Monday, January 22, 2007

Go Bears!!

My husband is very happy!! His Bears are going to the Super Bowl!! It was so cute to see him yesterday morning, he woke up early because he couldn't sleep. He was just too excited about the game. I was in the bedroom doing some scrapbooking and listening to my iPod with the earphones and I couldn't still here him screaming and yelling. He was all smiles for the rest of the day!!

I did manage to finish almost two layouts while Jared was watching the game. Will post them soon!! And I finished my tuque but I think it won't fit, it looks too small to me. I will have to take it over to my Mom's so she can check it for me!! I have a feeling I will have to start again!! Oh well!! The fahion show will have to wait.

My weekend was very quiet, hung out with parents on Saturday all day, stayed for dinner which is always good. And we watched the Italian Job, I really like that movie, it's good. Makes me want to go out and buy a Mini, cute cars!!

Jared and I are trying to save some money. Some unexpected stuff came up. And it's hard. We started since the first of January and I think we are doing good so far. I have been good, haven't bought any scrap stuff..only with gift certificates, and Starbucks is still being bought with gift cards from the kids that I got as Christmas presents..which is nice!! So I guess in all it's not really that hard, just discipline..I have to just keeping thinking of all the $$ we will have saved!! We want to buy a house soon..the people who live upstairs are bugging us..and we want our own place.

I hope evryone had a good weekend!! Got some scrappin' done!! Thankgoodness Monday is almost over!! How many more days until the weekend..I'm awful!! Better go and eat some dinner before I go tutor!! Later!!


Alice Valentine said...

Isn't it hard to save money? I'm so bad at it. I always say to myself, "what's one coffee?". But they all add up fast! It's exciting that you're saving up for a home. I am so lucky to own a condo at my age, but it also requires lots of money. However, when you stop throwing away money on rent and start using it for something you OWN... it is such a great feeling.

still brainstorming for the journal!

Chrissy said...

I hear ya - we're in the same boat... trying to save up for a house, now that we're all married up.

Sooooo not easy to do!