Saturday, May 13, 2006

What A Week...

That is how my week has been, busy!! Now that the wedding is getting closer so, much more to do. We had meetings with the caterer and decorator, handing out invitations and mailing them too. Picking up kilt fabric, dealing with the florists..we're having issues... but, I guess I had to have at least one thing. Plus I still have to work and tutor...I was looking forward to the weekend.

This morning I spent some quality time with my mama. We went to the mall to go look at shoes for the wedding, and just hang out!! It was fun!! Got to chat tons, and drink coffee, which is always good!! And she told me how much she's going to miss me when, I leave and how the house is going to be different without me there. We both almost started crying in the cafe. For me it's going to be hard, I know it, I'm spoiled and moving out with Jared will be different. But I'm ready and excited!! And I know I will be over tons, especially with Jared working mostly nights. I'll be over for dinner tons. But hanging out with my mom this morning totally made me realize how we have to do it more often.

The rest of my day was spent hanging out more with both my mom and dad. Went to go buy some flowers for my mom for Mother's Day tomorrow. And saw Jared too for a bit..check out what I got..oh an here's my tag for April!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY APRIL!!! Hope you had a fabulous birthday!!

Look what I got from Jared, he was being difficult this week or should I say a KNOB...his pick of vocab not me...what a sweetie...lucky me!!

The rest of my weekend will be spent scrapping, my Blogging Babes CJ goes out on Monday..cannot wait to share!! And tomorrow Jared and I are going to go and pick up my engagement ring. It's been gone all week for sizing, and I have missed it so. My finger looks so naked with just the promise ring that Jared gave me almost 7years ago....cannot wait to get the sparkler back on. Hope evryone has a fab weekend!! And happy mother's day to all you wonderful mama's!!


BR@NDY said...

Awesome Tag! I can't wait to see the CJ. The wedding is just around the corner. I am sure everything will be perfect. Love the invites by the way!

Felicia said...

That tag is so cute!

I can't wait to see the CJ!

maria said...

Gorgeous tag!

monica said...

Flowers, COOL!!!!

I really like the tag and can't wait to see the CJ!!!

Kat said...

how sweet!
love the tag, fabulous
can't wait to see the cj!
happy mothers day to you, too : )

Anonymous said...

pretty flowers! sounds like you had some awesome quality time with your mom this weekend. and I can't wait to see the CJ too!