Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Venting..and Kristi's Purple and Silver CJ

Okay I'm going to vent first....all I have to say is guys suck!! Ugh!! Jared was so difficult today. And in such a mood. Ususally he's okay and it's me who's being difficult but, today..ugh!! And then he puts me in a bad mood. And I worry 'cause I think I've done something and on and on...I know when something is bugging him too, by the way he acts. And I know something was bugging him too but he sometimes has a hard time telling me what it is. Which I do not understand because I'm easy to talk to, and I know how to listen and I will help him as much as I can but he still has a hard time. And he gets mad and shrugs me off. Which usually leads into a fight and tears. And we never fight. But I must say that he has improved about telling me when something bothers him...he used to just shut down and get the complete opposite. He has gotten better and I did find out what was bugging him but why be so difficult? Things are okay now, at least the children at school distract me a little. Why do guys act like this? I guess I will never understand!!

So, I'm posting some pics of Kristi's Purple and Silver CJ. Loved doing the pages!! Tons of fun!! I am so happy to be a part of this!!

Here is the purple entry. Love the color purple and I don't seem to use it too much when I scrapbook. So, I think I will be using it more :)

My entry for the silver!! Just had to include my's not silver but the color is. Had to include some Celtic stamps as well...related to the ring and the wedding!!

Tomorrow is my last day of school for the week...YAY!! I'm so happy to have Friday off. We're going on a field trip which will be super easy. Then after school for an hour and a half, we have conferences. The last bit!! YAY and then we're done until next year. So glad!!

And I'm happy to say that looks like the whole idea of serving salsa and chips and a variety of pizzas for the wedding will not go through. Found a caterer that quoted us a reasonable price just, have to talk to Jared about it. But it looks good.I'm excited!!

I better go now and work on what I am going to say to the parents about their children..hope everyone is doing well!!!


Jamie said...

i hope jared snapped out of his funk, that's never any fun. :( i hope you guys end up having an awesome weekend!

i LOVE your entry girl! you are so creative, it looks fan-tab-ulous. :) love it.

maria said...

I love, love, love your layouts! The engagement ring page is awesome!!!! Your layouts are sooooo creative and fun! I hope Jared is back to normal. I think all guys go through a period each month of moodiness...I honestly think they kind of PMS in their own way...hee hee. Just don't let it get to you and smile! Hope your meetings went well! Hugs to you!

kristi sauer said...

The pages for my book are bea-U-ti-ful!! Love them!!!!!!!!!! Guys. Can't live with 'em. Can't live without em.

Raina_Marie said...

now be honest, you did that silver page just to show off that gorgeous ring didn't you???

wow, i'd totally be flashing that around too if I was wearing such a beautiful ring. Be-uuuuuu-tiful.

Muriel said...

nice pages for the cj!!!