Monday, August 27, 2007

Taking It All In...

So, it's basically my last week of summer holidays..kind of. I do have to go into the class tomorrow and Wednesday but, that's probably it. Just to move things around and organize things. Ugh. I don't want to go back. I know I've already complained but it's the truth so, bear with me. I am excited to see the children again and meet the new ones starting and maybe kind of excited to see my co-workers but there's other things that are not too great. Let's just hope there is no drama this year, 'cause I don't know if I will be able to deal with it. Let's just say it might be time for a change soon. Oh, and getting a paycheck is always good!!

The weekend was good. Friday got together with Connie and we scrapped the day away. It was fun. A good last summer scrap session before going back to school. We watched some movies while we scrapped away..The Devil Wears Prada...LOVE that movie and LOVE Anne Hathaway and watched The Three was my fave movie when I was small, my sisters and I used to rent it all the time, like every weekend. It's so funny. Love it!! Got to play with some of my new Stampin'Up scrap post more of those pages later when I am done.

Saturday was my Mom's birthday. She finally turned 26years old...after being 25 for the past what 10years or something ;) It was good, my sisters and I cooked dinner for her. It was yummy!! My Dad got her a digital camera so, she was pretty excited!!

Love this pic of my parents!!

Sunday I basically scrapped most of the day away!! Trying to get lots in!!Here they are..these are with the July kit at SOMO

And some more...

And this page. I love it. I made my parents for Mother's and Father's day some mini albums filled with quotes and pics and I came across this quote and loved it, 'cause it's so true. Had to do a page with it!! The quote says "The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother." ~Theodore Hesburg

One thing I missed was that Jared worked most of the weekend!! So, we didn't really spend too much time together..hopefully tonite!!

Got some pics of my sister and her new ring!! Very pretty!!

And the rock...

And this pic makes me happy... the sunflower decided to bloom finally!!

Hope everyone has a good week!! A bientot!!


BR@NDY said...

Love all the buttons. They are a perfect match for your wonderful scrappies! Have a great day at school and play nice with all the other teachers!

Alice Valentine said...

Great pages Val... I know we'll both be super busy soon, but we must still try and get together :)


Samm said...

Wow, you've been busy with all those fabby Layouts! great work!


Kristi Sauer said...

Yeah, it kind fo stinks to be back to work!!! I am so tired, who knows when I will adjust to waking up so early!!
LOL about your momm turning "26"....shes catching up to ya now!

Jill said...

hope you have a good week back to work & hopefully NO drama!! LOVE these layouts, Val :) i couldn't get all of them to load at SIS for me, my dial-up connection is soooooo slow right now...but i love them all!! so beautiful. congrats to your sister =)

~currant7 said...

i love the greatest father layout. :) you are such a scrapmachine! :D

congrats to your sister and would-be brother-in-law. he did a very good job with the ring.

happy birthday to your mommy! :)
can't live without them. :D

Barb said...

Happy 26th to your mom. :)

Enjoy your last few days!

melissa said...

what a fun post!

happy belated b-day to your mom!-looks like she is already lovin her new present ;)

and look at those awesome layouts!-you definitely where in the zone ;)