Thursday, December 29, 2005

Good News!!!

So, I have good sister Vanessa is coming home in February!! YAY!! She's still going to be a flight attendant but they've changed the rules; she doesn't need to be Toronto the whole time. Only when she's working. Instead she will be in Toronto for two weeks, while she works and then she will be two weeks at home. It does mean that she will be back and forth between Toronto and Vancouver, but that's okay at least she will be home and closer. I'm so excited now she can help me with all the wedding stuff. Both my sisters are maids of honor, couldn't choose. And one of the first things to do is go wedding dress shopping. I am SO excited. Also one more good thing another one of Jared's and I good friends, just got engaged!! YAY!! I'm so excited and happy for them. As promised my CJ pics will be up soon, have a good night all!! How do you like the pic of the future flight attendant of Air Canada Jazz, she looks good!!


Maria said...

Great picture of your sister! So glad to hear the good news about her being able to be home at least half the time! Don't forget to post pictures of the dress shopping day...this will be an exciting time for you!

sarah said...

That's great news!
What a cute picture of your sister!
A friend of mine has a sister & brother-in-law (his wife's sister) that are both pilots in Toronto. I'll have to find out what airline! :)

Can't wait to see your CJ! I get it first! woohoo! :)

Chris-el-da said...

hi val!
found you just out and about!
your sis is too cute!
glad she'll be closer home to you!
congrats on your upcoming wedding!
love the guestbook with the primas!
and the pic of you and "santa" freaked me out - i thought it was me! and we seriously look nothing alike. but still, there for a second after glancing at it, i was wondering why i was on your blog! hahaha!