Friday, October 06, 2006

It's An Loooong Weekend!!

YAY!! For a long weekend!! I am so happy and excited!! Three days off of relaxing, sleeping in, doing some scrapping!!! For us in Canada it is our Thanksgiving Day on Monday!! So, that means we get some turkey!! I get it twice. Sunday with Jared's family and Monday with my family!! Should be good!! Looking forward to the turkey!!

Have been doing some creating both at home and at school!! Will share the scrappy pages soon..but I wanted to share some of my craftyness I do at school!!

Here's the picture that sits on top of the calendar, I love how it turned!! Love my sparkly pumpkins and bats!!

And here are our Thanksgiving turkeys that we made with the children, aren't they cute!! And super eay to make. Let me know if your interested!! Isn't he acute turkey!!

Hope everyone has a fabulous wekend!! will post more of my scrappy creations soon, have been totally been feeling creative lately!! Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends!!


Kat said...

yay for fun crafty things!!!! happy thanksgiving to you ;)
that turkey is cute! email me instructions- the more turkey projects the better ; )

Chris-el-da said...

you crazy canadians
celebrating american holidays
on a monday!!!
i love you
it mostly has to do with your crafty skills...
and we're not talking cheese here!

Kristi Sauer said...

Love these!!! So, so cute!

Anonymous said...

toooo cute!!!

Muriel said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Jill said...

hope you had a happy Thanksgiving with your family!! it is really odd to think of celebrating Thanksgiving on a Monday, but you guys probably think that about U.S. celebrating it on a Thursday. anyways, LOVE the crafts here, Val =)