Saturday, February 25, 2006

If You Have Nothing Nice To Say, Than Don't Say Anything At All

I remember hearing this all the time when I was growing up. And I still think it's a good thing to remember when it comes to people's feelings. I use it at school with the children so, they understand how it's nice to respect other people's feelings.

I'm feeling a little annoyed and hurt. I am very proud of all the scrap pages I do. And yes, I am still adapting my style and learning new things. I've been scrapping all afternoon and I was very proud of the two pages I completed today that I though I would share it on two peas. Now I've heard from other people that some users at two peas can be somewhat catty. Which I now have witnessed myself.

Now I could be going a little overboard but my feelings we're a bit hurt. I worked very hard on my pages today and like I said am proud of what I've created. Now this person could be offering some constructive criticism but, if not than like that saying from when I was little then don't say anything at all!!

I'm probably being a little silly and a tad over sensitive but oh well. That's me!! I am going to try and not let this bother me but I must say after reading the comment I could feel my scrapping mojo disappear....I think I might not be posting on two peas for awhile and start posting on scrapologie or keeping memories alive...which I have heard Jamie talk about and that it is a smaller community...or I might just not let this go to my head and heart and keep doing what I'm doing. Then it means that people like this win. Thanks for listening!!


maria said...

Oh Valerie, don't let that get to you! Your work is amazing! I've always LOVED everything you've ever shared. I don't go to 2peas very often, and rarely post my layouts and when I do I hardly ever get any comments so I mostly post things on my own blog instead. Hugs to you sweety!!!

Anonymous said...

Dude, don't even worry about crap talk on 2Peas! Everyone has a difference opinion and style and some people do not realize that differences are OKAY. Their loss.
Your stuff always looks great!

April said...

dude....dont even listen to that crap. people can be so rude. do it for YOU. if you are happy with your results, then who cares!


Jamie said...

Oh I'm so sorry that your feeling got hurt. >:( IGNORE them. You aren't scrapping for anyone but yourself. As long as you like it, that's all that matters. People have said some crappy things to me on there, but as long as I like my page, I just ignore them. It's really hard though. :( I know. You should totally check out KMA, it's really cool! :)

P.S. My word verification was: whyarepeoplesuchassholes. Ok, maybe it wasn't, I was just trying to make you smile. :)

Kat said...

oh no! thats horrible! i'm so sorry. that just sucks. girls can just be bitches (sorry) sometimes. 2peas is a bunch of drama, too. just don't go on 2peas for awhile and don't stress about it! i always love your pages : )

Alexandra Wieckowski said...

Oh my gosh Val, I'm so sorry to hear that someone said something rude about your work. Your creations are beautiful and don't you forget it!!!