Thursday, December 29, 2005

Good News!!!

So, I have good sister Vanessa is coming home in February!! YAY!! She's still going to be a flight attendant but they've changed the rules; she doesn't need to be Toronto the whole time. Only when she's working. Instead she will be in Toronto for two weeks, while she works and then she will be two weeks at home. It does mean that she will be back and forth between Toronto and Vancouver, but that's okay at least she will be home and closer. I'm so excited now she can help me with all the wedding stuff. Both my sisters are maids of honor, couldn't choose. And one of the first things to do is go wedding dress shopping. I am SO excited. Also one more good thing another one of Jared's and I good friends, just got engaged!! YAY!! I'm so excited and happy for them. As promised my CJ pics will be up soon, have a good night all!! How do you like the pic of the future flight attendant of Air Canada Jazz, she looks good!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas was good...

Christmas for me and my family was good. Saturday night, Christmas Eve was spent just Jared and I. For us, it was perfect. We had pizza, and watched t.v. Michael Buble was on, and the concert he did in L.A. Jared and I went to the concert together when he came in August. He's such an awesome singer, sings mostly all the classics from Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Ray Charles... and so on. Plus the fact that he's easy on the eyes. I left at about 9pm to go home and scrap, did some work on my CJ, I'm actually excited about how it's turning out. My goal is to mail it out tomorrow. Jared had some friens over to play Poker and just hang out, which was perfectly fine with me.

Christmas day, got up early and opened presents with my family. We did a Secret Santa with my family, because money is tigh with the wedding coming up!! My sister got Jared and I. We got matching slippers, and a cookbook. Has some yummy recipes that I will have to try out. Also got other things like; wool socks-needed them bad my feet are always cold, a cupe that says "Born to Scrapbook" cute, perfect for my coffee, and other things that I cannot remember at the moment. Then I went over to Jareds place so we could drive out to his parents place, they live about 45 minutes away, I hate the drive it takes forever. From his mom, I got a frying pan. Apparently it's a tradition in her family to give the daughters or daughter-in-laws a frying pan as part of making sure who's running the house, to the rule the roosr as she wrote in her card. She said to keep Jared in place. I have nothing to worry. But he's family spoiled me too, mostly got $$$ which I was totally not expecting, but very nice of course. Already went to the scrap store to spend some of it!! Then we left and went to his Grandparents house to say hi and all. As a wedding gift his grandparent are using their Air Mile points to pay for the flights to Hawaii for our honeymoon, very nice of them. Now have to figure out waht part of Hawaii we're going to. Drove back home to watch the Bears game, very important!! Of course, thank goodness they won, an extra Christmas present for Jared.

Dinner at my house was SO GOOD!! Had Mexican food, tamales, rice, beans and veggies. Love it!! I need to learn. Dessert was good, I love shortbread cookies and butter tarts, I think those two are my fave. Can't forget the Gingerbread men!! We always play some sort of game after dinner, the wrapping game we play very year. You need to unwrap a gift that has been wrapped over and over, with oven mitts while the person on you right is trying to roll doubles with the dies, so it can be their turn. Tons of fun, lots of laughing and of course in my family tons of screaming. I won!! YAY! Got some cool candle stuff.

After we went to Jared's friend Dan's house. They were having a little mini get together for all their friends. It was good, was super tired though. And it didn't help that I was sitting next to the fireplace. One of the things that we talked about, which is what Jared and I are kind of going through right now, is where to eat for the holidays, with which family. This year Christmas day was spent with Jared's family and then dinner at my parents. Jared's mom is already keeping tabs for next year, isn't that hard. So next year we're doing the same thing but switching families. It's hard, and apparently the couples that were at this house are going through the same thing. What do you do? Both, especially moms are upset, and in a way Jared and I are becoming our own family, so we need to do our own thing. I don't know. We never had this problem before, the past 7years we've gone each with our own family. Just kind of sucks.

Anyways, overall Christmas was good. I'm going to go and to some scrappin, finish my CJ and hopefully I will post some pics tomorrow!!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! Joyeux Noel!

I hope everybody has a very Merry Christmas!! Hope Santa is good to you all!! Eat tons, drink some egg nog and do a little kissin' under the mistletoe!! Can't wait to hear how everyone's Christmas went!!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

My Circle Journal Inspiration...

I am so happy that I am done with making cards. That's all I have been doing since about a month ago. First for the Engagement party invites about 50cards, then as for part of the draw at the party, thankyou cards for all the amazing gifts we got at the Engagement had to make about 40 cards, for Christmas presents and for my own Christmas cards. I am done. I know I shouldn't be complaining but I've had enough. I've been longin to scrap which I haven't done in so long. But I am happy to say that I get to do it FINALLY!!YAY!! Gonna put my Circle Journal together my color is Aqua and here is my inspiration...what do you all think? Have a super Thursday!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Weekend in Whistler

Friday at my school we had our Christmas concert and Party with the children. We had a special performance that the children did with their music and movement teacher. Then the children san four songs that we've been practicing. They did such an awesome job, and they all looked so cute with their reindeer antlers, that we the teachers all made. Tons of prep work we had to do. But it was totally worth it. Then the children hoped and wished that Santa might come and stop by with some gifts. And lucky children guess who came....just to see the children's faces is totally woth it!! Here's a photo of Santa Jared with the soon to be Mrs. Claus.

Whistler was pretty and cold. So cold!! I am totally not made for this kind of weather. Jared and I took the bus up, takes about 2hours to get there. We were scared to drive because the highway winds up and down, and it can be very slippery with black ice. But the bus ride was not too bad. Just sat there on the bus looking at the beautiful scenery and reading. We walked around the Whislter village, I think one of the things we did most while up there wa eat and drink. One good way to keep yourself warm, especially with Baileys and hot chocolate, yummy!!

The wedding was so pretty. There was about 50 guest. The wedding took place in a lodge, so it was very cozy. The ceremony was in a tiny chapel next door. Very short ceremony my friend Connie had her dog as the ring bearer, so cute!! I wasn't able to get a pic of him though. It was SO COLD!! And the wind was cold too, so that didn't help. Jared and I sat right in front of the bar, perfect!! It was hard because we didn't know too many people. the only people I knew were the ones from the shower, and Connie's co-workers. But it was a good time!! Connie and her new husband Tyler said they can't wait for our wedding too. Me too!!

A view of the mountains, so pretty and cold.

Jared, in Whistler Village. This is his I'm smiling at the camera, stop taking pictures picture.

My good friend Connie, the bride. She looked so beautiful and she was just beaming all night. Her dress was gorgeous, her Mom made it for her.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Engagement Party

The engagement party was so much fun and it turned out really well. Saturay started with me getting a manicure, I love getting them. I had to have my nails looking pretty since I was gonna be showing off my ring!! After I went to Jared's we ended up having a draw at the party and we had 5 gift basket that we gave away. Each one represented a little bit of us and what we like to do. The BIG prize was a bottle of wine, a giftcard for Starbucks, chocolates, a candle, some of my handmade Christmas cards and a git card to our fave restaurant. So, I had to put them all together. Then we went to go get some more booze, and decorations to decorate the hall. After went to Jared's brothers house to figure out music, he played music all night from his laptop.

Then, we met at the Richmond Nature Park, that's where we had the party. The hall was like a log cabin, very nice and cozy. We met there to decorate the hall and set things up. Jared did the bar, and I the decorations. Tons of Christmas decorations everywhere. And setting up the food. Before we knew it was almost 6:30pm, and we had to go home and change. The party started at 7pm. Rushed home and changed. I was so worried about what I was going to wear but it turned out. I bought this pretty lacy skirt and wore it with a pretty sparkly sweater, and black camisole underneath. And my mama curled my hair, I loved it. I felt pretty!! My daddy called me a princess :) Jared looked handsome in his shirt and tie.

The party was tons of fun, Jared and I did rounds chatting with everybody. Jared did a speech and thanked everybody for coming, how happy he is that we're engaged and how much he loves me, and can't wait to marry me, melt my heart!! We did some dancing, my fave part I think, I love dancing with Jared, being in his arms. We danced to forgot the name of the song but it goes...Someday when I'm awfully low and the world is cold, I will feel a glow, just thinking of you and the way you look tonight....there we go it's called The way you look tonight. An old song, it's not our wedding song. But one of my fave songs anyways.

Overall it was extremely memorable, will still post more pics later, here are a few for now. Oh, and everyone said they had tons of fun which is good. Can't wait for the big day now!!

Jared and I. I love the picture, my friend took it. SO HAPPY!!

I got to show off my ring most of the night, which I don't mind doing at all. A-lot of girls were impressed at how WELL Jared did with the ring. I'm not complaining, I LOVE it!! The details about the ring; it's white gold, the sides have Celtic knot work, and the diamond is 1.1 carats, and is princess cut. Any more questions just ask me ;)

Jared and I dancing, here he's about to "dip" me. I loved dancing with him, I think I fell in love again with him all over again. Sorry about it being so dark and Jared's red eyes.

The super simple and easy guestbook I made for the party. We got so many nice comments. So, nice to read how many people are happy for us.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The day is almost here...

This week has been totally dedicated to the Engagement party and doing all the last minute things. Actually there is quite a few. Jared needs to get the liquor license still, and all the booze as well. And Jared said we should have a guest book, which is a good idea and asked me if I could whip something up. No problem, and it gives me a reason to go to the Scrap store. I just bought one of those Bazzill Cover Alls, (love those little books), some ribbon and cardstock and my project for tonight is to put it together. It will be super easy and super simple!! Food, we're gonna have some Subway Party tray, veggies and dip and some other appetizers. All done by super chef fiance Jared. Decorations, the hall will be decorated with Xmas lights which Jared and I will be doing on Saturday!! This party should be fun but in some ways I can't wait 'til it's over. Jared and I still have to decorate the tree, probably Sunday!! Have a super rest of the week, everyone and I will post some pics soon!!

Friday, December 02, 2005

A million and one things to do...

I am so happy that it's Friday. It's been a busy week. My sister left on Tuesday, and I'm still so busy with all my French tutoring. Then we have all this preparations at school for our Christmas Concert on the 16th. At school right now we're making tons of Christmas crafts. Which is always fun!! As well as making the gifts that "Santa" is going to give the children.

This weekend, tomorrow Jared and I are going to get the Christmas tree for his place. So excited to decorate. Then we have dinner with his family for sisters birthday. Sunday I have my friend Connie's bridal shower. The rest of the week, work and tutoring. Also getting everything ready for our Engagement Party on the 10th. Have to phone some people to see if they're coming. Prepare food, more decorations, buy a nice new outfit for me to wear to the party. Very important!! After the engagement party we're having our friends over at Jared's place for another get together. Just to hang out and chat. The Sunday after the engagement party I have my End of the year staff Christmas lunch.

The following weekend, the 16th my school Christmas concert with a special visit from Santa Jared. He does such an awesome job my fiance!! Will take tons of pics of course. The weekend of Dec 17th and 18th, Jared and I are going to Whistler for my Connie's wedding!! Yay!! So excited get to spend some alone time with Jared and celebrate my friends wedding. Take notes and of course get some ideas for my wedding!!

And in between all that I still need to go Christmas shopping, make some Christmas cards that I'm selling, and finish my own. And finish off my Christmas crafts. I love Christmas, all though this year it seems a little bit more busy with all the wedding stuff!! No worries!!