Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ten on Tuesday!!

Things are good. Life is busy this week!! Thought I would post ten today!!

1. I got some happy mail love yesterday!! My kit from Sistv, cannot wait to play this weekend!!
2. So excited for Friday..will share soon!!
3. I might have to find another job, which makes me sad. Haven't done my resume and job interview in so long.
4. Went to Costco with my Mom this morning, had fun with her but I picked up the book Eat, Love, Pray..so excited to read it!!
5. I have another Stampin'Up workshop on Sunday..excited about it!!
6. Hubby and I are staying in for Halloween tomorrow and watching movies. Looking forward to time with him!!
7. Just found out that the Gingerbread Latte from Starbucks come out on November 6th!! Love that drink!!
8. According to one of the boys in my class I am a "fabulous gluer" I told him it was my calling in life ;)
9. Finally emptied my camera. It was full of pictures, now I just need to put it on disk!!
10. Used my new purse today, finally!! I love it!!

Happy Halloween Everybody!! Take care!!


Kristi *sweet* Sauer said...

Whats up with the job situation?? Are you talking next year or during this year????
I hate that feeling, I go through it every spring :(

BR@NDY said...

your are hilarious...do you think there might be a new career in the making for a PROFESSIONAL Gluer? Thanks for the heads up on the gingerbread at starbucks...might have to break my no caffenine rule for it. SHHHH it will be our secret. (this comment will explode in 2 hours)

Alice Valentine said...

Happy Halloween hun!

Elizabeth said...

fun list!! love the lattes too... such a sweet indulgence around the holidays!!
your pages are great. glad you got some time to scrap!! and from a much previos post... your hair is gorgeous! such a pretty color!