Monday, October 23, 2006

My weekend and some Scrappies...

So, I had a long weekend. Pro-d day on Friday, which was awesome!! Still had to tutor French in the morning which is fine!! But the rest of the afternoon was spent with my parents. We had some lunch, did a little shopping and then my mom went grocery shopping with me!! Love my parents!! They're awesome!! After I went home dropped off the groceries and went to do a couple more errands. Went to the mall, looking for new runners and a bag for school to carry all my stuff in. No luck!! I did find some new books to read!! Finally found an Audrey Hepburn autobiography!! Have been wanting to read one for so long and finally found it!! It's hard to find books about her!! Was so excited to read it, and it's good so far!! After the mall headed to Michaels and Office Depot!! Found some skeletons, I'm going to decorate like the one's Elsie did!! They're so cute!! And neede some school stuff at Office Depot!! Came home, had dinner and watched Ghost Whisperer. Jared came home later!!

Saturday was pretty low key. Did some crafty Halloween stuff!! Watched "Funny Face" with Audrey Hepburn, love that movie!! If anyone watched Gilmore Girls this past week, it was the movie that Lorelai and Christopher watched on their date, with the movie against the romantic!! Hung out with Jared before he went to work!! Sunday my friend Connie had a Stampin'Up party, so I went tons of fun!! Ordered a bunch of stuff, exciting!! Later Jared and I went out to dinner, which was nice!! Love him SO much and love hanging out with him!! It's hard 'cause life is busy for both of us and we have different schedules so, we don't get too much time together. That's why weekends are SO important!! For time together!! Then we met up with our friends Mike and Jen for coffee and chatting!! Fun!! Came home and watched Desperate Housewives..good and watched Brothers and Sisters, anybody watch it?! I like it, it's good!! Even Jared likes it!!

And that was my weekend!! Now it's Monday again!! Wanted to share some scrappy pages, quite proud of them actually!! I submitted for thee Story of My Own Design Team but, no luck!! Oh well, got some pretty good pages from it!!

Okay I'm trying and Blogger will not let me post my pages!! I'll try again later!! Hope everyone had a good weekend!!

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Anonymous said...

I recently got an Audrey book too... the one I have is written by her son Sean. And I know exactly what skeletons you are talking about. I bought some last year when I worked at Michaels, I never got around to painting them though. Sounds like you're doing lots of fun stuff!