Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas was good...

Christmas for me and my family was good. Saturday night, Christmas Eve was spent just Jared and I. For us, it was perfect. We had pizza, and watched t.v. Michael Buble was on, and the concert he did in L.A. Jared and I went to the concert together when he came in August. He's such an awesome singer, sings mostly all the classics from Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Ray Charles... and so on. Plus the fact that he's easy on the eyes. I left at about 9pm to go home and scrap, did some work on my CJ, I'm actually excited about how it's turning out. My goal is to mail it out tomorrow. Jared had some friens over to play Poker and just hang out, which was perfectly fine with me.

Christmas day, got up early and opened presents with my family. We did a Secret Santa with my family, because money is tigh with the wedding coming up!! My sister got Jared and I. We got matching slippers, and a cookbook. Has some yummy recipes that I will have to try out. Also got other things like; wool socks-needed them bad my feet are always cold, a cupe that says "Born to Scrapbook" cute, perfect for my coffee, and other things that I cannot remember at the moment. Then I went over to Jareds place so we could drive out to his parents place, they live about 45 minutes away, I hate the drive it takes forever. From his mom, I got a frying pan. Apparently it's a tradition in her family to give the daughters or daughter-in-laws a frying pan as part of making sure who's running the house, to the rule the roosr as she wrote in her card. She said to keep Jared in place. I have nothing to worry. But he's family spoiled me too, mostly got $$$ which I was totally not expecting, but very nice of course. Already went to the scrap store to spend some of it!! Then we left and went to his Grandparents house to say hi and all. As a wedding gift his grandparent are using their Air Mile points to pay for the flights to Hawaii for our honeymoon, very nice of them. Now have to figure out waht part of Hawaii we're going to. Drove back home to watch the Bears game, very important!! Of course, thank goodness they won, an extra Christmas present for Jared.

Dinner at my house was SO GOOD!! Had Mexican food, tamales, rice, beans and veggies. Love it!! I need to learn. Dessert was good, I love shortbread cookies and butter tarts, I think those two are my fave. Can't forget the Gingerbread men!! We always play some sort of game after dinner, the wrapping game we play very year. You need to unwrap a gift that has been wrapped over and over, with oven mitts while the person on you right is trying to roll doubles with the dies, so it can be their turn. Tons of fun, lots of laughing and of course in my family tons of screaming. I won!! YAY! Got some cool candle stuff.

After we went to Jared's friend Dan's house. They were having a little mini get together for all their friends. It was good, was super tired though. And it didn't help that I was sitting next to the fireplace. One of the things that we talked about, which is what Jared and I are kind of going through right now, is where to eat for the holidays, with which family. This year Christmas day was spent with Jared's family and then dinner at my parents. Jared's mom is already keeping tabs for next year, isn't that hard. So next year we're doing the same thing but switching families. It's hard, and apparently the couples that were at this house are going through the same thing. What do you do? Both, especially moms are upset, and in a way Jared and I are becoming our own family, so we need to do our own thing. I don't know. We never had this problem before, the past 7years we've gone each with our own family. Just kind of sucks.

Anyways, overall Christmas was good. I'm going to go and to some scrappin, finish my CJ and hopefully I will post some pics tomorrow!!


April said...

so glad you had an awesome xmas!
i need to work on my CJ on saturday...like all day. get it done & mail that sucker out!!
dont worry about the family/visit thing...itll work itself out.


Jamie said...

I'm SO glad that you had a super awesome Christmas! Sounds like you had a great time! I LOVE the frying pan! SO funny!

Maria said...

So glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas!!! It sounds like it was fun.
Can't wait to see your creations for the CJ.