Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Oven

I'm frustrated.I've been waiting for the stupid oven to get hot enough so, I can cook my chicken shish kabobs and tater tots. I've been trying to figure out the oven for the past 2 hours. No luck. And I'm getting very hungry. Jared's at soccer and won't be home for another half an hour. Now this oven is just way too compicated, there are two knobs that have to go on in order for it to work and I just can't seem to figure it out. Have tried turning it one way and them the other way, nothing, just doesn't get HOT enough. I think I screwed up the oven. I'm thinking about giving up. Or at least waiting until Jared gets home.

So, my week has been kind of ugh!! I got sick. The second week of school, can you believe it?! I usually get sick the first week, but I thought I was going to be missing out this year. But, I think I jinxed myself 'cause I did. Just a week later. The cold started Monday night and it continues. ALthough the migraines are gone all I am with is NO VOICE!! So, hopefully tomorrow I will have a voice again because teaching preschoolers and kindergarteners with no voice is a little hard. So, pray for my voice.

Believe it or not I just ut my pictures from Hawaii on the computer so, I thought I would share some...I wish I was back there with Jared, we had so much fun!!

More to come, for sure!! so glad it's Friday tomorrow, not too many plans for the weekend. Do some scrappin', cleaning, probably watch some football with Jared, write out those Thankyou cards..that's about it!! Hope everyone has a fab weekend, gonna see if I can figure out this stupid oven!!


Kristi Sauer said...

I want to go to Hawaii soooooooo bad!! Looks gorgeous! I was sick last week too!

BR@NDY said...

I think you forgot me at the baggage claim....Hawaii looks beautiful. I hope you feel better and have a scraptabulous weekend.

Anonymous said...

awwww man your Hawaii pics are makingme wish I was there instead of here in wet seattle! looks like fun though! Hope you got the oven to work!

em said...

Your pictures are beautiful!! I am sick too...third week :)

Kat said...

stupid technology! hope you figured out the oven!
the hawaii pics are gorgeous!!!!
hope you feel better and get your scrap on this weekend!

xobellaaimox said...

gorgeous pics!!! you are so pretty :D

C said...

Great pics, looks like you had an incredible time!
Hope you figured the oven thing out, nothing is worse than the wrath of a hungry woman, lol!

Felicia said...

Those pictures look great.

I hope you figure that oven out. =)