Monday, May 28, 2007

Do you dream about Michael Buble, Mrs McGowan?!

Weekend was good.Busy. But it was good. I babysat Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Three kids, two girls and a baby boy. Super fun!! And really good kids too!! The two girls ages five and two were only there on Friday and part of Sunday night. And the baby boy, super cute 10months me baby fever....The parents are from England and though the children don't have an English accent they do speak some words that they would in England like; it's telly, not t.v., it's nappy not diaper, it's knickers not underwear, it's trousers not pants, it's cardigan not sweater....was definetly cute to hear!! But they definelty tired me out!!

Another cute story I thought I would share..will make you laugh!! This happened at school, this little girl LOVES Michael Buble. And we talk about him and she even sings some of his songs in school and for the other children, so cute!! Her mom was late one day last week after school and so we were talking...

Girl: Mrs McGowan
Me: Yes
Girl: Do you dream about from Michael Buble?!
Me: Yes, I do. Who do you dream about?!
Girl: I dream about Tony Bennett and Stevie Wonder

I just could not believe her answer. Made me laugh. Then the conversation continued with her telling me that Stevie Wonder is blind and plays the harmonica. She is too cute!! And so smart, only 3 1/2 years old.

Didn't do any scrapbooking this past weekend. No time or chance to. Maybe tonight, I have this page that has been sitting on my desk almost finished for awhile now!! Happy Monday!!


Mandy said...

What a cute story about Michael are just too funny! My baby fever gets stronger everytime I hold the new baby in our family...its awful! :)

Ronda P. said...

That is way to cute. I think Michael is the BOMB! Man I just love his voice!

~currant7 said...

that's an adorable little girl! :D
michael rocks!

Muriel said...

that is the cutest thing...

Carla said...

that is adorable! so cool that you have baby fever.
I got Connie's CJ today (finally checked my mail) and you are so sweet. The card you made is beatiful and the binder rings are just what i have been looking for. You are so sweet and i'm so glad to have met you!

take care.

Jill said...

it is so true, kids DO say the cutest things!!! how sweet. sounds like she's one intelligent little girl!

Kat said...

so cute! love that she sings the songs, too!!