Monday, February 13, 2006

We're registered!!

My weekend was good, I hate how it just flies by though. Wedding plans are going well. The meeting with the florist went really well. We're going to with this one, the lady was really nice, and I love that they're working around our budget. The flowers are going to look so pretty. All red roses and red gerber daisies, they all match with the kilt!! Which I will post soon so, you all can see the colors and the whole theme that the wedding is going to be!! All Scottish!!

Saturday afternoon was spent with Jared before he went to his soccer game. He hasn't played in two months and has just been itching to play!! Let out all his steam!! So I was happy that he got to play!! Then he went to work right after too. So, I spent my Saturday night just creating and playing with paper!! Which is always fun to do!! And these are some of the things I came up with..

Happy Belated Birthday to Kristi!! Who's birthday was on Saturday and I made her this tag!! Hope you had a fun celebration!!

Here's my page about Sudoku!! Love how it turned out!!

Sunday we went to go register at the Bay!! One of our big Canadian department stores. We were at the store at 2pm, and we were lucky enough to have my old best friend from high school, her sister help us out!! She is so nice!! And went over everything!! I think I was more excited about registering that Jared was, but I know he had a good time!! It was fun spending time together and figuring out what we wanted for our place!! We were there for 3hours, I couldn't believe it!! So, these pics of us is from near the end that's, why we look tired. And hungry too!!

Jared with the pricing gun, he had fun, I know it even if he won't admit it!!

Here I am with our wedding gift checklist!!

Right after we left the Bay we went for dinner. We were starving!!! Went to out fave restaurant, Milestone's!! Love their food!! Last time we were there was when Jared proposed!! After dinner went back to Jared's watch some of the hocky game!! And Jared did his homework for this night class that he's taking on bookkeeping!! He looks so cute doing homework!! Then we went our for coffee with our friends Mike and Jen. Our usual Sunday double date!! Fun, just chatting and drinking coffee.

Now it's Monday again, too fast!! I hope everyone had a good weekend!!


sarah said...

oh! that layout is way cool!
2peas is being crazy slow for me...I'll have to try and check it out though!

Yay for registering! SOunds fun to me! Also sounds like wedding plans are moving right along! hurray!

Maria said...

So cool! How exciting that you are already's such a fun, fun, time! Love the tag you made for Kristi! I'll post the one I made for her later tonight! :)

Alexandra Wieckowski said...

Ohhhh, so cute! Your wedding plans sound like they are really coming together Val! :) Love your Miss Kristi tag.

April said...

ok i absolutely LOVE that you did a sudoku page...i will totally have to steal that idea since i am obsessed with them now. hee hee....

cute cute pics of you two registering. love it!


kristi sauer said...

I Loooove that tag, Val!! So, so pretty! What a great surprise that you did that for me! xoxox

maria said...

Hi there, me again, just to wish you a great V-day with your sweety today! Have fun!

Muriel said...

I am glad your hubby to be went, A didn't want to go (he hates stores) and I ended up doing it with my mother in Georgia and one online....
Kudos to Jared for going and sticking it out!!!!

Jamie said...

I'm glad you had a good weekend! I love your tag and your page! Yay! :)

Kat said...

yay! registering is the best part! fun stuff : )
love that lo!!!!!
can't wait to see flower pics : )