Saturday, January 06, 2007

Tagged by Amy...

The fabulous Amy tagged me so, here goes!!

A= Available~ Nope I am happily married!! YAY!!
B= Best Friend~ Jared of course, and many best girlfriends!!
C= Cake or pie~ Both, I love desserts of any kind!!
D= Drink of choice~ A Flirtini, they make at the restaurant that Jared works at, it's so yummy and it's pink!!
E= Essential item you use everyday~ My cell phone, my computer, my iPod, lipgloss and Aveda hand cream.
F= Favorite color~ Blue, but I'm really more into pink right too now!!
G= Gummy bears or worms~ Love the Gummy bears!!
H= Hometown~ Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.
I= Indulgences~ Hmmm....chocolate, coffee, scrapbooking, foot baths...
J= January or February~ February..means parent/teacher conferences are almost having those almost done!!
K= Kids ans Names~ No kids yet, but we do have names picked out for sure!!
L= Life is incomplete without?~ My family!!
M= Marriage date~ July 15th, 2006 I can't believe it's already almost six months since the wedding..time flies!!
N= Number of siblings~ Two younger sisters, and I have two older half-sisters!!
O= Oranges or apples~ Apples, especially Gala apples!!
P= Phobias or Fears~ Death
Q= Favorite Quote~ I have so many but I like this one 'cause it's simple..."Live, Love, Laugh"
R= Reason to smile~ Being alive and being loved by Jared and my family!!
S= Season~ Love the summer, love the heat!! Don't do well with the cold!!
T= Tag 3 or 4 people~ Sarah, Kristi, Raina, Alice
U= Unknown fact about me~
V= Vegetable you don't like~ Brussel Sprouts
W= Worst habit~ Biting my nails!!
X= X-rays~ Never had one!!
Y= Your favorite food~ Pasta
Z= Zodiac Sign~ I'm a Cancer.

That was fun to do!! Have to enjoy my last two days, I go back to school on Monday!! Going to be so hard, I've been so lazy and relaxing the past two weeks. It will be hard to get back into routine. Probably not going to do too much today and tomorrow, most definetly some scrapbooking, really haven't done any over the break. More cleaning and organizing. Which is good. But I'm feeling inspired so I must scrap!! Especially now that my scrap crap is organized, not on the floor and has a home!! Looks all pretty organized!!

Still trying to figure our the whole header thing on my blog, any help will still be greatly appreciated!! Thankyou in advance!!
Anyways have an awesome weekend!!


melissa said...

what a great tag ;) and your new banner is so pretty-love it!

I know how you feel when it comes to going back to school after a 2 week break..I'm definitely not looking forward to

Raina* said...

Oh my, I've been tagged!!!
Ok, will get this done tonight or tomorrow.

Chrissy said...

Love the new banner... geez, everbody's getting great new banners these day!

I had the worst time heading back to work too... not easy at all!

Glad to see you back posting!

Jill said...

this is such a fun tag, love that quote :)

~currant7 said...

wow! great job!

love the new banner! wonderful wonderful job!!!