Sunday, January 28, 2007

The latest

With Jared woking most of the weekend, I've been a mad scrapper this weekend!! Did a bunch of pages, made some cards, and working on my new CJ!! Did finish my hat, but I will post my modelling pics later!! Enjoy!!

Might do a little bit more scrapping later but, for now I think I should go take my shower!! Going to the mall for a bit with Jared before he goes to work!! Happy Sunday to everybody!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Go Bears!!

My husband is very happy!! His Bears are going to the Super Bowl!! It was so cute to see him yesterday morning, he woke up early because he couldn't sleep. He was just too excited about the game. I was in the bedroom doing some scrapbooking and listening to my iPod with the earphones and I couldn't still here him screaming and yelling. He was all smiles for the rest of the day!!

I did manage to finish almost two layouts while Jared was watching the game. Will post them soon!! And I finished my tuque but I think it won't fit, it looks too small to me. I will have to take it over to my Mom's so she can check it for me!! I have a feeling I will have to start again!! Oh well!! The fahion show will have to wait.

My weekend was very quiet, hung out with parents on Saturday all day, stayed for dinner which is always good. And we watched the Italian Job, I really like that movie, it's good. Makes me want to go out and buy a Mini, cute cars!!

Jared and I are trying to save some money. Some unexpected stuff came up. And it's hard. We started since the first of January and I think we are doing good so far. I have been good, haven't bought any scrap stuff..only with gift certificates, and Starbucks is still being bought with gift cards from the kids that I got as Christmas presents..which is nice!! So I guess in all it's not really that hard, just discipline..I have to just keeping thinking of all the $$ we will have saved!! We want to buy a house soon..the people who live upstairs are bugging us..and we want our own place.

I hope evryone had a good weekend!! Got some scrappin' done!! Thankgoodness Monday is almost over!! How many more days until the weekend..I'm awful!! Better go and eat some dinner before I go tutor!! Later!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cold, Comfty and Creative...

Pretty snazzy title for this post, eh?!It's been SO cold the past couple of days!! We've been getting freezing weather and snow too!! I'm ready for the summer..keep looking at the pics of Hawaii and I SO wish I was there right now. We had our last dump of snow today, of course according to the weatherman and that it should be getting warmer the next couple of days. Which is good because I'm ready for it to go away!! It does look SO pretty with all the white on the ground but I'm ready for it to go!!

Well because it has been so cold all I've been really doing is staying home and keeping warm inside. Watching some tv and doing tons of scrapping. Which is always fun!! I'm loving it, have my iPod on in my ears and sitting on the floor and just playing with all my scrappy stuff. Especially now that it is all nice and organized!! Have been wanting to shar some of my latest pages, which I am lovin' have been doing quite a bit of wedding pages especially with some of my fave the kissing one...tell me what you think...

Jared teased me for doing a page about the puppy we almost got. I had to, he's too cute and I was wanting to use the new KI pet it!! Besides scrapping I've been doing some knitting. Getting back into it again. I first learned how to crochet and now I'm doing some more knitting now. It's fun!! I usually do it infront of the tv while watching something!! I started making a scarf over the winter break, this chunky and really pretty one I saw in Martha Stewart's Holiday magazine, and I wanted to make one so, my mom helped me. I'm good with the kknitting part but, starting off and ending, still not so much. So my mom helped me to finish it off on Sunday and I really love how it turned out, and it's so warm too.

Not the greatest pic of me but, we're focusing on the scarf!! Now I'm working on a tuque to go with the scarf. It's a litle bit harder 'cause you have to count and follow instructions at least with the scarf you just go!! But so far not too bad!! And when I'm done I will do a fashion shoot and model them for you!!

In the pic you can see a little bit of my organized bookshelf with all my scrappy stuff!! I'm just lovin' all the organization!! Anyways countdown to the weekend..we're getting there..I know it's only Tuesday but a least tomorrow is Wednesday!! Have a super week everybody!!

Friday, January 12, 2007


Thank goodness it is Friday!! I'm so glad the week is over and the weekend is upon us!! Had another interesting week!! I hate when things are going so well and then your smacked in the face with another thing going wrong. But we'll get through it, I'm not worried.

Anyways my plans for the weekend. Will do some scrapping tonight and tomorrow!! Jared's working until late today and tomorrow. And Sunday we will probably hang out, I know watching the Bears will most likely happen but I'm looking forward to some time with my hubby!! We've been busy all week with work and different schedules!!

Also wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAINA!! I hope you had an awesome and relaxing day!! Big hugs!! ;)

Okay I'm going to go and see if I can find something for dinner!! Hope everyone has a super weekend!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Tagged by Amy...

The fabulous Amy tagged me so, here goes!!

A= Available~ Nope I am happily married!! YAY!!
B= Best Friend~ Jared of course, and many best girlfriends!!
C= Cake or pie~ Both, I love desserts of any kind!!
D= Drink of choice~ A Flirtini, they make at the restaurant that Jared works at, it's so yummy and it's pink!!
E= Essential item you use everyday~ My cell phone, my computer, my iPod, lipgloss and Aveda hand cream.
F= Favorite color~ Blue, but I'm really more into pink right too now!!
G= Gummy bears or worms~ Love the Gummy bears!!
H= Hometown~ Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.
I= Indulgences~ Hmmm....chocolate, coffee, scrapbooking, foot baths...
J= January or February~ February..means parent/teacher conferences are almost having those almost done!!
K= Kids ans Names~ No kids yet, but we do have names picked out for sure!!
L= Life is incomplete without?~ My family!!
M= Marriage date~ July 15th, 2006 I can't believe it's already almost six months since the wedding..time flies!!
N= Number of siblings~ Two younger sisters, and I have two older half-sisters!!
O= Oranges or apples~ Apples, especially Gala apples!!
P= Phobias or Fears~ Death
Q= Favorite Quote~ I have so many but I like this one 'cause it's simple..."Live, Love, Laugh"
R= Reason to smile~ Being alive and being loved by Jared and my family!!
S= Season~ Love the summer, love the heat!! Don't do well with the cold!!
T= Tag 3 or 4 people~ Sarah, Kristi, Raina, Alice
U= Unknown fact about me~
V= Vegetable you don't like~ Brussel Sprouts
W= Worst habit~ Biting my nails!!
X= X-rays~ Never had one!!
Y= Your favorite food~ Pasta
Z= Zodiac Sign~ I'm a Cancer.

That was fun to do!! Have to enjoy my last two days, I go back to school on Monday!! Going to be so hard, I've been so lazy and relaxing the past two weeks. It will be hard to get back into routine. Probably not going to do too much today and tomorrow, most definetly some scrapbooking, really haven't done any over the break. More cleaning and organizing. Which is good. But I'm feeling inspired so I must scrap!! Especially now that my scrap crap is organized, not on the floor and has a home!! Looks all pretty organized!!

Still trying to figure our the whole header thing on my blog, any help will still be greatly appreciated!! Thankyou in advance!!
Anyways have an awesome weekend!!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Help Needed..

How you liking my new banner?! Isn't it so pretty!! Kristi made it for me!! I figured out how to get it on the blog but, now I need help getting rid of the "The Life of Mrs Magoo" underneath!! Anybody can help me?! Will be greatly apprecited!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!!

I hope everybody had a fabulous New Year's. Jared and I didn't do anything exciting, ordered pizza and watched movies. We made some martinis, Crantinis, they were delicious!! Love them!!

So, it's my last week of Christmas holidays. Not going to do much. Want to keep cleaning the house, it's funny 'cause every year around New Year's I just feel the need to clean. Things around the house are coming along. Have all of my scrap stuff organized on the bookshelf that i brought over from my parents house, still have so much stuff over there. Slowly but surely it's making its way over here!! It's hard though, we have no room here!! Totally want to do some scrapping too, feel inspired now that all my stuff is organized!! Will see some friends and hang out with my family. Hung out with my sister today, we went shopping!! Tons of fun!!

No crazy resolutions for me this year. The usual as every year; Save money, that's a big one..want a house very soon, try to exercise... well at least go for walks twice a week, that's a realistic start for me, and spend more time with my hubby, family and friends..that one is pretty easy!!

Hope everybody is having a good week so far, I'm going to go and take down the Christmas decorations!! Later!!