Monday, April 30, 2007

Seven random...

The last day of April!! Can you believe it?! Good is getting nicer, and warmer, summer break will be here in exactly two months, 8 weeks and 60 days..but who's counting, right?! My weekend was good!! I got together with my friend Connie, went to the scrap store and Steveston. Tons of fun!! It was such nice weather!! Lots of chatting and laughing, which is always good!! Jared worked Saturday night, I watched some movies and did a bit of scrapping with my kits from Lovebug and Story of my Own will share later. And Sunday Jared ended up having to work too. On the construction site, which totally sucks!! So I did some gardening..planted some plants and moved others. He didn't get home until 5:30pm, he brought dinner which was good, and we watched the hockey game!! Fun!! But it was some time snuggling on the couch with my hubby!! We met up with some friends for coffee and then straight home for Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters. So good!!

So, I was tagged by both Cheryl and Mandy to post seven randome things about me...

1. I am dreaming of going somewhere warm, and with a beach!! How I wish we were going to Hawaii again...our honeymoon was so much fun!! But we're saving up to go to Chicago, to go watch a Bears game..I am going for the shopping!!

2. I have been spending way too much time on Facebook but it's so cool to see all your old friends from high school and elementary school.
3. My goal for the month of May is to save $$!! Now I know I have said it before, but this time I'm really serious!! Totally going to cut back on unnecessary spending. Try to go to Starbucks only on the weekend, that might be hard. Spend less on Scrap supplies, try only the kits that come to my door. I want to save, I don't know if i will be working over the summer..and we need $$ for trips and a house. I can do this!!
4. Talking about's bugging me!! Working with the children is's tutoring after school that's bugging me!! I have had enough...I think this might be my last year doing it, either that or just completely cut back and do something else!!
5.Super excited that the new Micheal Buble CD comes out tomorrow!! Love him!! And they finally made the Second Season of Laverne and Shirley, LOVE that show!!
6.I want more time with my hubby...
7.I am loving working in the garden, now that I have my own place, it's fun, relaxing and I have someting pretty to look at!! Something else to talk to my parents about too!!

I am tagging anybody else who wants to do it..I think almost everybody has done it!! And now some pics, just 'cause I feel like it!!

The pretty cherry blossoms near my school...

My pretty pansies, love their smiling faces reminds of Alice in Wonderland and the flowers..

Me and my best friend Angela from high school when we met up a little while ago..she looks basically the same!!

The field of dandylions in my backyard..Jared hasn't cut the grass yet..I know I probably shouldn't post, 'cause it puts me to shame as a gardener it but it looks so pretty!!

That's all for now in pics!! I hope everyone has a super week!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007


I'm here. Just needed a bit of a break, stuff going on in life but, it's all going to be okay. And I really had nothing of interest to write about, at least in my opinion. Plus I have been addicted to Facebook..I was warned at least by my sister. But it's pretty cool, finding all these people from your past and chatting and all.

Have been doing a little scrapping too, not a-lot, well in the past two weeks anyways. It's been so nice lately, and Jared has been home more so, we've been spending more time together which is always awesome. He's actually away this weekend playing a soccer tournament in Whistler but, he called me last night and said that they didn't do too well, so he will be home early today!! YAY!!

So super happy!! I finally got to meet Alice yesterday!! One of my blog buddies!! She came over to hang out and scrap. I must admit I was a little nervous about meeting her. Not so much about being scared but after getting to know her online, on her blog and now through Facebook what if we just didn't hit off. We totally did!! It's amazing how similar we are. Okay first of all she is in love with a boy name Jared...(spelling is different!!), she is an artist, likes scrapbooking even though she hasn't really done too much of it lately..but hanging out with me she totally will.... she was into seeing my "studio" and all my scrappy creations...we think alike...we both totally concentrate when we silence!! She says TOTALLY!! I called her on it!! She's into all sorts of music..she let me play some country, we scrapped to it as well as to Gwen and Britney!! She''s just awesome, happy to have another friend to talk scrappy talk, hang out with....looking forward to the next time!! Thanks Alice!! This is not the greatest pic..Alice looks fabulous but I look SO tired..will have to take a better one next time!!

That's it for now, I am going to go and take a shower and go out for a bit..the sun is shining!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My Easter Weekend!!

I always find it so hard to go back to school after a nice long weekend!! Especially when it's four days instead of the usual three!! Our Easter long weekend was good!! Very quiet and time with my hubby!! Jared actually had the whole weekend off, I was so happy!!

We had two Family dinners, Jared's family was on Friday night, it was good...I think my favorite part was dessert!! We had a blackberry pie...Mmmm!! Especially with ice cream!! SO yummy!! We also watched Casino Royale..good movie!! Although I do think this James Bond is handsome, I don't think he is as hot as some people think!! Good movie!!

Saturday, Jared and I went to Home Depot in the morning to pick up so stuff he needed for work and I always like to go and look at the gardening things. Love all the flowers they have!! Later, I met up with my old best friend from high school, Angela!! We had coffee and walked around Steveston!! It was tons of fun!! Just like old times, talking tons and laughing!! Brought back so many memories!! I can't wait until the nest time we hang out!! Can you also believe that I am having my 10year high school reunion in June?! Isn't that crazy?! Where did the years go by?! I'm feeling a little nervous and a little will be good to see everybody and see how everyone is doing!!

Sunday, Jared and I were lazy..he spent most of his time on the couch watching sports and I was in the bedroom doing some scrapping!! Only did a couple of pages!!

Jared cooked dinner on Sunday night..Maui ribs with some veggies and rice!! SO good!! I love it when he cooks!! And then we watched Desperate Housewives and Brothers & good, love those shows!!

Monday I had off too, but Jared had to go back to I had the house to myself, woke up late, went and bought some fruit and veggies. Came home, scrapped a bit more..watched some tv and waited for Jared to come home so we could go for dinner at my parents house!! Dinner was yummy, my mom made turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing..the works!! Dessert for me is always the best..a blueberry coffee cake!! Then we basically came home and crashed on the couch. Did watch CSI:Miami, Jared fell asleep!!

So, that was my weekend!! Not too exciting, very calm and relaxed!! Hope everyone had a good weekend!! How many more days until the weekend?! I know I'm awful!!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hoppy Easter and Hoppy Long Weekend!!

Hope everyone has a very happy Easter and a fabulous LONG weekend!! We had a fun Easter Bunny Pyjama Party at school today!! Like my bunny ears?!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Happy Sunday!!

We had an absolutely gorgeous weekend!! WOW!! The sun was out and shining, except for Saturday with a little bit of wind, it made it cold, but today was amazing!! Friday night we had a Retirement Party for Jared's dad. He retired after working for 35years. Can you believe it?! It was at a restaurant, good times. All the family was there, and they had made these really cool posters of Jared's dad in movies, like he was Braveheart, with his face on Mel Gibson;s body, it was pretty cool!! My fave was him as part of the Beatles...Jared's dad told us some stories of all the years at work. It was good!!

Saturday, I had a scrap date with Connie. I went to her place and we scrapped all day pretty much. She mad me and Caesar salad!! Very good!! Tons of fun chatting and creating!! I made a card and a little notebook for my sister. She leaves on Thursday for the Dominican Republic with her boyfriend..super lucky!! Jared had to work and he was in a football tournament so, I didn't see him at all, pretty much all weekend which totally sucks!!

And today..woke up late...and met my parents in Steveston. It was so nice to walk and hang out with my parents!! We went for coffee to Steveston coffee and then walked around in all the little shops. Bought some fruit and veggies. It was fun, I always enjoy it. Then came home and did my CJ entry for Alice's album..which was all about things that make us happy...

I got my Story of Own March kit this past Monday, and I couldn't wait to scrap so I did quite a few over the week..and it was so easy with everything there. I think this was my fave kit so far with all the yummy goodies, the papers and I just LOVED the color. And who could not love the extras were called "Laverne and Shirley"? The name said it all..loved that show!! I got so many pages out of this kit and cards..and I'm not done yet want to make a mini album but here's what I came up with....

And the cards...I love the little turtle stamp that was in the kit..he so super cute!!

More turtle cards will be made for sure!!

I hope everyone had a good weekend!! I better go and clean-up my mess in the kitchen before I watch tv. It's a new Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters...can't wait!! Have a good's a short one!! YAY!!