Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Nervous and Excited

I have been meaning to post earlier but, last week was so busy. I was trying to finish up all mu Stampin'Up stuff. I had my first workshop this past Sunday. In the beginning I was more excited than nervous but, as soon as I got to the place, I got really nervous and a bit shaky. Almost how I used to feel when we would have to do speeches in front of the class in high school. But it was good. Luckily it was mostly in front of people I knew, my sil, and Jared's brother girlfriend. Everybody was really easy going and it was fun!! And I did well in sales which is good and made a little moolah!! Always good!!

I also started a blog for my Stampin'Up stuff. I'm planning on posting about my workshops, classes I am offering, specials, and different projects. Basically anything I can think of. So, please check me out!! And leave me a comment!!
It's Stamps, Ink and Paper

So, I was bad. Jared and I are trying to figure out this whole $$$ thing and saving so, we've kind of started a budget and I went a little crazy last week and bought a couple of things. I feel bad. I have been thinking about taking the things back but, Jared says not to worry about it. But it's hard. And I was doing so well for a bit..gotta get back on track!!

Super excited that this week is a short week!! I get the day off on Friday!! We have a province wide teacher professional day!! YAY!! I have no meetings or conferences to go to so, I get the day off!! Super excited!! Might go and get my hair don, I am debating it now because of the $$$ thing, but sleeping in and scrapping is definetly on the list!! And I need to plant some bulbs finally for the Spring!! Maybe some cleaning..we'll see how I am feeling!!

That's it for now, more to come soon!! Have a super wek!! Ciao!!


Kristi Sauer said...

We have state-wide conferences this Thurs-Fiday so I get those days off too. woo hoo!

sarah said...

i totally need to make a budget and stick to it. it's so hard!