Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My Easter Weekend!!

I always find it so hard to go back to school after a nice long weekend!! Especially when it's four days instead of the usual three!! Our Easter long weekend was good!! Very quiet and time with my hubby!! Jared actually had the whole weekend off, I was so happy!!

We had two Family dinners, Jared's family was on Friday night, it was good...I think my favorite part was dessert!! We had a blackberry pie...Mmmm!! Especially with ice cream!! SO yummy!! We also watched Casino Royale..good movie!! Although I do think this James Bond is handsome, I don't think he is as hot as some people think!! Good movie!!

Saturday, Jared and I went to Home Depot in the morning to pick up so stuff he needed for work and I always like to go and look at the gardening things. Love all the flowers they have!! Later, I met up with my old best friend from high school, Angela!! We had coffee and walked around Steveston!! It was tons of fun!! Just like old times, talking tons and laughing!! Brought back so many memories!! I can't wait until the nest time we hang out!! Can you also believe that I am having my 10year high school reunion in June?! Isn't that crazy?! Where did the years go by?! I'm feeling a little nervous and a little excited..it will be good to see everybody and see how everyone is doing!!

Sunday, Jared and I were lazy..he spent most of his time on the couch watching sports and I was in the bedroom doing some scrapping!! Only did a couple of pages!!

Jared cooked dinner on Sunday night..Maui ribs with some veggies and rice!! SO good!! I love it when he cooks!! And then we watched Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters..so good, love those shows!!

Monday I had off too, but Jared had to go back to work..so I had the house to myself, woke up late, went and bought some fruit and veggies. Came home, scrapped a bit more..watched some tv and waited for Jared to come home so we could go for dinner at my parents house!! Dinner was yummy, my mom made turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing..the works!! Dessert for me is always the best..a blueberry coffee cake!! Then we basically came home and crashed on the couch. Did watch CSI:Miami, Jared fell asleep!!

So, that was my weekend!! Not too exciting, very calm and relaxed!! Hope everyone had a good weekend!! How many more days until the weekend?! I know I'm awful!!


Kristi Sauer said...

Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend! Love your layouts!

Alice Valentine said...

Love the layouts! You have such a fun style!

Dessert is my favorite part too :)

Muriel said...

love the daffodil layout, so pretty!

I agree that the new bond guy isn't the cutest guy ever, like some think...I actualy like Pierce B better....

Jill said...

oh my gosh, the yellow letters on your daffodil layout are so pretty!! so springy :) have another good weekend this weekend, Val =)

Maria said...

Love your pages! Every single one of them! Great colors in all of them! :)

leewoodside said...

Your work is absolutely gorgeous. Love the colours.

~currant7 said...

hi val!
glad to hear that you had a great weekend. :)
left you with a tag on my blog. hope you can do it. :D

melissa said...

isn't dessert everyones favorite part? ;)

love the LO's-so much fun!