Monday, February 19, 2007

Got my Scrap on!!

Yes I did!! Most of the weekend anyways!! Saturday I had a scrap date with my good friend Connie. She came over for most of the afternoon and we scrapped, and ate and drank coffee and or course chatted tons, like we always do!! I only managed to finish one page when she came over but I continued until almost midnight, Jared picked up a shift at the restaurant so I was by myself. I was so into it that when it came to dinner I was not wanting to make myself anything too big so guess what I had?! It's awful but it was SO good..cheesecake and ice cream. Jared found this Haagen-Daas ice cream that we've been looking for awhile now and fianlly found it!! It's called Mayan's so yummy!! Totally tastes like Mexican chocolate!!

I realized certain things while I was scarpping....I think I am obsessed with chipboard, mostly alphabets. I was going through my stash and realized how many packages of Basic Grey alphabets I have. Not only the alphabets but the numbers and elements packages too. I am in love with buttons!! I used on almost page I made also the Doodlebug paper frils..I love them so easy and so girly!! Lovin' the color orange right now must be the dutch side of me. And when I scrap older pics, like of me and my sisters growing up I get all emotional..must be the memories..a couple of tears were shed while making those pages.

Sunday was good, I got to spend some time with my gorgeous hubby!! We went for a walk, which was good, it felt good to be with him and chat. I love him so much. And with work and other things going on, things have been difficult but being with him yesterday made me realize even more how much I love him. Okay don't mind me I am getting all sappy now. But realizing now that things are good and will only get better. I made dinner..Shake 'n Bake chicken, I love it and I could eat it everyday.
Anybody watched Desperate Housewives or Brothers and Sisters last night?! They were good, two of my fave shows right now.

That's it for now. Hope everyone had a good weekend!!


Levi said...

lovin the peeking and heart layouts. isn't it funny how concerned we both are about recipes and cooking LOL

sarah said...

what awesome pages val!
you sure did have your scrap on!

LOVE that mayan chocolate ice cream!

BR@NDY said...

You have skills chickie. I am in ah of all of them. I think I scrap better alone. I talk too much. First step is admitting it. hehe. Glad you had a fantastic weekend.

Jill said...

awesome pages, Val!! i love the colors on the Dutch girls page. so fun!!!

Alice Valentine said...

Love these so much! You have such a great style, and are totally making me want to get back in to scrapping. I hope the journal will kick things off for me... I have so many photo's that I want to scrapbook (not to mention a gazillion supplies)! LOVE the old photo's, especially the pajama dancers. I have photo's of my sister and I doing the same thing!

Kristi said...

Wow!!! Awesome layouts Val!! Love the heart frame too!

Maria said...

Awesome pages Valery! So good to see you scrapping again! :)