was the season premiere of a whole bunch of new shows!! YAY!! That made me happy!! Monday's because Jared is home we watch Heroes, K*ville and CSI Miami..k8ville was good and Heroes love it, they always leave you hanging!! Wednesday, I love Gossip Girl so bad but so good..kind of like the OC and ANTM so fun!! Thursday Grey's it and also watched Big shots..kind of like Sex and the City for guys, Friday Ghost Whisperer and Las Vegas, love those!! And Sunday I think is probably one of my fave days for tv..Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters..LOVE those two shows!!

This past weekend I finally caught the awful cold bug that has been going around, I probably caught it from Jared he was sick the weekend before. It was bearable except for the headaches...I don't feel like doing anything!! But for some reason I got a whole bunch of creative mojo going when the headaches weren't there. Got lots done and working on two minis which I will share soon but for now here we go...

These two pages are made with the Aug. kit of SOMO not quite sure I like them, I had a hard time with this kit.

I just got the September kit for SOMO on Friday so, I managed to do a page and working on a mini with this kit too..will share soon!! Quite happy with this one!! Did it yesterday while watching DH and Brothers & Sisters.

All my pages are over at SIS check 'em out, the link is on the side bar!!

That's it for now I will try to do another post again this week and update more often than not..happy monday everybody!!


Mandy said...

Good luck with your scrapbooking classes...I'm sure you'll do great! Love all the layouts! Isn't it great when the mojo totally takes over? I got a bunch of layouts and cards done this weekend too...feels great! :)

BR@NDY said...

Always stay positive! You are going to make a fantastic scrappy teacher, so don't worry about it. All your layouts are awesome, but I am partial to the Summer 2007 one. Love all the mini photos! Too fun! Take care and DON'T STRESS OUT!

Just Me Again said...

Wonderful pages! So good to see you back! :)

Jill said...

i hope your teaching goes well :) i'm sure you'll be fine, you actually ARE a teacher! love all the layouts here, the last one of you is so gorgeous :)

Kristi Sauer said...

My year has been off to a rough start too, I am majorly stressed.
I love all your layouts, especially the summer 2007, that is an awesome idea!

Muriel said...

You'll do great with the classes.
What will you be doing in the classes?

Fun layouts!

xobellaaimox said...

ooh i just love your new LOs!!
and i would TOTALLY take a class from you!! :) :)