Monday, September 04, 2006


Cannot believe that today is my last day of summer break!! Where did the summer go?! It flew by so fast!! Been trying to really enjoy the past couple of days left of summer break...Kind of want to go to work tomorrow and kind of don't. will be happy to see my co-workers, meet all the new children and see all the returning ones. But still going to miss the lazy days of doing nothing, watching tons of tv and movies, waking up late, taking all my time in the world, hanging out with my baby sister and my parents, scrap dates with Connie. Now I'm going to have to fill it all in two days on the weekend, ugh!!

Did get to do some scrappin the past couple of days!! Which is always good. And of course got to make more thankyou cards!! Will be happy when that is finally done with, soon!! Hung out with Jared the past three days, which is toally awesome. He almost had the long weekend off, he's working tonight at the restaurant. I know he's happy that school starts tomorrow...more money coming in!! Wanted to share my scrap pages from this weekend!! My entry in Odette's CJ, what your lucky for. I chose my parents. I have realized even more how important they are to me, and how much I cherish them. I think I will be doing a page about this too for my albums.

I saw this "challenge" on Jessie's blogand I read it and id it right away just haven't had a chance to post it. There will be a page on this soon too. Written on Tuesday August 28, 2006

-I taught French
-Hung out with my Dad on the patio, had lunch and chatted away!!
-Went to Michaels with my Mom in search of knitting needles
-Had a breakdown about what I am going to do with the bridesmaid drama
-Drank a martini

-Clean the house
-Enjoy a cup of coffee
-Work more on the thankyou cards
-Spend time with Jared before he goes to soccer practice

-Teach French
-Bring more of my things from my parents house
-Hang out with Connie

Hope everyone had a fabulous long weekend...and a fabulous week too!!


BR@NDY said...

I love the yesterday, today and tomorrow. That is so cool.

Kat said...

love that layout! so fabulous. isn't it crazy how as we grow up we learn to appreciate our parents so much more? wish i had sooner..........
great lo
love the challenge
sorry that you're still dealing w/bridesmaid drama!!! no fun. but i totally lol at the "drank a martini" right after. atta girl!
hope you had fun back at work :)

Wendy said...

Good luck with school. I understand the whole want to go, but don't want to go thing. This is my third week back, the tan has faded, summer seems like it was so long ago...

C said...

Ok - making your Thank You cards? You have put me to shame, lol!
I just bought 'em to get them out and done! I made pretty much everything else for the wedding (invitations & bouquets/ corsages/ & bout's)included!
Love your parents LO!
It's hard to accept when things go wrong at the wedding, my mother's behaviour was a disaster (currently not speaking), but hey, what can you do. Lucky for you, you can sort-of sit on the sidelines and let them sort things out (hopefully!).