Thursday, September 28, 2006

Don't mind me...

Just updating my pic for two peas avatar and also for the blog. Will be back to post again later!! Hope everyone is having a good week so far!! The weekend is almost here!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Wish I Was Back in Hawaii...

My sister's friend just left for Honolulu on Saturday and I'm so jealous!! I so wish Jared and I were both back there..on Waikiki beach, in the sun, hanging out, having drinks and having a good time!! I totally need to start saving our money so we can go back soon. So, since I am not there right now I thought I would share some pictures of us when we were there!!

Doesn't it make you wish you were there right now?! Now I just need to talk about some things on my mind...

So, I am happy to say that I did end up figuring out the oven. Called Jared after he had finished his soccer practice and asked him. I felt so dumb. But, at least I know now how the oven works. Needless to say that I didn't eat 'til about 10 o'clock. I told my mom the story she just laughed!! She said at least I am learning, which is true!! She's going to come over and teach me how to make ribs in the crock pot, I am SO excited!!

I just found out more crap going on with this bridesmaid. I'm not so much upset it's more that I am mad. I just don't understand why she is being like this and doing this. She is supposed to be a friend. We've been friends for 10years now..a long time!! I found out all this crap from my boss who is also a very good friend but, she is still my boss. A very cool boss I might add. She blabbed all this to my boss while she was giving her a massage. She's a massage therapist. And my boss had an appointment with her. She did not know all this was going on. This happened about a couple of weeks ago. She told me yesterday. In some ways I am glad she told at least i see her for who she really is now. I think what made me the most mad is that she said some not so nice things about my mom, and she called my sister's liars. Issues about the bachelorette thing..most of my friends couldn't make it because it was too expensive..she should've done something affordable, and she didn't listen to any of my sister's ideas...and she had some of her friends show up at the club where we rude is that? And she had issues about the hair and make-up for the wedding, that she hated it..blah..blah... If it was such a problem then she should've had said no to being a bridesmaid. I didn't know she felt like this until the wedding. She was being a fake. She was lying. And how she told my boss was completley unprofessional..she put her in a very awkward position. What's worse I still have her stupid tiara box. I borrowed her tiara as my something borrowed. She wants the bos back, which is fine but she doesn't want me to leave it outside. Wants me drop it off with her mom. Why?! It's a stupid $1 store box, worth nothing. I'm really in no mood to talk to her mom..I'm sure she knows?! If not still!! Still trying to decide if I should be a cow and just drop it off in front of the door...I don't know. Jared thinks I should. I have decided after all this recent information that i don't want to be friends with her anymore. I'm better off without her. I know it's sad because I've been friends with her for SO long. But what she did and how she acted is just wrong. Especially with family involved.

Okay thanks I just had to let all this's too bad I cannot cut her out of all the wedding pictures. :)

So happy it is Wednesday tomorrow, the weekend will be here soon!! Ready for Grey's Anatomy on thursday..have to rush home from tutoring. Friday is Ghost Whisperer with Jenifer Love Hewitt, love that show!! Anybody else watch it?! I love watching things about ghosts and other spirits.

Nothing else to talk about..hope everyone's week is going well!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Oven

I'm frustrated.I've been waiting for the stupid oven to get hot enough so, I can cook my chicken shish kabobs and tater tots. I've been trying to figure out the oven for the past 2 hours. No luck. And I'm getting very hungry. Jared's at soccer and won't be home for another half an hour. Now this oven is just way too compicated, there are two knobs that have to go on in order for it to work and I just can't seem to figure it out. Have tried turning it one way and them the other way, nothing, just doesn't get HOT enough. I think I screwed up the oven. I'm thinking about giving up. Or at least waiting until Jared gets home.

So, my week has been kind of ugh!! I got sick. The second week of school, can you believe it?! I usually get sick the first week, but I thought I was going to be missing out this year. But, I think I jinxed myself 'cause I did. Just a week later. The cold started Monday night and it continues. ALthough the migraines are gone all I am with is NO VOICE!! So, hopefully tomorrow I will have a voice again because teaching preschoolers and kindergarteners with no voice is a little hard. So, pray for my voice.

Believe it or not I just ut my pictures from Hawaii on the computer so, I thought I would share some...I wish I was back there with Jared, we had so much fun!!

More to come, for sure!! so glad it's Friday tomorrow, not too many plans for the weekend. Do some scrappin', cleaning, probably watch some football with Jared, write out those Thankyou cards..that's about it!! Hope everyone has a fab weekend, gonna see if I can figure out this stupid oven!!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

To the absolutely best Daddy in the world!! So happy and thankful to have him in my life!! And I love him so much!! He's so kind, a good listener, funny, thoughtful, he is just the best!! Her'e to a happy day for my Dad!!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!!

Monday, September 04, 2006


Cannot believe that today is my last day of summer break!! Where did the summer go?! It flew by so fast!! Been trying to really enjoy the past couple of days left of summer break...Kind of want to go to work tomorrow and kind of don't. will be happy to see my co-workers, meet all the new children and see all the returning ones. But still going to miss the lazy days of doing nothing, watching tons of tv and movies, waking up late, taking all my time in the world, hanging out with my baby sister and my parents, scrap dates with Connie. Now I'm going to have to fill it all in two days on the weekend, ugh!!

Did get to do some scrappin the past couple of days!! Which is always good. And of course got to make more thankyou cards!! Will be happy when that is finally done with, soon!! Hung out with Jared the past three days, which is toally awesome. He almost had the long weekend off, he's working tonight at the restaurant. I know he's happy that school starts tomorrow...more money coming in!! Wanted to share my scrap pages from this weekend!! My entry in Odette's CJ, what your lucky for. I chose my parents. I have realized even more how important they are to me, and how much I cherish them. I think I will be doing a page about this too for my albums.

I saw this "challenge" on Jessie's blogand I read it and id it right away just haven't had a chance to post it. There will be a page on this soon too. Written on Tuesday August 28, 2006

-I taught French
-Hung out with my Dad on the patio, had lunch and chatted away!!
-Went to Michaels with my Mom in search of knitting needles
-Had a breakdown about what I am going to do with the bridesmaid drama
-Drank a martini

-Clean the house
-Enjoy a cup of coffee
-Work more on the thankyou cards
-Spend time with Jared before he goes to soccer practice

-Teach French
-Bring more of my things from my parents house
-Hang out with Connie

Hope everyone had a fabulous long weekend...and a fabulous week too!!