Monday, October 16, 2006

Ribs and Sushi

It's Monday, already?! Ugh!! The weekend just flew by, as it alsways does!! My weekend was good!!

Saturday, we finally got some heat. The landlord came over wih somebody to fix the furnace. So, I'm not freezing anynore!! Jared and I took it easy, we're lazy and relaxed. It was good. Because my mom and sister Vanessa are in California I had my Dad and baby sister Olga over for dinner. It was good. I made BBQ ribs in the crock pot, they were SO good and so easy to make. Makes the house smell really good when you walk in the house. And I got some sushi and edamame beans too. So, I half cooked. Jared couldn't make it he had to work. But my Dad and Olga LOVED the dinner and told me how delicious it was!! My Dad brought dessert, cheesecak. Very yummy!! It was tons of fun!! I;m glad I had them both over and impressed them with my cooking skills ;) I took picture so, I could email my mom and Vanessa so, they could see what they're missing!!

So, look who we ALMOST brought home on Saturday!! Isn't he a cutie!!

Feeking a little disappointed because I really WABTED him!! Had a name all picked out and everything and of course super excited!! But we decided that we're going to wait until Summer 'cause I'll be on break and can spend more time with him and training him as well. Which is good 'cause the last thing we want to do is leave all alone. Still feeling a little sad about not bringing him n=home. He's just TOO cute!! Countdown to the summer!!

Anyways I hope evryone had a good weekend!! Here's to another short week for me!! YAY!! No school on Friday!!


em said...

Oh my gosh what a little cutie!!! I think you need him!!!

BR@NDY said...

he is too cute! I high suggest potty pads for potty training. Harley, my dog was trained in 2 weeks and we could take him places and layout a potty pad and he knew where to go. It works awesome.

MMMMMMMMM RIBS! I can smell it here.

Kristi Sauer said...

Glad things are going well!
WTG with the cooking :)

Chris-el-da said...

how cute
that doggie
you can have him
i said so

Felicia said...

That is the cutest little doggie.

Anonymous said...

Awww! what a sweetie! Reminds me of Gizmo when he was little! Good choice on waiting though, dogs are so much work...but it's always worth it! Once you do get a pup, and you want to have a playdate with Gizmo just let me know!