Monday, April 24, 2006

The invitations are ALMOST done!!

YAY!! Isn't that awesome!! That's pretty much all we did on the weekend!! I barely spent anytime online on the weekend which hasn't ahppened in awhile!! Saturday was spent, with Jared in the afternoon booking chair for the ceremony sit. That's done. And we were looking into reserving a tent just in case it rains...which IT WILL NOT!! But we did not realize at how much tents cost, especially the big one we need to fit 150 people inside of just incase it will rain even though IT WILL NOT!! Four hundred dollars that's crazy!! Ans if we cancel it, we still lose half our money!! So we're still thinking about it. Jared went to work and I had one of my bridesmaids come over and basically put the invitations together!! I finished the embossing and thankfully I did not sneeze and it went by quicker than I thought it would!! I finished 100 embossed celtic designs in no time.

So, my friend Sam came over in the evening and we were putting the invitations together when we realized that I had gotten the wron width of ribbon so had a break went to Michaels and exchanged it for the right size ribbon. Went back to my house had some dinner and continued. We watched a whole bunch of wedding movies since we were making wedding invitations. Watched two of my fave wedding movies, "Father of the Bride" and "the Wedding Planner" LOVE Matthew McConaughey!! We were just getting into things when we ran out of glue dots to glue the ribbon..had nochoice but to stop.

Sam come over Sunday morning we went to get the Glue Dots and we continued and finished putting all the invitations together!! YAY!! I am SO happy!! Jared came over in the afternoon and we went to Office Depot to get some computer ink and labels for the invitations. And basically from 4pm to almost 8pm we were on the computer doing the writing for the invitation and the reply card. It took so long spacing and picking a font and all the wording. But we did it. We took a break and went to go watch his good friend and also a groomsmen Ian play hockey. It was quite exciting and there was almost a fight and Jared had to go running and break it up. He was gone for the rest of game, I was a little worried. But boys are silly with sports and all. No matter what sport there's a fight or arguing. I don't understand. Mike and Jen were there, it's also Mike's team before the accident. He's looking really good on crutches now, he can put pressure on his right foot now which is awesome. That means he will be able to hopefully stand next to Jared at the wedding. And I've missed hangin out with Jen, especially with the wedding getting closer and things getting busier. That's okay, we have promised to get together soon.

After the hockey game we went back to Jared's and finished off the labels for the gift registry cards and the maps to put into the invitaions of the ceremony and reception site. We are ready to go!! Now this coming weekend we get to print everything off. And we are done!! WOOHOO!! I promise to share a pic of the invitations once they are all comlete!!

So that was my weekend!! I hope evryone had an awesome weekend as well!!


Jamie said...

I am so glad that you got all those done, that's so amazing! Good for you girl! :)

kristi sauer said...

I bet it feels great to have all those invitations done! :)

Kat said...

can't wait to see the finished invites!!!!!!

Raina_Marie said...

Val, you're getting married on my wedding weekend. I promise you, the last two years have been the hottest ever!!!! After my ceremony (July 16/05) there were many many people sneaking off to cool their feet in the lake.

Juny 15/04 - Same deal. Hot hot hot. Another very sweaty outdoor wedding. At this one someone even passed out from the heat.

Don't even worry about rain. Worry about air conditioning.

maria said...

So great to hear your news...doesn't it feel great to get a big task like that all done? Can't wait to see a sneak peek! :)

Darcy said...

oooo... post a pic of the invites!! we wanna see them!!!

em said...

Wedding planning is so crazy!! You will be so happy with all the results in the end! Share the invites with us!!