Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Weekend in Whistler

Friday at my school we had our Christmas concert and Party with the children. We had a special performance that the children did with their music and movement teacher. Then the children san four songs that we've been practicing. They did such an awesome job, and they all looked so cute with their reindeer antlers, that we the teachers all made. Tons of prep work we had to do. But it was totally worth it. Then the children hoped and wished that Santa might come and stop by with some gifts. And lucky children guess who came....just to see the children's faces is totally woth it!! Here's a photo of Santa Jared with the soon to be Mrs. Claus.

Whistler was pretty and cold. So cold!! I am totally not made for this kind of weather. Jared and I took the bus up, takes about 2hours to get there. We were scared to drive because the highway winds up and down, and it can be very slippery with black ice. But the bus ride was not too bad. Just sat there on the bus looking at the beautiful scenery and reading. We walked around the Whislter village, I think one of the things we did most while up there wa eat and drink. One good way to keep yourself warm, especially with Baileys and hot chocolate, yummy!!

The wedding was so pretty. There was about 50 guest. The wedding took place in a lodge, so it was very cozy. The ceremony was in a tiny chapel next door. Very short ceremony my friend Connie had her dog as the ring bearer, so cute!! I wasn't able to get a pic of him though. It was SO COLD!! And the wind was cold too, so that didn't help. Jared and I sat right in front of the bar, perfect!! It was hard because we didn't know too many people. the only people I knew were the ones from the shower, and Connie's co-workers. But it was a good time!! Connie and her new husband Tyler said they can't wait for our wedding too. Me too!!

A view of the mountains, so pretty and cold.

Jared, in Whistler Village. This is his I'm smiling at the camera, stop taking pictures picture.

My good friend Connie, the bride. She looked so beautiful and she was just beaming all night. Her dress was gorgeous, her Mom made it for her.


Maria said...

Wow, what a beautiful view! Love that picture. Your friend does look lovely and I can't wait for your wedding either...you'll be posting pictures, right?
That was a great Santa pic too!

Alexandra Wieckowski said...

That santa pic is too cute! I can't wait to see pics from your wedding! Glad you had a nice time this weekend :D

April said...

that looks so beautiful!

santa jared is crackin me up...HAHA!


Jamie said...

Aw, it looks just beautiful! The bride looking gorgeous in her dress! I can't believe her mom made it! Crazy! :)