Saturday, September 09, 2006

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

To the absolutely best Daddy in the world!! So happy and thankful to have him in my life!! And I love him so much!! He's so kind, a good listener, funny, thoughtful, he is just the best!! Her'e to a happy day for my Dad!!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!!


melissa said...

happy b-day to your dad!! :) such cute pictures

Tara in AZ said...

Wow, your wedding photos are beautiful.

Kat said...

Happy bday to your dad! dad's are the best, arne't they?
cute pics!!!

C said...

Aren't Dad's great?
Mine dad is my rock.

Those are some more amazing pics!
You can just tell how happy everyone was on your wedding day.

Jill said...

aww, look at those pictures!! so cute, Val =) happy b-day to your dad!