Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back to Reality

So, I was at school and all i could think about was..I wish I was at home scrapping the day away while on summer break. That's bad, eh?! But it's the truth.

The first day back was not too bad. It was easy. We had class tours with the new children. They come with their parents to check the classroom, meet the teachers. They're usually only there for about 15minutes. So it wasn't that bad. We shall see tomorrow, and how many criers we have!!

My long weekend was good. Jared and I went to a wedding on Saturday up in Kamloops which is about a 4 and a half car ride. It wasn't too bad!! At least it wasn't scorching hot. The wedding was at three, Jared's cousin got married. It was quick. We drove back home too the same day. It was a long day but good. I got tons of pictures and they are all going to be scrapped very soon, still have to get them developed.

This is all of us in the car; Jared and I and Jared's brother Josh and his girlfriend Tanya.

We stopped for lunch..and check out Jared and his sunglasses..totally a 70's cop!! Isn't Officer Magoo a hottie!!

And some pics at the wedding ceremony and reception!!

I love this pic...Me, Jared, Josh, Tanya, Jocelyn and Gabe!! Can you see the resemblance of Jared and his brother and sister...

Jared's sister is engaged too..this is her and her fiance...

Showing off her ring...

Sunday, we slept in a bit and relaxed. For dinner we had Chinese food and rented some movies. We saw Catch and Release..it was good, I love Jennifer Garner. After I went and read HP7..almost done and Jared watched his violent boy movie.

Monday Jared went to work and I stayed home and cleaned the house and worked on my Stampin'Up stuff,,still trying to figure out classes and making some samples.

And now here I am, Tuesday night and I think I am going to try do a bit of scrapping..it's still early!! Hope everyone had a good long weekend!! ANd all my teacher friends a good first day back..how many days till the weekend..almost it's hump day tomorrow!! Later!!


BR@NDY said...

J totally looks like a sheriff with those shades. Only a few more days till the weekend. woohoo!

Kristi Sauer said...

Fun wedding! yes, it sucks to be back to work...especially when it is 90' and humid and my school has no A/C...It is sweaty and miserable!! Have fun with the kids today!

Just Me Again said...

Super fun pics!