Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hear none..speak none..

So, I started off my week with not being able to hear out of my right ear.Which totally sucks!! It throws you off, completely!! Yesterday I went to the walk in clinic to get my ear flushed. But, I woke up with no voice. Actually it started Monday night but was totally gone Tuesday!! Which kind of makes it worse, not hearing and not being able to talk!! Once my ear was flushed, and I could hear felt better. But, my voice...slowly disappearing!! Apparently I have a virus..great!! Well I was kind of hoping to wake up with a voice this morning but, nope still gone. It's more husky than anything, cannot talk loud at all. Try talking to 3 and 4 year olds in circle... very difficult. As of right now it's still gone...I;m hoping that I wake up with my voice tomorrow morning.

Jared and I went to visit the decorator, well kind she's the supplier for all the decorations at the wedding, recommended by our fabulous decorator!! who totally rocks!! Anyways we were running late and I phoned to let her know that we would be about 10 minutes and since I have no voice it was a little hard. Well, I was a little mad after I got off the phone, apparently she had scheduled us for a 1:30pm start work at 12:15pm not possible. Well she ended up meeting us at 11:20am..and apologized for she had boo-booed, she remembered our conversation and just had forgotten to change the time. Ugh!! Nothing big!! But it was completely rushed!! And she seemed a bit of ditz, out to lunch...anyways!! That's done with!!

Oh yeah I did get my ring looks fabulous back on my finger...I'm happy :)

This weekend Jared and I are going to a combined bachelor/bachelorette party up in Salmon Arm. Whichi is about a 5 1/2 hour!! cna't stand being in the car that long!! It's for a good friend of his, he's a groomsmen in his wedding, and he's a groomsmen in our wedding. I'm feeling a little nervous...we're going house boating...and I don't know these people too well either. Jared wanted me to go, so I'm going!! I'm not a big fan of boats either, and scared of being left alone. So, think of me, hopefully my voice will come back before then..and the whole boat thing goes well. I will try to take some pics, hopefully no rain!! Have an awesome weekend everybody!!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Wedding Dress Excitement!!

So, glad it is Friday!! The weekend is here which is awesome!! Short week for us here in Canada, thanks to Victoria Day on Monday!!

Anyways, Wednesday I had my first appointment for my wedding dress alterations. I went with my sister Olga and my good friend Connie!! We had tons of fun!! Lots of chatting and laughing!! Olga and Connie get along so well, which is totally awesome!! We had some dinner at the mall before going to the bridal shoppe. I was so excited to try my dress on again. The last time I had it on was in January when we went dress shopping. Just in case some of you don't know it was the first dress I tried on. And it totally hit me, I knew it, had tears on my eyes!! So, I was excited!!

I put my dress on, with the shoes and came out!! Connie had not seen the dress yet, she loved it. It SO goes with the whole Scottish themed wedding. I was all smiles. JUST SO HAPPY!! Althought the seamstress was a real COW!! And her name is Olga too!! Good thing my sister is awesome!! Because if I did not know another Olga, she would totally give the name Olga a bad rep. And you don't hear that name too often!! Besides the seamstress, it was awesome!! Took TONS of pics!! More Olga and Connie!! Everytime I looked they were clicking away!! Did get tons of good shots. Which all of you will have to wait..I don't want Jared reading the blog and seeing me in my dress. But, if your that desperate in seeing..I do not mind sharing through, let me know :) I'd be happy too!! I will share a pic of the three of us at Starbucks after chatting away and giggling away too!! Tons of fun!! Gotta go get these pics developed so, I can scrap them!!

I'm all smiles!! SO, my weekend. Gotta go get some passport pics done tomorrow!! And Sunday...looks like I will FINALLY get my engagement ring back!! Have been LOST without it!! It's been three weeks!! Cannot wait to see it!! Hope you all have a fab weekend!! Take care!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Going Up...

Hate how the weekends just fly by!! Even long weekends!! My weekend was good!! Saturday tutored French in the morning and then went to my friends house for my hair consultation with her sister!! So, I decided on up (tried to do a witty title about it, seems okay but makes me think of Shania Twain's song) and some curls. I love how it turned out and how it looks with the veil and the tiara!! It's pretty much exactly as I pictured it. With my bangs placed on the side. I figured all of it up, just so it's out of the way. I've posted some pics, but I will save the ones with the tiara and the veil until the wedding day so, you all can see it with the dress. I love it!!

The rest of Saturday was spent just being lazy, doing some scrapping..good times!! Totally relaxing!!

Sunday I went with my good friend Connie to Langley, about 45 minutes from my house to go and check out some scrap stores. There is a huge one with tons of goodies and the other store just tends to have a different variety of things. had luch at Tim Hortons, donuts are always good. And basically just shopped and shopped. I feel so, bad I should not be spending too much money. That's okay, I figure the next time I do a major shopping trip with scrapping supplies will be after the wedding. We had tons of fun!! Chatting away a mile a minute!! Fun!! Watched Desperate Housewives, definelty interesting will have to see what happens in the new season!!

Monday, slept late and basically scrapped all afternoon, didn't feel too bad since it was raining outside. Scrapped until I had to go tutor!! I'm working on a little album for Jared that I am going to give to him as a gift before the wedding!!

And Jared called me on Monday after I finished tutoring!! He actually called me everyday of the stag weekend while he was away. Twice while he was drunk, and once sober. The drunken conversations were basically hard to understand, lots of I love you's, and having the phone passed around to all of his friends. Fun, which were also very intoxicated!! I saw him last night after tutoring, and I got to hear some of the stories..nothing as bad as I was expecting. Which is good. Bascially lots of drinking, lots of beer, and lots of good times. All of his freinds had a good time as well. In all Jared said there were 25guys that went up to Whistler for his stag!! WOW!! Mr Popular!! I'm just glad that he's home, that he had a good time and that it didn't get to wild as I thought it would've.

Well I hope everybody had an AWESOME weekend..I'm so excited tomorrow I go for my dress alterations...YAY!! Will take some pics!!

Friday, May 19, 2006

It's a LOOOONG Weekend!!

Thankgoodness it is Friday!! And it is a long weekend too!! So, happy!! Victoria day is on Monday, here in Canada. So, we get an extra day off!! YAY!!

Jared left today for Whistler, for his stag!! Whistler is one of our local mountains up here, with like a small village. It's the place for the 2010 Olympic Winter games!! It's small but, it's really pretty and there's tons of restaurants and bars!! Like a European skiing village. I talked to him after school for a bit, and I could tell in his voice that he was already very happy!! I can't wait until he comes home, already. His friends are going to get him SO drunk. He was telling me that he didn't want to get so drunk but, that's going to happen anyways. I just want someone to take care of him since, I will not be there. He can be either really funny drunk or the one who wants to fight everyone, that one is not fun!! I know certain friends will take care of him, and his brother will for sure but, still I worry!! He comes back on Sunday. I told him to call me when he is coherent, which wil probably be on Monday. I know he will have a good time.

My weekend is spent doing wedding stuff, and hanging out with friends. Saturday I am teaching French in the morning and then after I'm going to my friend's house, her sister is a hair dresser and we are having a bridal hair consultation. I am excited, I get to bring my veil and tiara. For all of you who are married, tell me what did you do with your hair? Up or down? I'll probably put it up, but I want lots of curlies..we'll see, I will take pics!!

Sunday I'm getting together with my friend Connie and we're going to the scrap store, and do a little shopping!! I'm excited!! Love to shop, and for scrap stuff too!! WOOHOO!! Plan to do a little scrapping as well this weekend!!

Before I forget, I have good news!! Two things!! First Jared got hired again with the landscaper that he worked with almost all last spring and summer!! Which is awesome, we definetly need some more moolah for the wedding!! I'm happy about that!! Also may suck a little too, 'cause that means he'll be working more and less time together but, that's okay, soon we'll be sick of each other once I move in!! I find it hard right now too, though with our schedules, and work!! And when we do see each other there's always talk about the wedding and what we need to do. I miss talking about nothing and everything. Soon. The second piece of good sister , well my half sister is coming to the wedding!! YAY!! I'm so happy and excited!! We RSVP by email, and she sent me an email saying how happy she is coming, and that she wants to be there for me, and that she misses and loves me..and wants to get together soon and catch up. I was almost crying when I read the email. this could be it, she's really back in my life!! So, I have to call her and we're going to go out!! Definetly but a smile on my face!!

Well I hope evryone has a fab weekend!! And I will let you know how Jared does with the boys this weekend!! Hopefully nothing too crazy!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My Ultimate DREAM Vacation~Blogging Babes CJ

So, I was all ready to post all my pics of my CJ yesterday and excited too!! Then, Blogger was being difficult, and so I couldn't so, it is in two parts!! Honestly I think I went a little CRAZY with the CJ, I had tons of fun, and all these ideas for it!! Like the map, and the postcards. Wanted it to feel like you had actually been on a trip...and I think I acheived it!! I cannot wait to see what all you fabulous babes put in there...

The cover of my CJ, I absolutely love how it turned out!! Totally the way I pictured it, love when that happens!!

My title page...

It continues...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The continuation of...My Ultimate DREAM Vacation~Blogging Babes CJ

Here it continues....

My sign in page...tried to fit in as much in fo as I can!!

Here is my map, that I thought it would be cool to do. They say that it's a small world and I thought it would be cool to see exactly where all of us have been on vacation before. Thought it would be fun!! It was so hard to find a small map, kind of, to fit into the CJ!!

Here is my ultimate DREAM vacation...Paris...oh lalala!! One day I will go, hopefully sooner rather than later. I found the pics in a travel book I have of Paris, I had such a hard time cutting the pics out, but I did it!! I love how it turned out!!

Send me a postcard, almost like your "really" on vacation ;)

Monday, May 15, 2006

2 months...60 days...

We're almost there, can you believe it?! I'm getting excited...and a little nervous!! It's just flying by, the days...almost!! Today is also the day of ship out for Blogging Babes CJ...YAY!! I promise to post pics either tonight or tomorrow...hope evryone had a fabulous weekend!!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

What A Week...

That is how my week has been, busy!! Now that the wedding is getting closer so, much more to do. We had meetings with the caterer and decorator, handing out invitations and mailing them too. Picking up kilt fabric, dealing with the florists..we're having issues... but, I guess I had to have at least one thing. Plus I still have to work and tutor...I was looking forward to the weekend.

This morning I spent some quality time with my mama. We went to the mall to go look at shoes for the wedding, and just hang out!! It was fun!! Got to chat tons, and drink coffee, which is always good!! And she told me how much she's going to miss me when, I leave and how the house is going to be different without me there. We both almost started crying in the cafe. For me it's going to be hard, I know it, I'm spoiled and moving out with Jared will be different. But I'm ready and excited!! And I know I will be over tons, especially with Jared working mostly nights. I'll be over for dinner tons. But hanging out with my mom this morning totally made me realize how we have to do it more often.

The rest of my day was spent hanging out more with both my mom and dad. Went to go buy some flowers for my mom for Mother's Day tomorrow. And saw Jared too for a bit..check out what I got..oh an here's my tag for April!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY APRIL!!! Hope you had a fabulous birthday!!

Look what I got from Jared, he was being difficult this week or should I say a KNOB...his pick of vocab not me...what a sweetie...lucky me!!

The rest of my weekend will be spent scrapping, my Blogging Babes CJ goes out on Monday..cannot wait to share!! And tomorrow Jared and I are going to go and pick up my engagement ring. It's been gone all week for sizing, and I have missed it so. My finger looks so naked with just the promise ring that Jared gave me almost 7years ago....cannot wait to get the sparkler back on. Hope evryone has a fab weekend!! And happy mother's day to all you wonderful mama's!!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

For your viewing pleasure...

The invitations are done. YAY!! Jared and I went to Office Depot yesterday to make the copies of the maps of the venues. All 200 of them. Fun!! Then, my sister Olga helped me "stuff" them. All we have to do now is address them, which we will do later today and mail off the ones that are out of town. The invitations look so much better in real life, the picture don't do any justice to the invitations and all the hard work that I did on them. The red and blue are all colors taken from the kilt. I hope you all like them!!

A close-up of the celtic "seal." And you can see also a bit the stamped strip also stamped with a celtic design. It's hard to see'cause it's stamped with a Versamark watermark pad.

The inside of the invite...

Well I hope it was all worth the wait to see them!! I am just so HAPPY that they are done. Huge relief...hope everyone has a fabulous Sunday!!

Don't mind me...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Been sick...

Had this nasty cold the past couple of days. It totally sucked!! Started at 3am Sunday morning, with my nose and I had problems breathing. I think that was a kind of a panic attack. That was me freaking out about the wedding, which is weird because I don't think I have been stressing out too much. I can partly blame Jared 'cause he was a TOOL on the weekend!! ANd difficult and so many other things that I totally did not feel like dealing with. Everything's okay and he apologized. So, as for the wedding invitations. I printed out the invitations, and the reply cards. Those are done. As are the gift registry cards. All we need to do is the map for the ceremony and reception site. That's Jared's job and address them as well. That will be done on the weekend. Which means I can finally show all of you soon...tomorrow or Friday, I promise!!

Booked by apppointment with the Bridal Shoppe for my wedding dress alterations, I'm so excited!! Just to wear the dress again. Getting a hair cut on Saturday, excited too!! My hair is just WAY too long, needs a cut. And so unhealthy too!! Love going to the hair salon!!

Now some pics!! These are my entries for Chriselda's WHITE circle journal.Totally fun to do. And totally made me think, which was fun!! I hope you like them Chriselda :)

This is my first page in the cj...

And the second page....

So glad, it is Wednesday and we are half way to the weekend!! Hope everyone has a fabulous rest of the week!!