Friday, April 28, 2006

Wedding Make-Up Fun...and take 5...

The weekend is here. So happy!! Love the weekends!! Tonight after work I went to the scrap store and picked up some goodies for my Blogging Babes CJ!! And my scrap store had a bunch of new Heidi Swapp stuff..woohoo..I think alphabets are my weakness, one of them at I'm set to start. That'll be my weekend, doing my CJ and completing Chriselda's White CJ, I'm excited!!

Last night my sisters and I had our make-up consultation for our wedding day make-up.We had tons of fun, hanging out together and playing with make-up. Vanessa, my sister..the flight attendant was in town and she has a good friend who is a make-up artist and he has been booked since Jared and I got engaged to do our make-up for the wedding day. And since she was in town I wanted us to go and see him and see what we should do for the wedding. He did all of us, I was the only one who got the full fledged make-up for the day of, my sisters just their eyes and lips...We were there for 2 and a half hours. He did such an awesome job..check out the pics!! And it was so fun to hang out with my sisters..

Here I am..the bride...I love how my make-up is going to look on the big day!! It's all pretty natural, with a little bit of glitter, some pink and browns. Love it!! Even went with the eyeliner and mascara. In general I usually don't wear too much make-up, my eyes are really sensitive and I always tear up. It's more my contacts than anything, but for this day I'm going all out.

Vanessa and her make-up, I don't know if you can see in this picture but she has turquoise eye liner on the bottom of her looks so cool up close...she looks gorgeous!!

My baby sister Olga..well she's not really a baby anymore for being almost 20, but she'll always be the baby in the the purple on her pretty!!

Tomorrow Jared and I are going to go and see the ring designer for our wedding bands. Since the wedding is completely Scottish themed, we are having Celtic knotwork bands. My engagement ring has Celtic knotwork on it. My ring is GORGEOUS..Jared did well!! I might have to show it off again. Then after we'll probably go back to Jared's and start printing the invitations...and that's pretty much what we will be doing over the weekend, finishing off those invitations, and I will most likely post pics on Monday so, you all can see. I think I've been holding out on you all for too long..but I only wanted to show you all when they were completely done.

And I was also tagged by Barb so, here it is...

5 things in my fridge:
-Soy milk
-plain cream cheese
-carrot cake
-enchiladas ( that my mom made...they are absolutely the best..gotta learn to cook so, I can make them for Jared )

5 things in my closet:
-tons of purses
-tons of shoes
-my box of high school memorablia..yes I know I shooul scrap it or do something crafty with it, being a scrapper and all
-my scarcrow hat from Halloween

5 things in my purse:
-Excel gum
-my wallet
-Starbucks after coffee mints
-my Mary Kay make-up bag...I was reading that quite a few of you blogging babes have one too :)
-my sunglasses

5 things in my car:
-CD wallet
-Kermit the frog, a mini one
-a Starbucks coffee car does not have a cup holder so, need a new car..
-hair elastics

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Blogging Babes..

A new circle journal that I have joined...which I am so excited about!! Don't you juss love our new name!! Cannot wait to start, first up is to go shopping for some scrap goodies, always fun!! Will share when I'm done!! For now I am excited to get to know all these fabulous babes!!

Monday, April 24, 2006

The invitations are ALMOST done!!

YAY!! Isn't that awesome!! That's pretty much all we did on the weekend!! I barely spent anytime online on the weekend which hasn't ahppened in awhile!! Saturday was spent, with Jared in the afternoon booking chair for the ceremony sit. That's done. And we were looking into reserving a tent just in case it rains...which IT WILL NOT!! But we did not realize at how much tents cost, especially the big one we need to fit 150 people inside of just incase it will rain even though IT WILL NOT!! Four hundred dollars that's crazy!! Ans if we cancel it, we still lose half our money!! So we're still thinking about it. Jared went to work and I had one of my bridesmaids come over and basically put the invitations together!! I finished the embossing and thankfully I did not sneeze and it went by quicker than I thought it would!! I finished 100 embossed celtic designs in no time.

So, my friend Sam came over in the evening and we were putting the invitations together when we realized that I had gotten the wron width of ribbon so had a break went to Michaels and exchanged it for the right size ribbon. Went back to my house had some dinner and continued. We watched a whole bunch of wedding movies since we were making wedding invitations. Watched two of my fave wedding movies, "Father of the Bride" and "the Wedding Planner" LOVE Matthew McConaughey!! We were just getting into things when we ran out of glue dots to glue the ribbon..had nochoice but to stop.

Sam come over Sunday morning we went to get the Glue Dots and we continued and finished putting all the invitations together!! YAY!! I am SO happy!! Jared came over in the afternoon and we went to Office Depot to get some computer ink and labels for the invitations. And basically from 4pm to almost 8pm we were on the computer doing the writing for the invitation and the reply card. It took so long spacing and picking a font and all the wording. But we did it. We took a break and went to go watch his good friend and also a groomsmen Ian play hockey. It was quite exciting and there was almost a fight and Jared had to go running and break it up. He was gone for the rest of game, I was a little worried. But boys are silly with sports and all. No matter what sport there's a fight or arguing. I don't understand. Mike and Jen were there, it's also Mike's team before the accident. He's looking really good on crutches now, he can put pressure on his right foot now which is awesome. That means he will be able to hopefully stand next to Jared at the wedding. And I've missed hangin out with Jen, especially with the wedding getting closer and things getting busier. That's okay, we have promised to get together soon.

After the hockey game we went back to Jared's and finished off the labels for the gift registry cards and the maps to put into the invitaions of the ceremony and reception site. We are ready to go!! Now this coming weekend we get to print everything off. And we are done!! WOOHOO!! I promise to share a pic of the invitations once they are all comlete!!

So that was my weekend!! I hope evryone had an awesome weekend as well!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Update for Raina...

Was just on her blog, and she had an audio message, love her voice by the way!! Love how she says, eh all the time too!! I'm the same!! So, I'm updating per her request...I'm bad at that!! Even though I think sometimes that I bore everyone with all my wedding stuff!! It seems that's all it is right now, three more months, almost there!!

Besides wedding stuff...Jared was sick all Easter long weekend, which totally sucked!! A very bad flu!! Saw him today, took him some oj, he looks better. His stomach is better which is good, now it's just a cold!! I just want him to get better soon. We haven't really hung out in awhile. Weekends have been busy for him with work and soccer playoff games the past three weeks. But that's over so, now summer soccer wednesday and thursday!! Soccer for him is just year round, non stop all the time!! That's okay, I'm so used to it. He has slowed down quite a bit. When we first started dating, he was playing 3 to 4 times a week, and very dedicated and strict. Would not miss a game for anything. He even tried out for the national soccer team in Scotland. And he made it but decided that it wasn't worth it, the money anyways, and that he would still have to find another job while playing soccer. So, he came home. And this is the first year when we started dating. He was gone for almost a month. But he did it and I am so proud of him for doing it!!

School is good. I have a five year old boy in my class who is in love with me. It's true!! It's so cute!! My co-workers have noticed too. When we have to glue some paper onto construction paper, he always chooses blue and says "This is Ms Suttorp's fave color." The same thing when it comes to coloring, always in blue. He always asks me to sit with him, and play with him at the playground. Always holding my hand and talking to me. The sweetest thing, today he was one of the last students to come to class today so all the other children were already in circle and I was cutting snack. So, I greeted him and he walked right in and put his hands out and said "For you Ms Suttorp!!" He made me a bracelet and so, pretty too!! He didn't make a bracelet for my other two co-workers so, they were asking him for "their" bracelet and if they knew about Jared and that I was getting maried!! Just teasing him!! It was cute!! But he only had eyes for me!!! Did not leave my side basically for the rest of class!! Cute!!

Wedding stuff..the invitations are coming along..getting there!! This weekend we're doing more wedding stuff...chair and tent rentals, honeymoon stuff, ink and labels for printing out the invitations. No stress, yet?! Just worried that I am going to forget something!! We still need a dj and bagpiper, hopefully that will come soon!! Need to bug Jared about the rings, and limo. But that will get done!! We're getting there, I cannot wait to be on the beach in Honolulu!!

Have been doing tons of scrapping since Jared was sick over the weekend!! And I wanted to post but, Blogger is being difficult!! Maybe next time, if not it;s on two check it out if you get a chance!!Hope everyone is having a good week!!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

3 Months...90 Days...

Until the wedding!! I hope you don't all mind my countdown, every month without fail!! I'm getting a little nervous, anxious and excited. I guess that's a good thing.

Not much to really report. It's a LONG weekend!! YAY!! I'm excited about that. Just got home from renewing my First Aid, I need it for school and my degree plus its good to have as well. You never know!! It's always such a refresher, and I always think that I need to keep reviewing it, just to stay on top of it. I always say that, but this time I am going to at least try. We'll see...

Jared's playing soccer today so, I think I will be doing some more work on the invitations and hopefully do a little bit more scrappin!! That will be my weekend!! Hope everyone has a happy Easter, and that the Easter bunny finds you!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Not much really, mostly wedding stuff...

Life has been busy!! But it's all mostly wedding related!! I can't wait until the day is finally here. Been busy working on the invitations, stamping away with my huge honkin' stamp. That's all done, did 100 of those!! Now I get to do some embossing, which should be interesting 'cause I'm somewhat allergic to the embossing powder, I cannot stop sneezing so, we'll see how it goes!!

I'm so happy that it is a four day week, and a four day LONG weekend!! Have been looking forward to this since spring break, I'm awful!! We're having our Easter party at school on thursday, a pyjama party should be fun!! Get all the children all hyped up with sugar and then send them home to their parents. The poarents gotta love us!!

Saturday night I had dinner with Renee..a fellow pea and blogger. i met at the scrap store that she used to work at, and then again at two peas. Was so cool to hang out with her. We went to Cactus Club where, Jared works. Was tons of fun!! And we brought our scrap pages to share with each other, her pages are absolutely amazing. She's so inspiring!! Can't wait to get together with her again!!

Hope everyone has a good week...I will hopefully post the invitaions soon, see how much I get done this weekend!! Later!!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

100 DAYS!!

It's official. The countdown now really begins!! The wedding is in exactly 100 days!! Isn't that crazy?! I'm getting a little nervous and excited!! I hope everyone is having a good thursday, I'll write more later...

Sunday, April 02, 2006

My weekend...April's TEAL CJ...Page Swap with Alex...

I am so glad that we are back at daylight savings means that summer will be here soon, which I cannot wait for...

My weekend and past week has been good. Busy with wedding stuff, especially that the time is getting closer now. Meeting with the caterer and the decorator, went really well. They were both going to go and take a look at the Scottish Cultural Centre to check it out and also to let us know about the decorating. We're busy looking for a DJ, which is a little bit difficult, all the ones we've looked up have been booked already which kind of sucks, but I'm not worried we'll find somebody!!

Yesterday I went to a travel agent to get some prices for hotels in Hawaii..YAY!! So excited!! Got some, they all range from not too bad price to super expensive. I showed Jared and we picked one, right on the beach which is, now all we have to do is book it, will do that this week!!

Last night I did some more work on the invitations, did it in front of the t.v., watching Michael him...Jared and I saw him in concert last summer, it was an outdoor concert and it was so awesome, we went with Mike and Jen and had so much fun!! The invitations are going, finished scoring and folding them, now working on stamping the front with a Celtic Writing background stamp. I'm stamping it with a Versamark it's very subtle. Love how it looks!! But my hand got tired after a while, the stamp is huge and I have to use both hands to stamp it!! Only got almost half done but, I will finish up probably over the week in front of the t.v.

Did a bit of scrappin...Alex's page for our swap and April's CJ!! Had tons of fun!!

Here's my entry in April's TEAL CJ...had tons of fun doing I am with my thinking how it turned out!!

Went looking around in my room to find things that are's what I came up with...

Here is my page for the swap that I did with Alex...sorry it took me so long, I hope you like it!! :)

Hopefully I'll get more scrapping done over the week in between making invitations...I'm already excited when they'll be done!! I hope everyone has an awesome week and that you all had a good weekend as well!! Later...