Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It's been 10 years..

So, I have my ten year high school reunion on Saturday!! I still cannot believe it, it feels like only yesterday that I was in high school!! I am very excited and also feeling very nervous about Saturday!! It will be good to see all my old friends and see how everybody has been doing!! There will be tons of pictures being taken as well!! Lots of chatting, eating and drinking!! YAY!!

Haven't done too much scrapping but I did finish one page, that I have been wanting to do. I still have two weeks left of being 27 but I wanted to get some thoughts down on paper about how I feel at being 27!! Love how it came out..super simple but, that's okay!!

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week!! Will be back with stories from the reunion!! Go Strikers!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Downward Dog Pose and Bark!!

So glad it's mid week!! My weekend was good!! I had a conference to go to, and I actually really enjoyed it. Learned a-lot and it was very inspiring. I took a workshop called "Shake Your Sillies" which is basically yoga for children. Very cool!! We did a couple of poses, and we learned to incorporate it with children you can throw in animal noises. Like downward dog, add a pose, add a meow. I can see how the children would enjoy it. But I enjoyed it so much, and after the little workout we did you could totally feel the impact it has on you and your body. It felt good and calming. I'm going to see if I can sign up for some classes soon.

Sunday, was spent at home. It was so nice and warm this weekend too. Hung out in the backyard on a blanket, reading some magazines and drinking coffee.YUM!! Jared had a football game in the afternoon. It was a good weekend!!

And now since Monday it's been raining...not too bad. It's a little cooler. But I'm ready for the sun to come back.

I did some more scrapping with my Story of My Own May kit. Lots of fun!! Just a couple more pages, I am also making some cards too, which I will try to post when I'm done!!

Loved the kit!! And I wanted to see how many pages I could get out of the kit. Let's see if I can get a couple more out!! I hope everyone is having a good week so far!! Here's to hoping the sun comes back out soon!!