Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Engagement Party

The engagement party was so much fun and it turned out really well. Saturay started with me getting a manicure, I love getting them. I had to have my nails looking pretty since I was gonna be showing off my ring!! After I went to Jared's we ended up having a draw at the party and we had 5 gift basket that we gave away. Each one represented a little bit of us and what we like to do. The BIG prize was a bottle of wine, a giftcard for Starbucks, chocolates, a candle, some of my handmade Christmas cards and a git card to our fave restaurant. So, I had to put them all together. Then we went to go get some more booze, and decorations to decorate the hall. After went to Jared's brothers house to figure out music, he played music all night from his laptop.

Then, we met at the Richmond Nature Park, that's where we had the party. The hall was like a log cabin, very nice and cozy. We met there to decorate the hall and set things up. Jared did the bar, and I the decorations. Tons of Christmas decorations everywhere. And setting up the food. Before we knew it was almost 6:30pm, and we had to go home and change. The party started at 7pm. Rushed home and changed. I was so worried about what I was going to wear but it turned out. I bought this pretty lacy skirt and wore it with a pretty sparkly sweater, and black camisole underneath. And my mama curled my hair, I loved it. I felt pretty!! My daddy called me a princess :) Jared looked handsome in his shirt and tie.

The party was tons of fun, Jared and I did rounds chatting with everybody. Jared did a speech and thanked everybody for coming, how happy he is that we're engaged and how much he loves me, and can't wait to marry me, melt my heart!! We did some dancing, my fave part I think, I love dancing with Jared, being in his arms. We danced to forgot the name of the song but it goes...Someday when I'm awfully low and the world is cold, I will feel a glow, just thinking of you and the way you look tonight....there we go it's called The way you look tonight. An old song, it's not our wedding song. But one of my fave songs anyways.

Overall it was extremely memorable, will still post more pics later, here are a few for now. Oh, and everyone said they had tons of fun which is good. Can't wait for the big day now!!

Jared and I. I love the picture, my friend took it. SO HAPPY!!

I got to show off my ring most of the night, which I don't mind doing at all. A-lot of girls were impressed at how WELL Jared did with the ring. I'm not complaining, I LOVE it!! The details about the ring; it's white gold, the sides have Celtic knot work, and the diamond is 1.1 carats, and is princess cut. Any more questions just ask me ;)

Jared and I dancing, here he's about to "dip" me. I loved dancing with him, I think I fell in love again with him all over again. Sorry about it being so dark and Jared's red eyes.

The super simple and easy guestbook I made for the party. We got so many nice comments. So, nice to read how many people are happy for us.


Maria said...

Oh I just love, love, love your engagement party sign in book! It's awesome! What a priceless thing for you to have! And I love reading all the details of the big day! Congratulations! I love your ring! WOW. Mine is also a princess cut. I just love that type of cut. My favorite! Great party, great post!

April said...

you two look so happy...so glad you had a good time. that ring is gorgeous, he DID do a good job!


Jamie said...

Oh, I'm so glad you had the best party! You two look absolutely adorable! I'm so glad you had the best time ever too. Yay. The ring is GORGEOUS!!!

sarah said...

Oh yes...he DID a great job on the ring! It's gorgeous!
I happy the party went so well!
You two look so happy in the picture - a great couple!

Maria said...

I love the new blog background! It looks great!

Alexandra Wieckowski said...

So happy you had such a lovely time! Love the photos of you two, your gorgeous ring and he guest book is beautiful! Can't wait to see Wedding photos!!!!

kristi sauer said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! Yay for you guys!